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Posted on | March 18th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

We cannot believe we're doing yet another blog today. We're both tired from yesterday but hey, we try for all. Before we go to the lovable and always entertaining joke of the month leader, County administration, we'll go over to the "other" government in our county known as the Osceola County School Board. Yes, indeed, it sure is another government, seperate from most others within our country!

Tuesday night should, could have been a good meeting with the buy local policy on the agenda for discussion and possible adoption. Instead, it was a show of, in our opinion, Wheeler arrogance multiplied, with John McKay and David "the mime" Stone joining hands with Wheeler. It was truly amazing that this board, allegedly addressing this item for the very first time, was able to have the Chairman dictate how wonderful everything already was and a new, or redefined policy, was not needed. The nerve of his statement was enough to sicken the most senior of people attending the meeting. Yeah, we believe there were no prior discussions regarding this agenda item before the official meeting. Uh huh. We believe it. By the way, there will be snow this evening in Saint Cloud, Kissimmee will have magical fairies flying around town, and the County will actually hire an intelligent manager for the first time in years! Sure, that all will happen and we believe the school board majority don't talk to each other. :lalala:
It seems that Mr. Wheeler, who writes about how the school board membership is the best thing since sliced bread for him, couldn't wait to get out of the meeting and departed immediately after the vote to turn down the revised buy local policy. A nice added touch was Chairman McKay thank Wheeler for staying until the vote. Gee, now we know they never spoke ahead of time.:))
We do give credit to the school staff who brought a really good, revised buy local policy to the board, and to the two school board members, both female, who wanted to adopt it. To the majority, we're watching and we sincerely hope you will be rewarded at the polls at election time. Shame on any school board member who places his future job prospects ahead of doing what's right for this county. :no:

*By the way, the Wheeler o'gram was mailed out Sunday but it seems that now Mr. Wheeler is only mailing it to "select" people he deems is okay to receive it. We'd appreciate anyone forwarding his latest to us at and maybe we'll be able to learn all about Mr. Wheeler and his very busy schedule and spending habits. We thank you in advance for passing it on.By the way, we did receive something from Tom Long, again, and we have to pass it along to you. This is must read, reading.

Earlier today I sent out an email regarding Jay Wheeler's 2006 campaign
report. Instead of replying to each of you that wrote back to me and called, I
felt this would be quicker. These numbers are not my invention and I share
your outrage.

Attached is a list of the items JAY WHEELER signed as true accurate and
complete. They are on the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections website. I
am just as angry with myself as I am with Mr. Wheeler. He believes he got
away with something. I let him get away with it.

I wasn't watching what he was doing. We are too busy in our day to day
life to investigate the honesty of our elected officials. Until the voters pay
attention, these types of shenanigans will continue. This is the type of
representation we will get.

Is this type of spending legal? We will wait until the elections
commission rules on my complaint regarding his 2010 expenditures. Is it moral and
ethical? I say no. Jay says he knows right from wrong. This fall, the
voters can show Jay right from wrong.

The only way for the voters to be informed is to pass this on. Send this
to everyone on your email list. Make copies of the attachment and show your
friends. Visit the Supervisor of Elections website to prove that I am

Tom Long

Do you believe that Jay Wheeler violated Sections 106.1405 and Section 106.19(1)(d), Florida Statutes, in that he used his 2006 campaign funds to defray normal living expenses?

On the Osceola County Supervisor of Elections website, Mr. Wheeler certified that his campaign report was true, correct and complete. Below is a list of some of the questionable campaign expenses:

Digital camera 1/7/05 $687.73 $687.73

Computer 9/13/05 867.98 867.98

Cell phone 9/17/05 Palm one treo 803.52 803.52

Answering machine 11/19/05 49.70 49.70

Orlando Sentinel Newspaper subscription
3/3/05 (1 year subscription) 139.10
2/5/06 (2 years subscription?) 278.10 417.20

Purchase of personal clothing
1/20/06 59.00
1/20/06 145.00
8/6/06 550.49
8/7/06 1095.00 1849.49

