Question on Jail(again) new service for Carl's friends

Posted on | September 13th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

We, unfortunately, have another question for the County Manager, as well as the two county commissioners wanting to be re-elected.
Can it be true that the jail, specifically, Mrs. Peach, is looking for a building to lease/purchase, to keep dogs for prisoners to care for and adopt? Yes, that's what we're being told, and we've also been told Dennis Down, Jail Executive, has given his approval. Meanwhile, we lose employees, and costs continue going up.
This program is allegedly designed to connect prisoners, who have a lot of time on their hands because they do NOT work anymore, and stray dogs at the animal pound. You know, in a perfect world, maybe something like this would fly, but come on. If this is true, this has got to be on top of the dummest list!(although we have more coming that could come close)
If this is even close to being true, after you get your vehicle legally registered, perhaps you can get to the bottom of this, Mr. manager.

For those of you who enjoy, or not, these articles, you can now "register" at the bottom right and you'll be notified, supposedly, every time there's a new article. You'll notice that right now there's no "mail this article to a friend" option, but we're told that's coming. NO personal info is asked when you register, just an email address.

Looks like the closing of the child care center has been put off for a couple weeks. That's what happens when commissioners listen to common sense. At least one employee has been able to hold on to his position for a little longer, even though he isn't licensed. We are happy to say that some displaced employees have already been able to find something else within the county. That's good, and that's taking care of your own. Good job.

God bless you all, be healthy and stay safe.

Questions/Layoffs/Osceola HS pays fine/St Cloud

Posted on | September 11th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

We'll get right into it. This would be directed towards the NEW county manager.
We hear there will be about 50 jobs sliced Wednesday. We can understand that being a tough decision, but how can you account for all the hush hush surrounding a corrections employee ALLEGEDLY getting a rais/promotion recently? IF the rumor is true, a very good friend of Mrs. Peach, a manager at corrections, is alleged to have received a raise. Now, we think it's good to give raises, BUT, shouldn't EVERYONE get compensated? Especially if the lady has no formal education, and has been simply some kind of recruiter for the jail. She's certainly no manager and shouldn't be treated as such, if this is true. Also, why is it this employee actually has an assistant? Now, that's ridiculous. The assistant writes the jailhouse newsletter, while the "recruiter" gets involved with day to day activities she has no business, nor any idea on what she's doing? IF this is true, someone needs supervision quickly! Why does the jail need an HR person AT the jail when HR is conveniently located downtown in Kissimmee where it should be? Someone should really look into that because accountability is lacking.
Another issue/rumor is we hear someone has a pet squirrel, yes, squirrel and is allowed to bring it to work. Ummm, is someone NUTS? Or perhaps they just have an overstock of nuts in the prisoner's snack room and need to get rid of the extras? Either way, if one employee can bring in her pet squirrel, certainly others can bring in their pet cats, dogs, and hamsters, right Mr. Manager?

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Have we stepped on toes? Sick pay should stay

Posted on | September 10th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Seems we may have stepped into a bit of a hornets' nest at the county building where rumors continue to fly better than the mosquitos who began celebrating with the rumored end of mosquite control within county operation and the possible bidding out for the service!

We never realized that David Peach was such a favorite of county management! At least that's what some rumors say. We knew that Mr. Peach, from time to time, was rumored to have tossed a couple back with former county manager Ed Hunzeker, but hey, a guy can have pals, no?

Then, like it was happening all over again, we hear that Mr. Peach may have been vocal in his assistance of the current county manager, allegedly making recommendations on how to slice up departments and cut certain positions, all the while making sure his reign of command stayed secure, if not adding more control by growing his little kingdom. Hmmmm Like, seeking to have the Parks & Recreation department under his control, while attempting to divied a couple more divisions to get under his own control. Mind you now, this is all rumor and just being passed on to you folks, but it will be interesting to see what the manager comes up with on Wednesday and just where Mr. Peach lands. We can't believe that the manager would fall for this, this early into the game, which is why we suspect this is just a rumor.

Oh, by the way, although there's a Human Resource department for the county, did you know there's a seperate HR department for corrections? We mentioned that in an earlier article. Well, today we found out that, and we're positive this is just coincidence, that Mr. Peach's wife, is one of the managers responsible for HR and finance at the corrections department. Isn't it nice when families can work together? Why, it's almost like working for the Board of Education!

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Concerned Parent - Osceola County Child Development Center

Posted on | September 10th, 2007 |  by KSIB in Announcements

This letter was sent to us so by "Concerned Parent" and we thought we would share. Please add your comments and opinions below. Please note that we can neither agree or disagree and the opinions expressed belong to their author.


I just read your story after being told about it by a fellow employee. As a parent of a child in the Osceola Child Development Center it was the worst way to find out they might be closing it. Not only that when I called and asked if there was anything I could do the help get parents involved to show our support for the center, I found out that staff there found out the way I did, from the newspaper. How great is that?

In the article it said... If the program were to close, Freilinger said that would not happen until December or January and the county "would have an orderly process in which parents and employees would be notified."

How, from the newspaper? Can I just say this was the worst! There was no warning, no one was even told this might be a possibility! I'm not sure if parents have been out there to look at the other day cares but before my daughter was born I looked, and was sad to see the other centers they have out there. Not all of them are bad, but most are not even close to how good this center is.

Also stated in your article: Close the Osceola County Child Development Center, a program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers of public employees. The county spends about $300,000 a year to subsidize the program, which serves about 40 children.

A little insight, I think there are more than 40 children and it is only for county employees, it is not for the public. I think there may be a few other agencies that are allowed to have their children there, but it is not for the public.

Thank you for your time.

Concerned parent

Here is a link to the article mentioned:
Budget cuts may claim 120 jobs

Let us know what you think!

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