17 Corrections Officer On Paid Leave In Connection With Rigby Escape!

Posted on | March 19th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Since actions are occurring as reports and information are aquired during current investigations being held at the Osceola Jail, we will make every effort to make sure you are as informed as possible. Below is the latest public release from osceola County and those on leave.

Osceola County Press Release

Osceola County Public Information Office, 407-742-0100

March 19, 2010
Osceola County Corrections Places
17 Officers on Leave

Osceola County, Florida – Osceola County Corrections placed 17 Corrections Officers on paid leave today, effective immediately. This decision was based on information presented in reports surrounding Michael Rigby’s escape from the jail last month.

Officer Mark Ruiz
Cpl. Tiesha Tomlinson
Cpl. Mark Goldsmith
Cpl. Angelo Thomas
Cpl. Jason Pietarila
Officer Richard Leblanc
Officer Warren Willets
Officer Heather Hernandez

Sgt. Eugene Kelly
Cpl. Stephanie Carbajal
Cpl. Jamie Chambers
Officer Miller Chavous
Officer Dominique Fousse
Officer Jarrod Lowe
Officer Ray Oliver
Officer Carlos Ramirez
Officer Bradley Larson

As reports are finalized, appropriate disciplinary action will be administered. In the meantime, the named employees will remain on leave.

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

It was Freilinger who handed Wheeler the soap in the shower which enabled Rigsby to jump high enough to scale the wires and fences and jump into a county car and make his escape. The car coincidentally had Iowa tags! OOOPS, just kidding!

03/19/10 @ 17:24

Comment from: Whostoblame [Visitor]

Is this in addition to the officers that are already being disciplaned? their on paid leave hell that's kinda like paid vacation you just don't have to use your vacation days, if this is 17 PLUS officers, it really proves that Futch and his admin, the County Commisoners, and the manager, have no idea what they are doing and have no control over the inmates or their officers, and by the way whos working at the animal control, how about the paid leave officers cleaning up shit like the taxpayers are fixing to have to do, I thought I was mad before, but now HEADS NEED TO ROLL and PLEASE start at the top

03/19/10 @ 17:31

Comment from: ARE YOU KIDDING [Visitor]


03/19/10 @ 17:34

Comment from: Paul Amico [Visitor]

Guiseppe, wishful thinking? If everything was fair, Frielinger wold be in the same cell as Wheeler. Why he is still the county manager is beyond anyone's imagination except the commission just has no backbone in making the move. After Quinones' little event last night, I'm surprised he isn't screaming for the manager's elimination. Q looked liked a dope last night. I mean, he is a dope, but geesh, in his hime district and the way the people yelled at him, oh boy, now is the time for a legitimate candidate to run against him. NOT Claire as she took herself out of any political race last night, almost getting locked up. She just let her emotions take over. Too bad, but Q is still a dope!
Have a great weekend Jonh!

03/19/10 @ 17:34

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]


YES it was KEN SMITH that voted to take the JAIL away from the SHERIFF

03/19/10 @ 17:39

Comment from: Wayne Evans [Visitor]

Pul! You have my full attention! Tell us all what happened. What. who. Where. Why. And please explain claire and her unusual temper. Please! Go to my blog site if you wish.

03/19/10 @ 18:02

Comment from: Whostoblame [Visitor]

Wayne, what is your blog under, I'm kinda new here, Thanks

03/19/10 @ 18:18

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]

SOME ONE PLEASE tell us what happen at OUINONES TOWNHALL/CAMPIGAN Metting last night.

03/19/10 @ 18:18

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Wait till the Feds get here.Oh I'm sure they'll blame the Janitor. BET? Guards with no training,who's fault? The guards.Fences installed backwards,who's fault? The groundskeeper. Smuggling contraband into the jail,who's fault? The receptionist. Well that's what they're telling us.The only heads that roll? Way down on the totem poll,and so far not even them.Everybody gets a vacation.Everybody,but the Sheriff's Dept. who has to work twice as hard to clean up the mess.I hear tell this sorta thing happened in Iowa,or was it Nebraska?

03/19/10 @ 18:19

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]

IT WAS POLK COUNTY DES MOINES IOWA. SAME thing he F UP the jail there. then our BOCC hired him and he F UP JAIL the here. bad thing he done the whole county here.

