The pompous,the inexperienced, and those with knowhow want to help manage St Cloud.

Posted on | August 26th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Of course, you know the pompous can only be one person. That'd be FORMER councilman, and current school board employee, Wade Davis who actually believes his own baloney. If you read his letters to the Editor, or listen to him speak, you soon know the guy's trying to be sincere but falls way short, based on his past actions and inability to reason out that it's the people he'd serve and NOT his own interests.

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Chairman will not run again, Sheriff's looking for you?

Posted on | August 21st, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

We hear Ken Shipley wants to see the grand kids grow up, so he'll not run in 2008.

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More questions, School Bd stuff, Kissimmee let downs

Posted on | August 17th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Kissimmee slashes service money BUT wants to take trip on us, and county TDC.

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GuardianHost Networks and KSIB

Posted on | August 15th, 2007 |  by KSIB in About KSIB

Kissimmee St. Cloud Internet Broadcasting (KSIB) is based in Kissimmee and Saint Cloud Florida. KSIB is locally owned by GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C. as of August 14th, 2007. was introduced to the internet community as an out growth of two web sites formed between 1993-1995 used for linking Osceola county residents ( and These web sites had been formed, as a result of a single tutor working in Osceola County, to provide a common links page for students and associates.

Founded as “Internet Consulting and Tutoring, St. Cloud, Florida” in 1993, KSIB Inc. a Florida S-Corp. was formed for the first time in 1998. In 1998 expanded the links web site service to include web hosting, e-commerce database web site application implementation, and web site design & maintenance. KSIB, Inc. will be formerly dissolved before the end of this year.

On August 14th, 2007, an agreement was executed which transferred ownership of the KSIB domain(s) to GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C. allowing service and support for existing and new customers within the GuardianHost Networks system. formerly hosted hundreds of domains and web sites for local and out of state businesses. also enjoys a repeat daily usage rate equal to 1/3 of the estimated internet users in Osceola County.

GuardianHost Networks offers complete internet solutions globally. GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C. will continue to support and host domains of those customers without increasing charges, and will honor all advertising agreements until their expiration.

At this time, all customers of KSIB have been successfully transferred to GuardianHost Networks servers. Any questions or concerns should now be directed to GHN by navigating to or logging into the GuardianHost Networks Support Area. GuardianHost Networks, L.L.C. is looking forward to continuing the outstanding service to the communities of Osceola County Florida.

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