Copier/scanner/printer 8/6/06 843.75 843.75

Auto Insurance 9/1/06 1385.00 1385.00

Internet services 1/2/05 174.00
4/1/05 Road Runner 140.00
7/27/05 Brighthouse cable/internet 157.00
11/20/05 45.00
12/27/05 Brighthouse network 44.30
3/6/06 89.90
5/18/06 44.95
4/3/06 internet 275.00
4/25/06 44.95
8/13/06 Phone & Internet 800.00
8/18/06 350.00
8/21/06 internet 420.00 2585.10
Cell Phone 4/1/05 27.55
4/18/05 350.00
7/1/05 457.00
10/10/05 650.00
1/5/06 700.00
5/11/06 635.00
8/13/06 950.00
10/26/06 131.00 3900.55

Phone Bill 4/18/05 245.00
7/1/05 170.00
10/20/05 400.00
1/5/06 450.00
5/11/06 350.00 1615.00

Gasoline 3/20/06 340.00
6/9/06 198.18
4/19/06 378.84
4/22/06 64.25
5/11/06 235.59
5/11/06 303.20
6/9/06 198.18
6/13/06 206.00
7/21/06 450.62
7/23/06 302.19
8/8/06 810.00
8/14/06 555.00
10/10/06 1614.00
10/10/06 600.00 6256.05

Would you consider this a conversion to normal living expenses? $21,261.27
This is powerful stuff, IF all is correct and true. This can be found for your own reading pleasure on the Supervisor of Elections web page, and we encourage everyone to look up your favorite candidates and see just how well they're doing! :oops:
And now, the jail situation. First off, the emergency meeting which was advertised originally to be broadcast online, was not. We're not exactly sure of who made that decision however, a complaint has been sent to the State Attorney's office. It may, or may not be a good complaint but we trust the State Attorney to give an honest reply.

We would like to say that County Commission Chairman Fred Hawkins did not waste time by calling for the emergency Commission meeting to address the jail situation. In fact, he displayed his great ability to lead, and push for resolution. We encourage him to continue this path of leadership.
The meeting is now available online as a replay so we'd like to point out the "show" put on by Commissioners Smith and Quinones. When the jail director stated certain conditions, such as the razor wire being installed on the wrong side of the fence (listen to it yourselves), Smith and Quinones got all concerned for "public safety" and no expense would be too much. It's funny, and sad at the same time that these deficiencies occurred during Smith's tenure on the Osceola County Commission! So why is he so shocked? The same for Quinones who, should have known after the earlier jailbreak when the punk Rigby escaped. Well, it's more like he just checked out. The jail director noted that many of the problems were affirmed after the Rigby departure, yet why didn't the County Manager take these issues to the BOCC? WHY did it take another escape to bring attention to these problems, which have existed for years? Under several directors, the fencing was wrong, including under Joyce Peach, who current director Futch replaced. he is experienced and has the basic knowledge but we believe he walked in to something even he wasn't made completely, and honestly aware of. As far as we can guess, the manager should have been completely aware of the razor wire issue a month ago, and, if he did know, did nothing. That is inexcusable, and indefensible. Talk about malfeasance in office. Again, that is IF he was aware and hearing the jail director, it sounds like he should have. Should heads roll? YES. And those heads should start rolling from two county commissioners, a county manager, and any other staff aware of these deficiencies and allowing them to continue!

Thank God for Osceola County Sheriff Bobby Hansell who decided to place his own people around the perimeter of the jail to protect the citizens! He listened to the director, listened to the director's immediate plans, and the Sheriff evaluated and decided not to trust the public's safety to a plan he had no faith in. Good job Sheriff and to all those people working for you and helping us! Let's see if the Commission or king have the nerve to attack the Sheriff's budget this year! :crazy:

We've rambled on enough, almost getting to the Smithpoint so we'll end this with wishing you the best day possible.

God Bless each of you, good health, and to always be safe. A few messages follow.

