Oh no! Wetzel DUI AGAIN??

Posted on | July 5th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

As if the City of St Cloud didn't have enough crap going on, St. Cloud City Councilman Mike Wetzel once again was arrested last night and charged with DUI, after running in to police barricades that were set up for the night's fireworks display.

We've heard no comments from Mr. Wetzel, and no resignation yet, but we understand he made bail this morning after being held over last night.

This is the second DUI arrest for Wetzel in about a year. Last year, he was stopped by the Sheriff's Office for speeding, and then arrested for DUI and possession of other illegal substance.

Let's see, first, he's stopped for speeding and caught DUI.
Last night he crashes into a police barricade, no injuries.
What's next? Will someone be hurt or worse before he gets the help he really needs?

While St Cloud residents are still waiting for his apology from the last arrest, perhaps he can combine his apologies for the next Council meeting.

We have morals rules in Kissimmee, but in St Cloud they've yet to place themselves under any such scrutiny. That's a shame!

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