Vote Today!

Posted on | September 18th, 2007 |  by KSIB in Announcements

Just a quick reminder to make your thoughts count and head to the polls and vote.

If the website comes back up sometime today, we will add a link here for information.

EDIT - Osceola County Supervisor of Elections

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More on Voting from Carl Cricket

Where can I vote?

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St Cloud MUST vote tomorrow! Did Davis lie?

Posted on | September 17th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

On the eve of election day, several St Cloud residents were bombarded with Davis mailers, some receiving 2 different ones. What's written on one has already become a bone of contention.
The card says "There's a lot of people talking about cutting taxes but Wade Davis actually did!"
Unless he served somewhere else on a council or commission, we KNOW he did NOT cut, or vote to cut taxes in the city of St Cloud. In FACT, the city's tax rate has not been changed in 23 years!
We can't blame Davis for trying though. After all, at his age, and all those jobs he's claimed to have had, he's got to be a very tired, but older man!
While it's too late to do a lot of research on this item, we encourage everyone that's considering voting for Davis to call him at 407-957-5692 and ask him for specifics on his alleged tax cutting accomplishments.
In fact, if Davis is elected, he's already stated he favors King Tom Greer's plan to construct subsidized apartment housing buildings smack in the middle of single family residential buildings. Just be sure of your vote when you mark the spot for your candidate!
The polls, both of them, open at 7 A.M. and close tomorrow evening at 7 P.M. and the final tally will hopefully be completed by 8, or at least it should be. But then, it is Donna Bryant's office and who knows what can happen when she's involved!
VOTE, St. Cloud, and good luck!

Corrections Budget Questions & Loyalty,St Cloud

Posted on | September 16th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

After this week's layoffs/terminations, and all the emails we've received, we decided to look a little more closely into the county's budget. It's interesting reading, but also very boring. Until you come across items that stand out like big sores on your arm, yet not questioned by the commissioners, at least not publicly.

Did you know the corrections department budget, under Director Denis Dowd, has INCREASED 81/2 percent? According to the numbers we received, last year's budget was $25,030,950 and has increased to this year's $27,174,547! Do the math! What's really interesting is the inmate's welfare fund has increased to over a half million dollars! Actually, $580,293 according to what we received. What is THAT money used for? Shouldn't that be going for inmate related expenses, like the new scanck warmer/cooler that's being ordered for a lot of money? Or, how about that building Mrs. Peach wants to purchase to house dogs from the pound and have inmates adopt and care for them on OUR time! It gets better.

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In case you missed it - KSIB Recap

Posted on | September 16th, 2007 |  by KSIB in Announcements

Questions for the county manager.
by Carl Cricket on 09/13/07

Property Tax Rollback
by John Q N4mer on 09/15/07

The Mr. Woodcock Movie Video Review
by Mr. Black on 09/13/2007

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington 2008
A KSIB User endorsement of Ron Paul
- joerepublic

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