At the request of Sheriff Hansell, Osceola County Corrections officials submitted information regarding security measures they plan to take at the Osceola County Jail. After reviewing this information, which included resources to be utilized by the jail to address the safety issue, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office will be assigning deputies to increase security at the Jail from 7:00 p.m. to 7 a.m. beginning tonight. The extra security will continue until the Sheriff determines corrections officials can adequately provide security to ensure the safety of the community. The Sheriff’s Office is not disclosing specific information about the additional deputies (number of deputies, tactical locations, etc.) but will confirm additional security has been added to address citizens’ public safety concerns.
Kissimmee, Fla. (March 17, 2010) – A Kissimmee man was arrested for child abuse and domestic violence when he disciplined a friend’s child.

On March 16, 2010, Kissimmee police officers responded to Cypress Elementary School after a teacher called police in reference to bruises on one of her students. Officers spoke with the six-year-old victim and learned that he had been made to kneel on bottle caps as a form of punishment for misbehaving at school.

Detectives interviewed 41-year-old Jose Ferrer who told them that he had disciplined the child by making him kneel in a corner on bottle caps for several minutes. He stated the child had received a “sad face” on his school agenda for the day. Based on this information, Jose Ferrer was charged with Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. He was transported to the Osceola County Jail where he was held on a no bond status.

Isn't this guy a hero? Maybe HE should be placed in a corner and be forced to kneel on bottle caps for a few days?

BOYS SOCCER - Harmony High School -- 3.095 TEAM UNWEIGHTED GPA

GIRLS SOCCER - Harmony High School -- 3.408 TEAM UNWEIGHTED GPA

BOYS BASKETBALL - Celebration High School -- 3.001 TEAM UNWEIGHTED GPA





Each season, the team earning the highest grade point average in each sport from Osceola's eight comprehensive high schools will be presented a certificate at a School Board meeting. The grades of the student athletes are submitted each season to the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), and top schools in the state are also recognized by the FHSAA.

"I am proud to recognize these student athletes for their teamwork not only in competition, but in the classroom as well," said Superintendent Dr. Michael A. Grego. "Their success both on and off the playing field speaks to the high standards we have set for our students and the motivation they have to achieve."
**Smart AND athletic. What a wonderful combination. These students should be proud.
The City of Kissimmee Parks and Recreation Department is accepting registration for the 21st Annual Terry Stewart Memorial Golf Classic. Players can sign up from Monday, March 29, through Wednesday, April 14.

The best-ball tournament will take place at the Kissimmee Golf Club on Saturday, April 17, at 8:00 a.m. The registration fee is $65/golfer or $260/four-person team. Included is one round of golf, cart fees, and a commemorative golf towel and cup. The event if followed by a sit down luncheon and raffle.

All proceeds from this event support the Terry Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund. The money helps to absorb fees for Kissimmee youth, who might otherwise not be able to participate in the City's recreation and athletic programs due to financial hardship. To date, Terry Stewart Memorial events, such as the Golf Classic, have generated more than $40,000 in scholarships.

For more information or to register for the golf classic, please contact the Athletics Division at 407.518.2504.

The City of Kissimmee is hosting its annual Easter Eggstravaganza at Chambers Park on Saturday, March 27, from 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The day's activities include kids' games, candy-prize-raffle giveaways, arts & crafts, face painting, bounce house, and the popular egg hunt. Kids can also look forward to a guest appearance from the Easter Bunny.

Admission is $2/person, which includes a wristband for unlimited participation in all activities and games.

This event is geared toward the entire family. Chambers Park Community Center is located at 2380 N. Smith Street in Kissimmee.

For more information about this program or other Kissimmee Parks and Recreation programs, please call 407.518.2599.

Comment from: Chuckles the Clown [Visitor]

Somehow Futch was blaming Jo Thacker's office for the jail break for not reviewing new personnel polices. Hard to review them when the HR director testified that the
county attorney hired by the county commission was still "reviewing" them a month later and hadn't let the real county attorney see his polices yet.

Tell you folks this is better than the Comedy Channel !