03/19/10 @ 18:30

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]

Left comment on 3/18 slot, but have to restate part of it here from Wesh 6 News today



He must have been talking about HIS BRAIN CELLS....obviously

03/19/10 @ 19:11

Comment from: RIDDLER [Visitor]

Why would the Feds be interested in a local jail unless ordered to do so by the US Justice Department for a civil rights or overcrowding violation ?

03/19/10 @ 19:22

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]


The ELECTED SHERIFF in Polk County Iowa runs the jail not the county commission.

03/19/10 @ 19:37

Comment from: Roscoe P Coltrane [Visitor]

Well I don't realy see a problemm.At our jail,fur enugh money you culd buy hootch at the snack bar. Guess y'll have the same deel. ya also could check out for the wekend if ya paid us. So you run yur jail same as us whats the big deel.an this wire thang in hazard county ya jus gave us yur woed ya wulnt go no place same as here plus i had my prizners make money fur us longs they didt shoot nobody

03/19/10 @ 19:38

Comment from: Roscoe P. Coletrain [Visitor]

Here in Hazzard County, it is a capital offense to inpersonate a law officer. The jail director there in Osceola County isn't a law officer, neither is the person that can't spell my name. I'm gonna have to sick flash on both ya'll.

But at least we don't have a Jay Wheeler up here.

03/19/10 @ 19:48

Comment from: Otis Campbell [Visitor]

Dear Paul Amico; We are all sitting with baited breath trying to figure out what went on at John Q' bash. Can you please fill us in?

03/19/10 @ 19:58

Comment from: Jest Call me STUPID [Visitor]

Jest figgered it all out (smack my head) dis couty saved al of uses $$ by hav'n the intmates do da install dem razor things......jest wonder if day use dem to pat down VEESITORS for conraband. Hey ma name ain't STUPID anymore.

03/19/10 @ 20:08

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

Since 17 guards have been placed on leave, there must be some reason they were singled out as "persons of interest" to use the politically correct term of today. Can someone please explain to me why the taxpayers should be paying these people to sit on their butts at home or the beach or wherever? At the least give them half pay and if they are found not guilty pay them the differnce then. In any case if you're goimg to fire them, do so and let's move on.

03/19/10 @ 20:25

Comment from: Otis Campbell [Visitor]

It's a token disiplinary action to quiet us no -nothings down. Wow we have disipined 17 folks,we've now done our job.Quiet us down? It's a slap in the face to every honest taxpayer in this County. They treat us like we're stupid. Yea ,Bernie Madoff sure got the feds off his ass by firing the janitor.

03/19/10 @ 20:47

Comment from: Paul Amico [Visitor]

It was nothing special at the Q's festival. Almost all the people were pissed with him and the whole jail situation. One guy claiming to be a lawyer said something about firing Hawkins. He had no clue what he was talking about. Q looked like a deer caught in the headlights. His district but not friendly territory.
Claire allowed herself to get upset and began yelling inappropriately(I think) and things got out of hand. Threats made, someone saying the sheriff's were coming, and it turned out silly.
All in all I was just interested in watching Q go from bad, to worse. ANY decent candidate will beat him silly in the upcoming election. I would even vote for Armando just to get rid of Q!

03/19/10 @ 20:57

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]

YOU will under stand why they pay them to sit on there butts some day when we grow up. by the way want to go fishing with ME OREN AND ROUND MAN TODAY ? WE WILL GO OUT IN THE GULF A LONG WAY like did last time and catch some GROUPER.

03/19/10 @ 20:58

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]

LIGHTIN just called said he wanted to go if he could get over his hangover. LIGHTEN said to invite ARMANDO we could teach him how the hogg eat the cabbage. but after Quinones campigan party last night ARMANDO might not need any help.

03/19/10 @ 21:17

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

Tom T: I hope I grow up soon because I think I only I don't think I have more than 10 or 20 years left to get there. I am going fishing with my sons in April out of Ft. Pierce for dolphin. I'll try to get the Captain to go more than 1/2 mile out so when we look out the back of the boat we won't see the beach.

03/19/10 @ 21:19

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

Tom T, I know who you are and where you live.

