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ADULT ZONED Property FOR SALE In Saint Cloud

| by Carl Cricket | July 30th, 2014 | 78 words

Many Have Doubted Our Statement Regarding The ADULT ZONED Property FOR SALE In Saint Cloud

Well, here’s a picture for you!

Okay naysayers, take a look and then think…..is this property owner unhappy or what? Perhaps he, they are finished with city politicians, staff, or even utilities? Either way, this land which, by law, is zoned adult entertainment, is available.

Rachel, can you hear us?

Click on the image to enlarge it and get a better look!


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The First Osceola Forum, It's Time For Some Truth, Well Placed Ad For School Candidate,

| by Carl Cricket | July 29th, 2014 | 1814 words

Okay everyone, or as some continue to say, both of you! It’s time to unload a little and while the Sunshine is clearly shining on this blog, it’s just a bit cloudy at the county commission headquarters in downtown Kissimmee. We also attended that political forum, sitting behind a fellow named Bill Newman (chairman of the host group), along with Mrs. Attkisson (identified later in the event) and, we believe, Claire Dempster. The forum itself was fairly organized and actually FAIR. ALL the commission candidates were asked the exact same questions, as was the school board candidates.The forum was sponsored AND paid for by the political PAC, Osceola Ballot Initiative, and it was moderated by Mark Rosenbauer. While he assists us with information now and then, we held our breath when the forum began as we were just a tad concerned that fireworks might erupt from the moderator’s table. Actually, it didn’t. At least not from the….

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Juvenile Arrested for Capital Sexual Battery

| by KSIB | July 24th, 2014 | 160 words

Osceola County – Osceola County Sheriff’s detectives arrested Pablo Enrique Rivera, 15 and charged him with 50 counts of Capital Sexual Battery and Violation of Probation. The Violation of Probation charge was for previously possessing marijuana.

The investigation began on July 22 when deputies spoke with a grandmother who told them her six-year old granddaughter may have been sexually battered by Rivera who was watching her and her 5-year old sister.

The six-year old victim told detectives Rivera inappropriately touched her and based on her description of what occurred, also sexually battered her multiple times over the past year. She said he told her not to tell anyone about the incidences.

Rivera was brought in for questioning but denied the allegations. He did provide some details regarding inappropriate contact with the victim. Based on her statements, Rivera was arrested and booked into the Orange County Juvenile Detention Center.

Pablo Enrique Rivera
(DOB 10/19/98)
111921 Hatcher Circle, Orlando

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Chamber's Poll A Surprise to Some And Great News To More! Water,Water All For Sale? "Colt Is Coming", Political Forum In BVL On Thursday Evening, more....

| by Carl Cricket | July 23rd, 2014 | 4817 words

Over the weekend while in Vero Beach an article was noticed in the Vero Beach Press Journal. Mr. Charles Lee, advocate for the Audubon Society and other environmental groups are getting ready to start litigation against Osceola County. Back in April, after only two (2) whopping minutes of discussion, the County Commission voted to remove parts of its planning policies, including “wetland protection standards” and restrictions on developments that adversely affect surface waters.” The vote was billed as little more than bureaucratic housekeeping. One part of the staff summary suggested it was merely correcting “scrivener’s errors” in the existing code. In our opinion,that IS bologna!

People living on the Treasure Coast of Florida are actively involved in the clean-up efforts of the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon. Scientist, environmentalist and experts from all over the globe have all said the pollution is coming from the head waters of the Kissimmee River. The Commissions actions may have been a little fortuitous, but based on past actions and decisions made, we don’t believe so! You would think they;d know how to pick their battles. Again, it appears everything in Osceola County is For Sale! And, appearances never look they way they’re supposed to, right commissioners? :oops:

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