Cigar Club Circles Wagons and Phone Lines Burning Up!

Posted on | April 1st, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

The wagons began circling yesterday afternoon, along with the tom-toms (well, actually phones) trying to calm commissioners. Just who are these brave men and women who wold venture out to protect the current county manager? Why it's the cigar club plus! Personal calls were made to Commissioner Ken Smith who was quoted as saying he was done with the manager. Uh oh, this isn't going well said some of the club members who have invested heavily in the CM's future in Osceola County. Little does he know that if/when he gets fired they won't even answer his phone calls to them.

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Teflon Mike Dodges Another Bullet As Futch takes the bullet! Tonight's Budget Meeting Guaranteed To Make You Sad....

Posted on | March 29th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Call him whatever you like, Mr Potato, The King, Teflon Mike and we've heard and seen dozens more "lovable" nicknames for the county manager, but he escaped, seemingly some real hot water by having Mr. Futch resign as jail director. We have never seen so many sacrificial lambs go down in this county since before the old hanging tree was stopped being used. Not to say that Mr Futch didn't share some responsibility in all this mess, but he took his directions from one guy. Big deal, he told the TV stations that Futch was his guy on Friday. What happened over the weekend?

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Cover Up At Jail?? Where Is Everyone? By the way, Alexander Keith, please return to the jail, it wasn't your time to leave yet!

Posted on | March 27th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

This is just an update as information coming from the county is near non existant. The prisoner referred to in yesterday's blog is Alexander Keith who used the ficticious name of Cooper when arriving at the jail. Keith is a felon and has warrants but somehow was released from the jail on, we believe Wednesday. When officials realized their mistake, it is the action, or lack of, which concerns us.

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IS IT TRUE? 3rd ESCAPE KEPT FROM PUBLIC!!??Visit In Yeehaw,Line In Sand,Candidates New Web Pages, Go Armando!!!

Posted on | March 26th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Okay, so here we (me) are! Lost one of us to illness and hope he comes back real soon! So, during these past couple days an attitude was developed here. It's like, we feed people the information, lead them to the watering hole, but if they don't take a sip and end up dying of thirst, is it really our fault? Should we force feed everyone and slap them silly until they wake up and see that our county is sinking lower every day? Spoke to a real good ol' guy in the Yeehaw Junction area. The guy owns some land, some steers, some other barnyard animals and looking at where his place is, I believe anyone would give an arm and a leg to live there. No, he says, too much "veeHICles" driving through here, all in a hurry. Used to be when you could walk for miles and not ever see a car. Just animals. He said Osceola County has changed, for the worse, and one thing he's learned is you can't turn the clocks back. This is what "we" allowed to happen to us. Sure, we didn't see it coming, everyone thought it would be a big money maker and put the county on the map. "Nope", he said shaking his head, the only thing WE did was to invite crime and poverty to this county. Senior citizens forced to eat cans of cat food so they can pay a medical bill or two (true story), seniors shut in their homes because they can't afford the gas,($310.00 gal in Yeehaw)to get in anywhere to shop or anything.
When we finished our little talk he told me there's nothing else he can do, he's locked into his land and has no big chunk of cash, and the land just isn't worth a whole lot anymore. "Nope, I'll just watch those idiot kids in their little lawnmower cars race by us and I'll have my 3 squares, and then, when the good Lord is ready, he'll send someone for me and take me home". He chuckled and said, "Then watch how the rest of the family acts and fights over what little is here". He had a twinkle in his eye and he just seemed at ease with his situation but urged me, and anyone else I knew to get out while we all had a chance. "It's gonna get a lot worse before anything gets better". :'(

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