03/18/10 @ 09:22

Comment from: guiseppe II [Visitor]

When Futch also commented about people who were fired were hired back, the attny said she didn't know where he got that from. Ummmm, how about that Hispanic guard who was talking up union or spanish organization, was fired, then rehired by Peach and the king. That's just one example!
You're right. This county is great fun to watch. No one knows what to do. It's the Keystone comedy everywhere in Osceola County!!! LOL

03/18/10 @ 09:26

Comment from: MadMike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

Hawkins did do a good job yesterday but he should have simply made the motion to get rid of the manager. If this manager isn't failing his contractual obligations, then he has the weakest contract in labor history!
And, who is the attorney? Do we have a County Attorney or some half witted, road rager calling the shots as a Human Resource Manager? HE was hired by the other halfwit county manager. My God, the inmates really are running the show in Osceola County.

03/18/10 @ 09:58

Comment from: ANDY G [Visitor]

THERE is no hope just as well give up for this county commission they are not going to FIRE ANYONE not FREILINGER OR FUTCH. THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND what they are doing. This is not about intestional fortitude. ITs about inability and lack of knowledge.ITs about telling the people one thing and sucking up to the SLICKS at the chamber and voting favors for the cigar boys! ITs about having 5 commissioner with 9 faces. There must be one commissioner with one face who is it? I BELEVE its ARRINGTION WITH ONE FACE. We are throwing 4 million dollars at the jail problem and THIS IS NOT GOING TO FIX THE PROBLEM! The problem is that Futch is not in control of the staff, the staff is controling him, doing just as they please. If you want to know what the problem is: put some undercover guards, and some undercover inmates in the jail, and within two weeks you will know exactly what the problem is. Don't let Frelinger and Futch tell you they have done that because they have not. Remember, Futch is another one of those fine seminole county residents.

03/18/10 @ 11:04

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]

School Board and Local Buying Policy:

The staff did and excellent job of preparing a policy requested by the school board.2 members understood- 3 have other agendas and paybacks from the collapse of the Signature project.

03/18/10 @ 11:19

Comment from: F'ingoverit [Visitor]

I really am. I agree that hawkins showed some leadership but needs to go further. FIRE freeloader! HE hired Futch. HE REhired Joyce Peach. HE has been in charge for the past few YEARS and knew about the problems at the jail. Why did it take a second jailbreak in a month for Smith and Q to wake up? Q is just as bad as Smith with his head in the sand, or up his a**. Either way, neither of them can see daylight or know what they're doing.

03/18/10 @ 11:59

Comment from: Working Stiff [Visitor]

Doesn't Jay Wheeler get it? He stayed just long enough to vote against a charter school. All because they didn't give to his campaign.
back when he wanted to vote for his buddy Jonathan Wolf, he made sure to be there by phone to vote. But that was because Wolf gave him campaign money.

Jay is as easy to read as a cheap dime store novel. Give him money and you get his vote. Refuse and he will be sure to blackball him.
The more money he can strong arm, the more he can spend on himself. Maybe buy a new car.

Too bad the rest of the school board allows him to get away with this kind of stuff.

03/18/10 @ 12:47

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]

Where was Commissioner Smith the past 2 years ?

He was concerned about litter and juvenile
crime not the jail or the 400 people he helped terminate.

03/18/10 @ 12:57

Comment from: had enough? [Visitor]

I for one have HAD ENOUGH of of this crook Jay WHEELER. He needs to resign and move back to New York.

03/18/10 @ 13:33

Comment from: Lou [Visitor]

Interesting when there are facts presented you don't see or hear from the clown. Perhaps he's making plans for a run to South America? lol
Wheeler, McKay, and the mime, Stone must have interesting phone records. I wonder who initiated the calls, who answered the calls, and who talked the longest.

By the way. Mr. Fred Hawkins; will you please at least make the motion to fire the manager? Those who don't go along, we can get them out when the time comes. Remember, YOU represent District 5 and we're tired of the manager and his poor management!

