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Chamber's Poll A Surprise to Some And Great News To More! Water,Water All For Sale? "Colt Is Coming", Political Forum In BVL On Thursday Evening, more....

| by Carl Cricket | July 23rd, 2014 | 4817 words

Over the weekend while in Vero Beach an article was noticed in the Vero Beach Press Journal. Mr. Charles Lee, advocate for the Audubon Society and other environmental groups are getting ready to start litigation against Osceola County. Back in April, after only two (2) whopping minutes of discussion, the County Commission voted to remove parts of its planning policies, including “wetland protection standards” and restrictions on developments that adversely affect surface waters.” The vote was billed as little more than bureaucratic housekeeping. One part of the staff summary suggested it was merely correcting “scrivener’s errors” in the existing code. In our opinion,that IS bologna!

People living on the Treasure Coast of Florida are actively involved in the clean-up efforts of the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon. Scientist, environmentalist and experts from all over the globe have all said the pollution is coming from the head waters of the Kissimmee River. The Commissions actions may have been a little fortuitous, but based on past actions and decisions made, we don’t believe so! You would think they;d know how to pick their battles. Again, it appears everything in Osceola County is For Sale! And, appearances never look they way they’re supposed to, right commissioners? :oops:

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Aviation Company Will Open In Kissimmee

| by Carl Cricket | July 14th, 2014 | 509 words

According To WFTV, the City of Kissimmee will announce, tomorrow, a corporate addition to the City, and at the Kissimmee Airport! Italico Aviation, a light sports plane manufacturer will begin construction in January and begin manufacturing their planes in late March or early April. As you will read below, the company will receive a half million dollars from Enterprise Florida as well as a property tax exemption. In exchange, the company may create 55 positions, paying higher than most salaries in Osceola County, averaging $61,000 yearly. Please, read below for more info;

KISSIMMEE, Fla. — The city of Kissimmee made a major announcement Tuesday involving an Italian aviation company that will move into the Kissimmee Airport, which will result in more jobs.
Kissimmee beat out Atlanta and a city in Wisconsin for the business, a big step for the city because of what it could lead to in the long run.
Jonathan Johns, vice president at the Sport Pilot Training Center, said his business will get a big boost when Italico Aviation USA moves in.
“We thought it was a great move for Kissimmee to bring an international company to the airport and create jobs here,” Johns said.
The project will create 55 jobs with an average salary of $61,000, which is 200 percent higher than the average wage in Osceola County right now.
The company will manufacture light sport planes capable of water landings. Once the planes are built, a distribution center at the airport will handle the delivery of the planes to clients all over the world.
An incentive package helped seal the deal with the company. Italico Aviation got $500,000 from Enterprise Florida, plus a property tax exemption from the city, an investment Kissimmee leaders said will be worth it in the long run because of the potential for more companies to follow.
Construction on the company’s facility starts in January, and they hope to start building planes by March or April.

ALL the job openings will be posted through Workforce Central Florida.

And no, we have no idea if anyone’s spouses will obtain any of the positions before anyone else!


St. Cloud’s PegHorn trail system closed until further notice
Submitted by City of St. Cloud Public Information Office
St. Cloud, Fla. (July 14, 2014) – St. Cloud Parks and Recreation staff have temporarily closed the PegHorn Nature Park & Trail trail system until further notice due to recent heavy rainfall.
“While the continual rains have provided this beautiful wetland with a healthy water level, it has also created an unsafe journey for its human visitors,” said Parks and Recreation Beautification Manager Kimberly Duffy. “We need to ensure our visitors are safe and enjoy their visit through this amazing trail.”
PegHorn Nature Park & Trail’s Historical Village and its connecting pathways remain open to the public. PegHorn Nature Park & Trail is located at 2101 PegHorn Way and regular hours are Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. For details on any Parks and Recreation activity, project, program, or rental facility, please visit the Parks and Recreation web page at www.stcloud.org, e-mail ParksAndRecreation@stcloud.org, or call (407) 957-7243.

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County Clerk Of Courts Armando Ramirez Sued By FORMER Staff Attorney, School Board Election In District 1, Water In Osceola County!

| by Carl Cricket | July 12th, 2014 | 784 words

Circuit Court Clerk, Armando Ramierez, is once again facing charges, this time via a lawsuit from former department attorney, Adam Alvarez. And, what does he want? His old job back, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
The attorney who was responsible for making sure everything was done by the book in the Osceola County Court clerk’s office or,baby sitting the Clerk’s Office, and says Clerk of Courts Armando Ramirez ignored his advice.<—So what?

In a nearly 20-page lawsuit, Adam Alvarez accuses his former boss, Ramirez, of repeatedly ignoring his legal advice to comply with state laws, including Florida’s open meetings law.
And when Alvarez says he pointed out when employees weren’t following the law, that’s when the clerk fired him back in March.
In the lawsuit, the former general counsel to the clerk alleges Ramirez violated Sunshine Laws by allowing court clerk employees to use personal cell phones and email addresses to conduct public business.

Alvarez also says Ramirez’s office misused public funds by making illegal purchases.
And Alvarez even alleges that when narcotics may have been found in a court clerk office snack room, the clerk of courts refused to report it, because it would create negative publicity.

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An Iinvitation Has Been Sent To ALL Seven Candidates For Osceola's School Board And County Commission, Including ALL In District 1 To A Political Forum To Be Held July 16th at 6:30PM

| by Carl Cricket | July 2nd, 2014 | 119 words


All of the candidates have been invited to present their positions and to tell the Voters/Taxpayers why they should be elected. This forum is OPEN to ALL VOTERS & TAXPAYERS to come out and listen to each candidate explain why they believe they are the better candidate. The Forum is presented as a public Service by the Osceola Ballot Initiative group, (OBI) a group only partial to the TRUTH. Come out and hear which candidates will care enough to come out and field YOUR questions. The forum will also have a moderator which will be selected by OBI.

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