Sad Note On First Jail Break. Corrections Officer Milton Carabello Arrested!

Posted on | March 18th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Below, you will find the official release from the Osceola County Sheriff's Office. Yet another dirty Corrections Officer is jailed. BUT, before everyone goes off on jail guards let's be certain of something very, very important here. The vast MAJORITY of Corrections Officers working at the Osceola County Jail, are good, decent, and hard working officers who want to do the job they've been hired to do. There is a small, (and getting smaller) sub culture of corrections people who have placed themselves above the rules, and wanting to make something extra for themselves, regardless of who might be injured, or worse by their actions.

We've seen this with the smuggling of a gun into the jail by a corrections person, and we're seeing it connected to an escape. These vermin who work amongst the good and decent corrections officers need to be seperated from the good, no matter how, and given the boot. Perhaps they will resign, perhaps someone will now talk and turn them in, but be sure of this. With the Sheriff's office, and all the investigations which are about to happen at our jail facility, these bad eggs will be found out, and they will be eradicated, once and for final. We encourage all those good Corrections Officers to stay strong, and, most of all, stay together and work together to get rid of those bad eggs. In the long run it'll make your position so much nicer, so much safer, and the jail will be finally be rid of the stench these crooked men and women have brought into our jail. Below is the information on Milton Caraballo, a FORMER corrections officer who was willing to trade money for the safety of his fellow officers, as well as the public's.
**Of course, since he hasn't been convicted of any crimes yet, he should be considered innocent until proved guilty.

Detectives Arrest Corrections Officer Involved in Rigby Inmate Escape
Osceola County (March 18, 2010)-- Today, Osceola County Sheriff's detectives arrested Milton Caraballo, Jr. (DOB 12/30/81) and charged him with Escape and Introduction of Contraband for his involvement in Michael Rigby's escape. The investigation began on February 19 when Michael Rigby escaped from the Osceola County Jail. As part of the investigation, inmates and corrections officers were interviewed by detectives. Through the course of the investigation, detectives learned a corrections officer, later identified as Caraballo, knew about the escape. Caraballo was offered a large amount of money in exchange for providing assistance with the escape. Caraballo gave Rigby a metal binder clip and assistance with verifying a cell phone Rigby was going to use to contact his girlfriend after escaping. The metal binder clip was used by Rigby to remove the toilet/sink combination from the wall. Caraballo never received any money.
On March 10, Caraballo was interviewed by Sheriff's investigators. During the interview Caraballo confirmed he provided a metal binder clip but claimed it was requested to bind legal papers. He told detectives he was asked to provide a hacksaw which he refused to do and he denied calling the cell phone number. Based on the information detectives obtained, Caraballo was arrested and was booked into the Osceola County Jail with no bond.

Comment from: Lou [Visitor]

Now this guy will have to face each shift of officers as they come on and he'll finally be on the receiving end! For a few bucks, which he easily could have made up in working some overtime, he sacraficed his entire career, and worse, was willing to sacrafice his fellow officers' safety and more. What a dirt bag.

03/18/10 @ 17:12

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

O.K. Now we have a corrupt guard. Who did the investigation? Our Sheriff's Dept. Not the jail staff.Each Sheriff's Deputy must pass a physiological examination.What about the corrections officers? Just asking.If you don't police your own people from within,how can this possibly work? Can you imagine how much worse this would be w/o the intervention of our Sheriff's Dept.
O.K. example; Take your car to dealer,a bonehead puts your brakes on wrong,you crash. Who do you hold responsible? I guarantee ,not the bonehead.The dealer. Tell me I'm wrong!!

03/18/10 @ 17:35

Comment from: Marion Morrison [Visitor]

Hey Milton; Ya dropped the soap.

03/18/10 @ 17:37

Comment from: John doe [Visitor]

Just like everyone to believe the media. Well that's today's society, guilty untill proven innocent

03/18/10 @ 18:47

Comment from: Shame is everyone\'s game [Visitor]

You've got to be kidding? Apparently you aren't seeing things clearly John doe. Not rocket science or the media...2 MEN ESCAPED FROM THE JAIL! Now are you trying to say that no one was at fault? That the corrections officer that just confessed to helping the one man escape actually didn't do that? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a's sure as heck not a gopher!!

03/18/10 @ 19:37

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Hey John doe; Media? Uh how about our own sheriff's Dept? If you can read, that's up the the air. There once was a novel called Animal Farm,by George Orwell. Ya see it's all about when the animals don't like the way the farmer runs the farm,so they take over the farm. But ya see they didn't actually do very well.And it's only 8th. grade reading and we'll help you get thru it.

03/18/10 @ 20:01

Comment from: Otis Campbell [Visitor]

Well I heard thru the grapevine,some of our County commissioners didn't like the Grand opening of Futch's Pub.or the referral of such. We were told it wasn't funny. Well , they're non-action is not funny either.So suck-it -up boys.