03/18/10 @ 14:42

Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Here's a question for Carl. Why isn't Lawson Lamar looking into Wheeler? This has been in the Orlando Sentinel, The Osceola News Gazette, Saint Cloud in the News and this blog.

The information that Tom Long quotes is on the county website. I've seen it.

03/18/10 @ 15:02

Comment from: I know right from wrong [Visitor]

I am surprised no one is talking about the Balfour contract and the modified general conditions the facilities dept tried to give away. The school district allowed balfour to delete local vendors from their gmp, and allowed them not to get three bids for items, and to own the contingency money and have the school or in reality the taxpayers pay a cm fee on it. Glad to see that Ms hartig is reading the material. Glad to see that mckay and stone agreed to pull back their motion and reject hte contract and have the district fix it. thank you!

03/18/10 @ 15:23

Comment from: ARE YOU KIDDING [Visitor]

FRED HAWKINS MAKE THE MOTION NOT GOING TO HAPPEN- NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. THE CIGAR CLUB HAS TO MUCH GOING WITH FREILINGER. IT would financial disaster for the cigar/chamber club. BESIDE that FRED has inhaled the cigar smoke. IT is not good for your to smoke but you after one puff you are hooked like just like dope. The only way FREILINGER IS GOING TO LEAVE IS TO QUIT. FRED can't say the words YOU ARE FIRED. NO HOPE

03/18/10 @ 15:42

Comment from: Shame is everyone's game [Visitor]

This is the biggest cluster F' i've ever seen!! I am completely astounded at the good old "pass the buck" attitude going around. No one is at fault. It's all the prisoners who are to May as well blame them. They are the only ones who haven't been blamed. I think it is pretty obvious who is to blame. You know what they say...."s' rolls down hill" and it certainly appears to me that the main source of the problems are at the top of the hill. Isn't that where the King is? Yeppers....that's the one.

They say he didn't know about the issues at the jail. Excuse me, but isn't it his job to know? Perhaps if he would take the time to do his job rather than spending his time deciding who he will be firing/laying off next, or what percentage of pay cut everyone will have to take to remain employed, he may actually know what's going on. Ultimately i'd be willing to bet he has known all along. How could he not? He seemed to know how to "fix" animal control. Only problem there is there was nothing wrong with it to begin with. That apparently was a more urgent project than the jail. I suppose there was a huge risk of us all being in danger from abandoned puppies, or stray cats. We all know exactly what that was about. That was to create a job for Joyce Peach. That must be it since this "restructuring" has served no other purpose. It obviously hasn't saved the county any money. I have had several people mention to me how they do not get the same service from animal control that they used to. Not to mention, if there are not enough staff to monitor the prisoners at the jail, how do they think they have enough to monitor them off site at animal control and do a competent job of it. Obviously they can't. If they aren't escaping they are having sex in the bathrooms, or brewing and sharing hooch and cigs!! I gotta say if I had to be locked up this is certainly the place that I would want to be!!

I say let's put the blame where the blame should be placed...
1. The "King"
2. Futch
3. Peach

Let the Sheriff do his job and run the jail (until there is a better option), get rid of Freeloader, and Princess Peach. All of whom continue to prove on a day to day basis that they don't have not one clue to share between them!!

03/18/10 @ 15:47

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

O.K. You're a fortune 500 company,you're loosing money hand over fist. Your stockholders are demanding answers. HEADS WILL ROLL!!You believe company executives are involved in some hanky-panky. NOW you react,yes react,nothing proactive of course. So what do we do to appease the "shareholders"? We fire 10 factory workers,6 girls in the secretarial pool,and all the parking attendants. That should keep the shareholders at bay.

03/18/10 @ 16:41

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]


The State Ethics Commission, right now, is investigating several allegations against Mr. Wheeler. Once that investigation is completed, we believe another will open under the State Attorney who will have a completed State investigation as substantial evidence IF the State rules against Wheeler.
Other than that, perhaps someone would want to contact the State Attorney Lawson lamar at, or his top official, Randy Means at . We believe enerything needed to come around, eventually will.

