Osceola County Sheriff's Deputies Arrest 5 Suspects for Burglary after tracking the stolen iPads

Posted on | June 13th, 2012 |  by KSIB in Announcements
Osceola County Sheriff's Deputies Arrest 5 Suspects for Burglary after tracking the stolen iPads

Stolen iPads lead detectives to their thieves in Osceola county netting 5 burglary suspects.

Osceola County - Osceola County Sheriff's deputies with the Tourist Policing Unit arrested five suspects after the Ipads they stole tracked their location. The investigation began on June 8 at approximately 8:58 p.m. when patrol deputies responded to 4768 Blue Diamond Street in Kissimmee.

Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the victims who indicated they returned home and noticed the rear sliding glass door was unlocked and several electronic items, including 2 Ipads, were missing. They valued the stolen property at approximately $6,500 and they told detectives the Ipads had a computer application that would track their location. Using the application, detectives were able to locate the Ipads at Richard Pellegrino's residence located at 2364 Flamingo Lakes Drive in Kissimmee.

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Arrington/Harford Gamble With 350K Of YOUR Money, Wheeler Continues Mad Tirade, St Cloud Elections Slide By,

Posted on | June 12th, 2012 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Everyone here knows we're NOT big fans of the Kissimmee Chamber of Commerce, however, when they do something really, really good, it should be pointed out. At yesterday's BOCC meeting, Mike Horner actually demonstrated to the entire commission what 16,000 signed petitions looked like. Yes, he actually hand trucked them into the Commission Chambers for all to see.His point was very, very simple. The question of non partisan elections for commissioners WILL be on a ballot, Horner said. The choice was the commissioners, to either simply, and we mean SIMPLY place the question on the November ballot for the voters of Osceola County to decide the question, OR, force the filing of the petitions, thus beginning the petition route through the Supervisor of Elections office and have a special election which will cost the Osceola taxpayers $350,000 for the one election, according to figures given to Horner by the Supervisor's office.

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Front Page Updates

Posted on | June 10th, 2012 |  by KSIB in Announcements

Due to a substantial amount of user feedback we have limited the home page aggregation of articles to our permanent bloggers and public service announcements only. We may adjust this further, however for now, anything not posted by KSIB, Public Service messages, Carl Cricket, or Penny Lane, will be found in its own section and will not automatically appear on the home page.

Thank you for your continued readership and support!

Best Regards,

- Marcus Tilghman
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Posted on | June 7th, 2012 |  by in Education

All year long Central Avenue Elementary school has been the center of attraction throughout Osceola County thanks to negative attitudes from the principal and assistant principal. Ever heard the saying one bad apple ruins the bunch, how sad is it when the bad apple is the principal and the worm is the assistant. In December a survey was conducted and there was not one good review about the leadership of that school. I could not imagine working in such a hostile environment. Topics such as bullying, verbal abuse, harassment and sexual harassment all sounds like good reasons to have the school investigated immediately, instead more issues developed and have become serious enough to be considered a hostile environment.

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