Fire Water Lounge & Patio of St. Cloud hosts event to support local Veterans

Posted on | June 4th, 2015 |  by KSIB in General
Fire Water Lounge & Patio of St. Cloud hosts event to support local Veterans

The Fire Water Lounge & Patio will be hosting a benefit this Friday and Saturday night - June 5 and 6, 2015 that will benefit a local Veteran Support group. Please come out and support this worthy cause!

Fire Water will offer $5.00 arm bands to it's patrons at the door starting at 8:00 pm until closing. Arm bands will give the wearer $1.00 off all drinks, all night!

The proceeds of the event will benefit the group "Osceola County Veterans " Services For Hire & Support" which was started by a local veteran named Heidi Lewis. The group facilitates Osceola county veteran services such as help for job seekers, promotion of self employed veteran's businesses, and support and help for veterans in need. To learn more about the group or to join them please contact Heidi Lewis at 321-437-6198 and/or visit their Facebook page here:
Osceola County Veterans FB

Just a few things you can look forward to this weekend at Fire Water Lounge & Patio:

$5.00 Arm Band gets you $1.00 off every drink all night!
Friday Night - PHOTOBOMB on stage at 9:30 pm with the "Butt Cup Flip" contest at midnight!
Get your cups out & practice!.….$50 to the winner, $25 Bar Tab for 2nd place!!

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Remember This Case? Well, Sheriff's Office Wins Federal Lawsuit Filed by Home Suite Homes!!

Posted on | June 3rd, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Osceola County – Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled in favor of the Osceola County Sheriff's Office in a lawsuit filed by Home Suite Homes. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. Middle District Court in December of 2013, alleged deputies were not enforcing Chapter 509 of the Florida Statutes. Chapter 509 is the law that regulates public lodging establishments. The Chapter defines both transients and non-transients and, the section Home Suite Homes disputed only allows the Sheriff's Office to remove transient guests. If the guest is transient, law enforcement is allowed to take immediate action at the request of a hotel manager who requests a guest be removed. Enforcement can include removing the guest and charging the guest with a second degree misdemeanor. Non-transient guests, those who have no other residence, must be evicted through court action.

In the lawsuit, Home Suite Homes alleged when they contacted the Sheriff’s Office to assist with the removal of guests, the Sheriff's Office refused to have the guest leave or make arrests for refusal, even though Home Suite Homes says it satisfied all of the statutory requirements. The Sheriff's Office showed the court that deputies conducted complete investigations and found the guests were non-transient occupants, and therefore were not subject to the removal process in Chapter 509. Many of the individuals had lived at Home Suite Homes for an extended period of time, in some instances, years. In addition, many of them had registered their children for school from that address.

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Just Rambling On A Sunday Afternoon!

Posted on | May 31st, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

First of all, we couldn't help but wonder now that the owner of the Orlando Lions is going to build his own stadium, will Osceola County continue to pay the City of Orlando the million dollars a year, or will at least one commissioner begin to ask about the deal? That million could go towards the Osceola choo-choo expenses, couldn't it?
We're also wondering about the poor condition of the county's roadway culverts (again) Seems that every year we have to remind the county that we're into the hurricane season and there's all kinds of litter and high grass throughout the county and those items mentioned just might create unnecessary flooding if the county is hit with heavy rains and wind.

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Another Osceola County Failure? YOU Be The Judge! Saint Cloud's Recreation Schedule For June

Posted on | May 27th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Okay, once again we're going to tell you a story, which was stated here almost a year ago when the United States Specialty Sports Association, USSSA, was making plans to depart Osceola County because they were unable to reach a deal with the BOCC. Remember? Well, now this very same Association is now on the cusp of a very nice deal to move its' Kissimmee Headquarters to Space Coast Stadium in the section of Brevard County known as Viera, in exchange for promising to hold youth and other amateur events for at least 175 days per year! The Association also guarantees at least 75,000 hotel room rentals, per year, including its' first year of operation. In exchange for this sweet deal, Brevard County will

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