03/19/10 @ 21:22

Comment from: r [Visitor]

Wonder why Wheeler doesn't give the press a copy of his last phone bill used for political purposes ?

03/19/10 @ 21:27

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Paul Amico; Thanks for clearing things up. We kinda heard it didn't go very well,but needed an eyewitness. good job.
Ya think one of us should move,kinda quick to Beautiful Vacation Lakes? B.V.L.

03/19/10 @ 21:43

Comment from: Fritz [Visitor]

My how times change. Just think, it wasn't that long ago when people used to worry about blacks moving into their neighborhood. Wildthing, you move to BVL. I'll stay where I am.

03/19/10 @ 22:12

Comment from: ANDY G [Visitor]

THEY can't fire FRED HAWKINS but they can recall him.but that goffy bunch from BVL can't do it only the RED NECKS in district 5 can do it and they are not ready yet.WE still have hope he will toughin up and be a man not a mouse and stay away from them slick tail RATS at the CIGAR/CHAMBER CLUB.

03/19/10 @ 22:49

Comment from: been there didnt do it [Visitor]

please be advised you people that dont know crap. When you are put on paid leave in law enforcement it is the first step prior to termination. so no one is getting a free day or two off. people are losing there jobs and carriers. so dont be judgemental till you have walked the catwalk and taken the abuse.

03/20/10 @ 05:45

Comment from: Whostoblame [Visitor]

Been There sounds as though you may have issue's, but I'm sure if proper protocal and procedures had been followed and head counts and cell inspections conducted as they should have been, then these officers would not be on paid leave awaiting whatever, I'm sure more will come out about guilt or innocence, but to me and my family and the citizens of Osceola our saftey is what matters so if heads must roll for our peace of mind, let em roll

03/20/10 @ 08:12

Comment from: Visiter [Visitor]

Didn't the county put a bunch of people on paid leave before, then put them all back to work?
It looks like this jail mess was good for one thing. It got J Wheeler's misconduct off everybodies mind.

Since seeing the information here and reading it in the papers, I did my own research. Even went to his website
What I don't understand (somebody help me here) is why J has news articles up on his website, but not the most recent ones? You know, the ones in which he is getting investigated.

When is his next campaign report going to be out? Does anyone think he will change his ways?

03/20/10 @ 10:09

Comment from: BVL Native [Visitor]

Next campaign report will be due by Apreil 12th for the first quarter ending March 31. I do not know how long it takes to be put online, but the hard copy will be available by April 12th.

Does anyone know how many signatures it takes to recall a county commissioner?

03/20/10 @ 10:16

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

Visiter; Jay Wheeler is NOT forgotten! This just gives the investigators more time to dig. Jay is in big trouble, mostly because of his mouth and attitude. I have never been one to wish a lot of bad things on people but Jay has become my first exception. I truly hope he goes to jail, even if only for 30 days, just some time to shut him up permanantly.
Politically, he's already done. The Republicans have shunned him, the Democrats have never had any use for him, and the voters have finally been educated about him. Back to Syracuse Jay.

03/20/10 @ 10:36

Comment from: OK BVL [Visitor]

YOU have had THREE years to see what JOHN QUINONES can do he takes his orders from the county manager MIKE FREILINGER and he dose not listen to you the voters. What ever FREILINGER AND THE BOARD AT CHAMBER OF COMMERICE TELL HIM he dose. YOU THE PEOPLE OF BVL DESERVE MORE THAN A Rubber stamp for the county manager.

03/20/10 @ 11:20

Comment from: RIDDLER [Visitor]

Recall election:

This is a very long complicated process.That's why there are no recall petitions going around. To date no county commissioner has done anything to be recalled for as required by the law.

The manager can be fired at any meeting of the BOCC by 3 votes. This would cost the county a buyout of close to $300,000.

03/20/10 @ 11:32

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]

Are you trying to help the people of the county are just be smart. There is no member of the board of county commissioner that has read the charter they listen to what FREILINGER tells them. 300,000 would be cheap we could save that much in one DAY. Take a look at the jail 4 millon for what the jail staff not doing there job.

03/20/10 @ 12:03

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]

If I were part of the BOCC, a search would be underway to find a COMPETANT new County Manager to step in place immediately after the 3 votes and gone.
I have seen many corporations,big and small, that have swept the place clean with replacements walking in behind them. What's wrong with that?

