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Posted on | July 12th, 2007 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

The St Cloud City Council decided, Thursday night, that there will be a special election held to fill the vacant seat left by departing Mike Wetzel. It seems as though the election may be held on Tuesday, September 18th, however, that is not finalized until city staff can contact the Supervisor of Elections office and work out the details.

Prior to this action, all kinds of rumors had been floating around regarding certain former elected officials being appointed to the council. To most St Cloud residents, the special election is well worth the expense to preserve their right to vote. It was a good job by the entire City Council to work it out.
Another item underconsideration is moving the city's regular election to the State primary date of January 29,2008. A move like this would save the city close to $23,000.00. It seemed most council members liked the idea except for Mayor Hart who expressed concerns about campaigning over a holiday season. Hmmmm, maybe she's afraid to take a chance and give up an extra couple months in the big chair? Either way, the issue will be decided at a later date, at her request.

While listening to the mayor it was interesting to hear her say how "I'll ask Mr" so and so(staff) a couple times, instead of asking the city manager to take care of whatever her request was. Guess she thinks she can just do whatever. Maybe the rules are different there, but we don't believe they are.

We also understand the city hired Linda Jaworski as their new City clerk. Hey, isn't she ours? Well, St Cloud got a great employee, a great city clerk, and we know she'll do a great job there.

More questions for the county. Is it true that instead of placing all of the monies collected from fees and permits into the general fund to help defray some costs in other areas, the building department execs decided to purchase 20 brand new 2007 year vehicles? And is it true that some inspectors and plans examiners received as much as $7,000.00 in raises? Could this be correct? And finally (for this article) is it true that the Building Department Director, the Building Official, and Technical Director do not go out in the field very much? If that's true, why then does each need a brand new county vehicle,including new Explorer Sport Tracks, instead of sharing a county vehicle during the day? After all, if they go out, they're usually together. In the times of cost cutting and slicing percentages off the top, seems some folks just spend on without a worry.
Next article, who is "the care bear?" and more.

At the school board the lies, ooops, sorry, we mean mis-statements continue! Remember when we heard that if the City of St Cloud turned down the applicant's request for the Michigan Avenue property, the school board would lose their $5 Million grant? NOT TRUE says state officials, we're told. The grant is simply tied to the project and NOT, repeat, NOT location. So it seems that Mr. Greer, once again (we actually lost count) told another one of those mis-statements he seems to be famous for lately. But this time, he even got Jay Wheeler into the act when Wheeler sent out an email telling his people about how he'd hate to return the grant money.
We just wonder if ANYONE at the school board does their homework. It's obvious they don't but the last thing you want to give them is dentention! That would be more time at the school offices, and we need to rid ourselves of them, quick!

Here in Kissimmee, Stainback park is now being closed at dusk for safety reasons. There was a lightening strike there on Tuesday and officials just don't want to take any chances. The fields are available during daytime hours until further notice. Any questions, call Parks & Rec at 407-518-2501.

While the city manager gave in and allowed the flags to be lowered for a bit, he kind of stirred up a hornets nest. Seems there's an ordinance in the city prohibiting the flying of more than three (3) flags on any one property. Ummmmm, we sure do see 4 flags on many of the city's flagpoles. No problem, but the city manager should understand that his is not a perfect world, so lighten up Mr. Durbin!

Monday the 23rd, Kissimmee will hold the second public meeting regarding the Oak Street widening project in the commission chambers beginning at 5:30PM. Be there, if you care.

The sheriff's office has been busy and is now gearing up for their annual citizen's academy. It begins Sept 10th and runs every Monday, through November 5th. Class times are 6:30PM to 9:30PM.
Anyone interested should call 407-348-1190 and ask for the information, or to receive an application. You can also download it at www.osceolasheriff.org.

As always, we appreciate your emails, so keep them coming to carlcrckt@yahoo.com. They're good, they're funny, and we appreciate the tips.

God Bless you all, be healthy, and stay safe!

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