03/18/10 @ 16:44

Comment from: Good Ol' Gal from the North [Visitor]

Simple answer

Give The King, Futch, Peach, and whomever else that deems to know it all
a FREE night in the NO TELL HOTEL on Simpson...

Or find a good proctologist to get their heads out of their A...s's

David Allen Coe sure sang it right

"Sleepin' with my Back Against the Wall"

Maybe they'd all wake up...then again..

03/18/10 @ 16:45

Comment from: New Ideas [Visitor]

I think the jail should be turned over to the School Board to manage. They could even have a new intern program for our kids. They could get a lot of training about life in the real world.

03/18/10 @ 17:43

Comment from: Whostoblame [Visitor]

New Ideas your probally not far off base because the $4 million for the jail will more than likely come from the libary's budget in one form or another, the kids can go to the jail to read a book and when they wanna leave is not that hard to get out, and folks if your believing that the binder clip got Rigby out jail, well the easter bunny will be here soon, no one should be satisfied with the one guard being fired this is going to have far reaching consequences for the rest of the county, MORE HEADS NEED TO ROLL!!!

03/18/10 @ 19:07

Comment from: Deep Throat [Visitor]

Does anyone need any further proof that McKay is in bed with WG Mills? The words of his own rant at Tuesday’s Board meeting is sufficient evidence to incriminate hm.
Look at the chronology of the events since the Chairman’s men selected WG Mills for the $14 million Highlands project. WG Mills was subsequently disqualified because the watch dog of the district, Cindy Hartig , scrutinized WG Mills local preference worthiness. The local preference points were taken away from WG Mills and the selection committee then awarded the project to Turner. The selection committee’s action was overturned at the next Board meeting by McKay, Wheeler and Stone, Hartig and Melendez rightly voted against it, and the project will now be reopened for all firms to resubmit their qualifications. Of course it was! What other means or maneuvering was McKay going to use to get this contract back to WG Mills. Turner was the legitimate winner of the Highland project and they should have been awarded the project.

So at last Tuesday’s meeting a neat little Local Preference Initiative, tailor made for WG Mills, was presented for all future school projects. If that wasn’t enough, McKay moves to give the” firms” (interpreted WG Mills) another 90 days to get their local preference documents in order. Seriously now friends, do you need any further evidence to be convinced that McKay has shown considerable favoritism to WG Mills over the last several years? And you think he’s been doing this just because he prefers the descent folks at WG Mills more than the folks at the other firms. While you have Lawson Lamar on the phone, ask him to investigate McKay too. Maybe we could get a 2 Board Member investigation for the price of one.

03/18/10 @ 23:06

Comment from: Deep Throat [Visitor]

Dark Knight -- What are you talking about? The local preference policy the staff presented to the School Board was exactly what McKay and Grego wanted presented. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if McKay and Grego didn't write the Initiative themselves.
And 4 members voted for the Initiative and only one against and that was Cindy Hartig. I beleive Ms. Melendez voted for the Initiative too.

03/19/10 @ 00:48

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]

@ Deep Throat--

You call for Lawson Lamar to investigate School Board member John McKay.

For what ?

So he favors one construction all the time.
Still takes 2 more votes to hire the firm.

A new player that popped up is Cummings General Contractor that is having a get together for Jay Wheeler.

About Lawson and Wheeler. The Florida Elections and Ethics commission are investigating Wheeler not Lawson.

03/19/10 @ 08:25

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

The get together for Wheeler is asking for a maximum of $500 per person contribution for Wheeler. Who, in their right mind would contribute to this guy's campaign now? Besides, why shold anyone pay for his household's laundry detergent?

03/19/10 @ 08:42

Comment from: Steve [Visitor]

Guiseppee - Lots of companies wanting to suck our tax dollars dry would get people to contribute to his campaign. They don't care how he spends the money as long as he wins and continues to vote the way they want him to.

I looked over at Gesmkie's site and it is pretty rough on Wheeler. She might be tougher than many of us thought. She is definitely calling him out.

03/19/10 @ 09:08

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