Knowing a search cannot be done under a "solicitation" going out for a NEW CM, it would behouve someone to start their own search.

It is POSSIBLE to find one in our OWN BACKYARD. What's holding them back????

03/20/10 @ 12:46

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]


The BOCC will feel that the futher away they are the smarter they are we will have to ao at least ARIZONA to find a qualified CM. LOOK at what we got from IOWA. IOWA IS NOT FAR enough. IT sad you need not worrie about replacing FREILINGER till after the election. this board can not see any problem.IF they could they are afraid. They have no leader JUST FREILINGER

03/20/10 @ 13:09

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]

Tom T ...and to think we have to pull an OUTSIDER in to run OUR County...that pretty much solidify's the OUT OF COUNTY Winning BIDS also.

There's a young lady in business in the county that displays her slogan as this:
"Trust Someone who has Lived here all their Life" Seems that says it all, in my opinion.

03/20/10 @ 13:26

Comment from: TOM T [Visitor]

NO Iam not saying that they have to go outside to find a good C. M. .I am saying that the BOCC will go outside to look for a new C M at the advice of the cigar/chamber club .SO we might as well quit crying and keep FREILINGER. WE do not have a choice. UNLESS WE CAN BEAT QUINONES IN the next election.

03/20/10 @ 13:49

Comment from: ResearchMole [Visitor]

For the few people that read this blog:
The county manager will not be fired. Get over it and get on with the business at hand. Why, you ask?

Q-ball does not know how to do his job. Witness his "town hall" meeting. He didn't answer a single question and the room was full of staff. (yes, they got paid)WILL NOT VOTE TO FIRE!
Harford'S new best drinking and flying buddy is the county manager. Wants nickle gas tax. Plus he is using him to cut the legs out of Jo Thacker. (it's a personal thing) WILL NOT VOTE TO FIRE!

Grandpa Ken can only keep one thought in his head at a time and has short term memory loss. Even IF a motion was made and seconded, he would forget what was going on and talk about whatever until everybody fell asleep. WILL NOT VOTE TO FIRE!
Junior is tied too close to choo-choo train and nickle gas tax increase. Just what the manager is front man for. WILL NOT VOTE TO FIRE!

Two faced Freddie tries to be everything to everybody without ever tacking a stand. I.E. "I will not vote to raise your taxes." Then vote to do so. WILL NOT VOTE TO FIRE!

So everyone just get focused. Replace Q and pick the best from the pack in granpa's district. Replacing that bum Wheeler should be a priority for everyone.

03/20/10 @ 15:09

Comment from: JoeTaxPayer [Visitor]

Great. Lets throw money at the prison...oops...per (I don't give a) Futch its a jail. This is truly not a facility problem as we never had a problem like this until this County Manager and Futch came on board. It is simply a management problem. Pretty much our "Correction Facility" is a Holiday Inn were you can check in and check out as you please then there is the Animal Control Facility or as we call it...The Love Shack where if you listen carefully you can here the B-52s singing their version of the famous 80's hit. All this while our Commissioners act as if they actually care. Wait...it took a complete F#%*-up for them to act and by act I mean the cameras were running and someone (King Mike)yells "ACTON!".

I only hope these Commissioners find money to save all the departments that are under funded and having to cut corners which may create safety issues for all the citizens of Osceola County.

I applaud the Chairman for calling the emergency meeting but was very disappointed in the Chief as he came in a half ass suit instead of his uniform and how the Chief distracted the majority of the Board with excuses and blamming the Attorney's Office for delaying some issues but some issues could have been adressed by him without the Attorney's Approval.

The County Manager's Contract is up in April...Commissioners...you have plenty of reasons not to renew his contract but are some benefits to canning him: There are some unemployed Managers with 10 times the experience this goof has waiting for a chance to re-enter the workforce again and will probably do it for around $150k per year. What?!!!! Can this be true? YES! This can be a great opportunity for our Commissioners to post the position on the League of Cities/Counties website and instead of having a consultant pick one for us (we've seen how that went the last couple of times)the five of you can do it. Just another way to save money.

This County Manager doesn't have a vested interest in our community and it has shown in his actions.

