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And They Said, "Oh, Colt's Still Coming" LOL!!!, Sales Tax Increase To Hit Special Election Ballot! More..........

| by Carl Cricket | September 17th, 2014 | 1861 words

Yep, Colt’s on the way. Many have been joking about it, including us, but now the State of Florida has officially issued sanctions against the missing company and while we’re not quite sure what it means, we believe the State of Florida wants its’ money returned! There’s a report on WFTV covering this, which we had hinted at a couple blogs ago but we also heard Commissioner Frank Attkisson’s voice on a call with WFTV and even he seemed to be giving in saying Colt has had more than enough time, on the deal. HOWEVER, what makes this ENTIRE County Commission look really, really bad is the county has a binding lease with Colt, so even if the county had another company interested, they would first have to obtain Colt’s release. LOL! Boy, talk about mud in the eye! And to think a member, at least currently, of the Osceola County Commission is an attorney at law!!! The cheerleader for Colt is/was Commissioner Frank Attkisson, and BOTH he and John Quinones are up for reelection! We’d guess that if voters enjoy living in the laughing cow county of Osceola, they’ll be voting for the incumbents. We here could easily chuckle and make jokes BUT, we have to live here too! We do hope the voters have had ENUFF and let these guys know on election day! We are also concerned with the more than $750,000.00 which was spent on refurbishing the colt building, making it just so nice for them. We wonder who, besides the taxpayers, will be footing that bill?You got screwed Osceola County,unfortunately,as we predicted. :oops:

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Just What Seems Wrong Here? Osceola Makes Time Magazine's List In ? Water, Water, Everywhere? more…….

| by Carl Cricket | September 15th, 2014 | 3740 words

Catchy title but thanks for at least looking and, possibly reading this. The next few comments are a result of past and present comments made by some who, we believe, have absolutely no clue as to what is REALLY happening in and TO Osceola County. Well, here’s our turn to dump.

First of all, comments made in the past regarding who may or may not be sitting at this computer and typing away. Think abot this, with all that’s going on in Osceola County, what would it matter? The thoughts typed here are a combination of three (3) people, like them or not. Next, most Osceoleans would be flat surprised, if not shocked, at who the three of us are.
Again, it no longer matters because of what is going on in, and around OUR County

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13.02% Of Osceola's Voters Elect Those Who Will Represent Us In Government Or General Election. 82.08% Didn't Show Up!

| by Carl Cricket | August 27th, 2014 | 462 words

Yep, that’s correct, according to the Supervisor of Elections office, the numbers above are correct! Compared to other counties, Osceola’s poll percentage only joined the rest of Central Florida in poor performance regarding poll attendance. Nonetheless, it is what it is and no amount of whining can change official results.

In school district 1, where incumbent Jay Wheeler was challenged to political newcomer, Leah Carius, Wheeler squeaked a close race by only 152 votes, providing evidence that some folks are not happy with things the way they are. Again, Wheeler has 4 more years to sit on the school board.

In District 1 for School Board it was;

27 of 27 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Leah Carius (NPA) 48.16% 1,990
Jay Wheeler (NPA) 51.84% 2,142

And, in District 4 it was;

13 of 13 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Barbara Horn (NPA) 43.20% 1,781
Clarence L. Thacker (NPA) 56.80% 2,342
Total 4,123

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Maybe We're Wrong About Wheeler? Predictions Are Osceola Will Have Low Voter Turnout, Wheeler Attacks Our Sheriff Uncalled For And Our Sheriff Far From Naive! ......more

| by Carl Cricket | August 25th, 2014 | 3394 words

This has been a struggle so with a 2-1 vote of agreement, here’s the majority opinion. The lone dissenter here will have an opportunity to put their words here as well, under the initials “LD".

Yes, the title says it all. Just maybe we’ve been looking at Jay Wheeler through frosted glasses. Perhaps we should look at his countless amounts of public service.LD (Countless because his attempts at it have failed miserably and you can’t count 0 as an actual count!) Perhaps Mr Wheeler’s alleged arrogance is simply a lovely part of his own persona.LD (His arrogance is often confused with his ignorance, both of which are clear every day) And, perhaps we’ve misjudged Mr Wheeler’s charges against him in the past have either been trumped up or just caused by confusion by those who totally misunderstood his intentions.

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