Happy Thanksgiving Day 2015

Posted on | November 26th, 2015 |  by KSIB in Announcements
Happy Thanksgiving Day 2015

For those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope you enjoy lots of delicious food, family, and hopefully, fun and happiness.

Is Commissioner Arturo In Trouble?

Posted on | November 23rd, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the following happened just last week.

City Commissioner Arturo "Art" Otero was involved in domestic disturbance a week ago after arguing with his wife outside a Kissimmee bar, police reports show.

A police report described Otero, who has announced he's running for mayor next year, as intoxicated when he showed up at Kissimmee police headquarters on Nov. 14 looking for his wife Annabel. He became angry when told police were investigating why she had a lump larger than a golf ball on her forehead. :oops:

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Mathew Joshua Jones arrested for attempted Murder

Posted on | November 17th, 2015 |  by KSIB in Announcements
Mathew Joshua Jones arrested for attempted Murder

Suspect Arrested for Attempted Murder in Domestic Incident

Osceola County - November 18, 2015 – Today at approximately 8:40 a.m., Osceola County Sheriff's deputies responded to a residence on Paradise Cay Circle in Kissimmee. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with a mother who indicated her son, Matthew Joshua Jones, stabbed her boyfriend. The mother told deputies she became involved in a verbal argument with her son regarding money.

During the dispute, Jones threw a television set on the floor and began yelling at his mom. The mother's boyfriend attempted to talk to Jones when he stabbed him several times.

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We're Told, 'So What If Harford Gave To Muslims'/ Was Carl "Inflammatory"?, Links For Veteran's Day Added Benefits, more......

Posted on | November 1st, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Okay, we'll get right into it since the topic appears to be fresh on a few minds. Last week we used the word Muslim in the Title and now we stand accused of trying to be "inflammatory" in the title. Could be. What we actually attempted, as pointed out in the blog, was to draw attention to your tax dollars going to religious groups instead of you. IF others, and there are, had a problem with the blog, so be it. No matter the protests, the fact remains that your tax dollars are being given away to religious groups which is a clear violation of the church and state statute. We do not want our tax dollars going to any cause we may not support, be it Muslim, Hispanic, Catholic, or Hebrew! We believe Mr. Harford's giving was NOT in line with the intent of the law. As we had clearly stated last week, we opposed such giving of tax dollars, no matter the name, no matter the religion. Inflammatory? Hardly, but at least some people noticed, and that's a good thing!

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