It is a shame that we only have maybe two County Commissioners who would vote this Clown out but John "Q" and Mike (The County Manager is my B__ch) Harford are doing anything he (Flicka Booger)says as long he the clown does what they say then there is poor Commissioner Smith. He is a good man.

Residents, you have to let the Commissioners know that you (The Voter) want this mess cleaned up.

03/20/10 @ 15:10

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

The County Manager NEVER takes responsibility for screw ups. It's always someone else's fault. It's time to clean house, including the head jail guard, the CM and ALL those he brought in under his wing. George the wannabe attorney who is not supposed to be practicing law but seems to be writing things per the CM that sure seem like legal stuff.
The BOCC MUST take charge or THEY will be fired next elections! Period. Write your commissioners now and tell them. See what kind os response you get from them, if any at all!

03/20/10 @ 17:00

Comment from: Just Watchin [Visitor]

Heard that there might be a candidate that will run against "Q"

03/20/10 @ 19:33

Comment from: Whostoblame [Visitor]

Guiseppe II, Maybe the link bewteen the CM and George the wannabe attorney is he's putting the CM's defense together to hit the taxpayers up one more time if he is ever fired, he is ironclad and with big kahones, maybe even untouchable, until he's ready to leave

03/20/10 @ 19:48

Comment from: Chuckles the Clown [Visitor]

Research Mole:

You called it pretty well why the BOCC will not fire the manager.

The clock is running as 100 plus employees
are watching for the pink slips to hit their desks this summer.It was pitiful as they were called everyone into the BOCC chambers for a special meeting about the budget then
Mike announced they were fired last year.

03/20/10 @ 19:53

Comment from: public imformation [Visitor]

FRED HAWKINS is having a TOWNHALL% MEETING march 31 at 6pm AMERICAN LEGION in ST CLOUD STAFF will be present to answer any question.

03/21/10 @ 12:30

Comment from: Chuckles the Clown [Visitor]

My Friends in District 5---

Seems like you folks are tired of the county manager yet your Representative Hawkins is not hearing you.

He has to please the voters in his district. The mumble jumble about representing "all of Osceola county" is the past.

Now Fred still has until 2012 but he has had the last 6 months to see what kind of Manager all of us are stuck with.

Favorite supporter of the status quo John
Q got a ear full at his "town meeting" that left him spellbound.

Light your representative up at your town hall meeting and remind him who elects him- the people in District 5 and no one else.

03/21/10 @ 13:05

Comment from: J ER FERT [Visitor]

FRED HAWKINS has a strong opponet for 2012 one that will not back down to a crowd. one that tell you something in district 5 and dose what he says. he blow away the cigar smoke he will tell BAKER and SANCHEZ to go crawl back in the HOLE at the cigar club they come from. He is a real MAN not a MOUSE. HE WILL CUT OFF the MONEY to the SLICKS RATS at the CIGAR/CHAMBER CLUB . NO he will not be a drinking bubby with FREILINGER CAUSE FREILINGER WILL GO.Do a little thinking and you will figure it out.

03/21/10 @ 13:58

Comment from: J ER FERT [Visitor]

NO he dose not drink . He is clean and mean. He is rought and tuff.All the people in district 5 wants is someone that will stand up. not vote to spend/waste 5.7 million on the STARLING BUILDING. NOT VOTE TO THROW 4 MILLION at the JAIL,Not to spend/ waste 4 million on a wall at BVL TO HELP Q GET RELECTED. WE IN DISTRICT 5 HAVE ENOUGH. NO MORE SWEET TALK.

03/21/10 @ 14:21

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

WOW! Who could this masked man possibly be?? Hummm! Let's see if we can figure this out.J ER FERT?? Hummm?

03/21/10 @ 14:30

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]



03/21/10 @ 14:38

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]


03/21/10 @ 14:44

Comment from: RIDDLER [Visitor]

Will Fire Station Number 52 be on the hit list again ?

Surprised how quite the Fire Union is now that the manager has his own personal attorney representing his positions that still have to go to the official attorney-Jo Thacker ?

Futch slipped up ripping Thacker that forced HR to admit it was their own personal attorney that had screwed up the
review of the first escape. Futch reached over a took a big bite from the crow pie that showed up from Thacker's side of the commission room. "Yum,Yum Jo.I shore didn't mean no offense now that I know you are still the county attorney !"

