County layoffs? St Cloud politics! Questions & Laughs

Posted on | September 9th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

This week has been very entertaining. Before we get to some of the real fun stuff we have to say that Sunday's motorcycle run for the Third annual USO Operation Care Package Ride. This year's ride was dedicated to Lance Corporal Jason Burnett, a true St. Cloud hero, who gave all he had for our country in Iraq. Thank God for people like Jason, and we should never forget his sacrifice, ever.

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New Section - Mr. Black's Movie Reviews

Posted on | September 8th, 2007 |  by KSIB in Announcements

We have added a new section featuring movie reviews from the popular critic Mr. Black.

This is a featured column that is also listed next to Carl Cricket and The Informer. Mr. Black doesn't actually post here, we are merely syndicating his work, so if you want to chat with him, you will have to head to his forums at and register there.

Mr. Black offers regular video reviews of the latest blockbusters in the theatres. Have a look at this new Featured Column, particularly if you plan on heading out to one of the local theatres.

About Mr. Black:

The following is an excerpt from his youtube channel at which by the way, we hope you subscribe to (doesn't cost anything to subscribe) and help support his efforts.


Many so called "movie critics" are writers and journalists, not movie fans. They do it as a job. I do it for the love of movies. That is not to say that there are not any good critics, but the more I hear from them, the more I thought I needed to make this channel. This is a channel for the movie fan, not movie critic.

I have watched a lot of movies over the years and have recommended many movies to many friends. Finally I decided to put a page up with my thoughts and comments on movies I love and hate.

If you like to discuss movies or want your opinion heard, subscribe to my channel and join my movie forums to be around other movie fans here on YouTube.

We hope you enjoy this new feature of KSIB and check for his movie reviews often. Please rate them and add your own comments about these movies too so other KSIB users can decide whether to watch a movie or not.

Thank you,

- Administration
GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C.


Posted on | September 7th, 2007 |  by KSIB in About KSIB

At this time we have completed rebuilding the following categories:

  • Daily Dose
  • Around The House

We have started rebuilding the local information section and the games section. We will begin asking for volunteer news reporters in the next few weeks, so watch this area for details.

Please read our disclaimer regarding the information that may be displayed form time to time. It is important to understand that our user contributed articles and submissions may or may not be factual or anything but gossip and hearsay.

Finally, we have plans to open the free community blogs in the next few days. If you have always dreamed of writing your own articles and "being published" you are about to have a fantastic opportunity. Who knows, if you contribute regularly, and your columns are well received by the community, we may offer you a featured column that would appear on its own Next to Carl Cricket's and The Informer.

Some ideas for possible featured columns would include those who write about local events, sports teams, schools, community services etc.

Our public blog will be open to all registered users provided that the system is not abused.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy

- GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C.

Thursday night debate well attended, county layoffs coming?

Posted on | September 7th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Thursday night proved to be a very interesting night at the KUA headquarters building on Carroll Street in Kissimmee. An unusual setting for a St Cloud event, but, suprisingly it was well attended and questions were fielded by the candidates from the audience after they were introduced and provided answers to 3 questions. The candidates, Karen Rodriguez, Jeffery Krotts, Jonathan harrell, Wade Davis, and Tom Griffin, were ready to go.
All candidates agreed that the city should roll back the tax rate, seemingly unaware the rate hadn't changed in 22 years. All seemed under the impression that the people expected their taxes to be reduced and believed there was room in the budget to make those reductions.

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