03/21/10 @ 14:51

Comment from: J AR++ FERT++ [Visitor]

COUNTRY GIRL you got it right
WILDTHING correction it is JAR++ FERT++

CARL dose not like that much but i think CARL WILL ADMIT he the right man for the job. carl tell us what you think.

03/21/10 @ 16:02

Comment from: ANDY G [Visitor]

IF HOLLYWOOD would stop and think he would make a motion to fire FREILINGER tell FUTCH TO STAY HOME IN SANFORD and then if the motion failed 4 TO ONE. EVERYTHING that happen after that would be the other 4s fault from then on.

03/21/10 @ 16:16

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]

The county land purchased near Mike Horner's house was based on the 2006 market

03/21/10 @ 16:36

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Yes Country Girl; You have won the GRAND PRIZE. You have a choice of.
1) Free nights stay at The newly renovated Simpson Rd. Resort & Spa.
2)A free nights refreshments at Futch's Pub.
3)A free 1 nights membership to the Cigar Club.

03/21/10 @ 16:48

Comment from: WHAT's UP [Visitor]

NOW if HOLLYWOOD was to stop and think again(he would say gentlemen of the county commission i have been doing a lot of thinking i search my soul i talked to the people gentlemen i have lost all confident in MR FREILINGER to run our GREAT COUNTY I MUST with GREAT PAIN IN MY heart and SOUL I REOMMEND WE DO NET RENEW MR FREILINGERS CONTRACT and he can sue us for severance pay)

03/21/10 @ 16:53

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

Public Information That's nice the Commissioner will have the meeting but who cares about staff? Just another cost to the taxpayers to have them there. And at the Legion? The VFW is larger and could handle more people. Hopefully, more of District 5 will show to ask Fred about being accountable to the people in HIS district. And when will Fred make the motion to fire the manager?
Hopefully more people will ask more tough questions. Sorry Fred, but the honeymoon is over. Time to be accountable to us in District 5!

03/21/10 @ 17:39

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

J ER FERT certainly cannot be Jeremy Fertic of the st cloud council. He meets with certain people in the "pub", has no clue to what goes on at a city meeting and could never handle the county business because it would require him ro actually develop a brain to try to think! The current J ER Fert could not possibly handle the job right now.
By the way Mr Fertic. How about voting yes on something for a change.

03/21/10 @ 17:42

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]

Guiseppe II...what we need is for Fred to stand ON HIS OWN....no Staff...that just will circumvent any question that he won't address. As far as the location, that's a gimmee on his part...smaller is better...less people can attend....

I do not belive that anything except a "pre-election stomp" event is his order of the evening, though 2 years out.

Disappointed in him...you betcha...can he change strides?....Don't know...one is always judged by the company kept...

03/21/10 @ 18:35

Comment from: Wizard of Oz County [Visitor]

Gusepp seems the present lineup didn't get what they asked in the Emerald City.

As for BRAINS,one thought they said TRAINS ,look at the ride he's on.

We don't need a Tin man, Cowardly Lion,Scareacrow....or a Dorothy...Toto we could use...he'd have a bone to pick.

03/21/10 @ 19:02

Comment from: Marion Morrison [Visitor]

Hey Pardners! I hear tell of another minor politician speakin bout change. Oh YEA,I remember now, OBAMA,things will change.The only thing that changed is more debt.,and more corruption.Does this sound familiar in Osceola County? The sole job of a politician,is getting along with other politicians,and gettin reelected.Let's see! next week,when we have a problem at OH!say the building Dept. Lets pick an employee we don't like,good idea let's blame him,or her. Ya see we don't run the County ,they do. Who is They? This must be the only place in America where Mgt. is not responsible,only employees they don't like.

03/21/10 @ 19:03

Comment from: RIDDLER [Visitor]

What is the Sheriff's PIO handling all the
news media for Corrections ?

03/21/10 @ 21:44

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

J AR++ FERT++ -- Fertic is exactly what we need on the BOCC, highest education came from Saint Cloud HS, is a pest control technician who’s employed by a rodent. That'll just be splendid!

03/21/10 @ 22:01

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