03/18/10 @ 20:11

Comment from: Kojak [Visitor]

I hope they fix all the problems all the jail soon.
There will be a new inmate soon and his name is Jay Wheeler.

Get a 10x10 cell with a cellmate named Leroy.

He has been screwing contractors in Osceola County for 8 years and it's about time he get his share.

03/18/10 @ 20:48

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

John Dough-At least even Carl said in the article innocent until proven guilty. Now, if you know something no one else does, feel free to share.

03/18/10 @ 21:26

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Jail time again; Did some poking around. I joked about the cook and grounds keeper,because there has to be sacrificial lambs.But in the next few days there should be action from the BOCC.There is some real outside pressure,and these folks don't take prisoners.Whoops I meant guests at The Simpson Rd Motel.I have info that a certain corn cobber had this problem in a place called Iowa.How can you possibly run a facility and not know fences are wrong,guards a crooked,security is a joke,and ya'll are from around here. Have you ever smelled a still? You can't miss it.Who's to blame? the guards? Employees are only as good as the direction they receive.

03/18/10 @ 21:43

Comment from: john doe [Visitor]

i am not sitting here saying that no one is at fault but how can you say this guy is the one to blame? Because the media reported he helped him escape? Read the print, it says he gave him a paper clip but the inmates are allowed to have paperclips. Same prison that people where making whine and doing drugs inside, same one where few days ago someone else escaped. Let me guess this guy is still to blame for the other actions that have occured. There always has to be someone to blame and it just turns out they are blaming him. Time will tell

03/18/10 @ 23:17

Comment from: Shame is everyone\\\'s game [Visitor]

I don't see any place where they have said that this one officer is to blame for it all. Man really need to do your homework. Unless you are just a friend of this particular officer and are showing your loyalty, however misplaced it may be. There are far more at fault than this one officer. Which has been made perfectly clear. Most of all the powers above him. It is their job to see that protocol is being followed, and that procedures that are meant to be carried out are being carried out. Those that were supposed to be doing that dropped the ball completely.

They "assumed" that things were running smoothly. They "assumed" that protocol was being followed. They "assumed" that the staff were doing what was expected of them and what they were hired to do.

Perhaps prisoners were permitted to have paperclips. However, silly as it may sound...i'm thinking that you aren't normally promised large amounts of cash for the use of a paperclip.

As for your comment "There always has to be someone to blame". Well, YEAH!!! It has always been my understanding that jail was not a place for creature comforts such as hooch, cigs, and/or coming going as you please. No, that is called HOME! The closely..P R I S O N ers are there because they have broken the law. They are under guard because they are dangerous either to themselves or others, or they can't control their behavior and live within the constraints of the law in order to stay out of jail. Would you be so quick to defend had either of these escaped prisoners done harm to your sister/wife/daughter/mother/father??? If that were the case would you still be saying.....awwwwww he just gave him a paperclip??? Or would you being contacting an attorney to sue the jail for not being properly staffed or for being lax in their responsibilities in preventing something like that from happening. I'm sure it would be the latter.

03/19/10 @ 00:17

Comment from: john doe [Visitor]

i agree with what you have to say shame is everyone. I just dont see how everyone is thinking one person is to blame. Now wildthing, even though your story is cute and all, probably shows the highest grade you completed lets change it from fiction to fact. Read up on a certain "pavlov's theory" and replace the handler with media and dogs will be us. Hopefully you will be able to comprehend what exactly i am trying to say.

03/19/10 @ 06:29

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

Wildthing;the king-corncobber was well aware of the razor wire and a few other problems at the jail. He just stuck his head in the sand and waited to see what would happen, thinking Futch would be the guy to make everything better. But Futch told him, again, about the razor wire right after last month's escape.
Futch is not a stupid man and will try to cover his boss as best he can but IF a commissioner or tw spoke with him, one on one, they'd get the answers they really don't want to hear right now.
When you look up mismanagement in Webster's, Freilinger's picture is placed as the definition. WHY is it taking the BOCC so damned long to fire him???

03/19/10 @ 07:38

Comment from: misanthrope [Visitor]

Despite all of the problems with the County, Commissioners are reluctant to fire the Mgr, or any Dept Head. 1 reason is that there are no contingency plans. If Freelinger leaves, who will pick up and resume managerial duties in the current economic slowdown? It has to be someone with experience, i.e Ms. Jo Thacker.

03/19/10 @ 09:19

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]

Here's a question....

Who was responsible for overseeing the installation of the Razor Fencing, which in fact was paid by tax payers dollars?

Here's an answer....

Contact the contractor and make them redo the no charge. Could there have been a bit "Shaved off" to accomodate who got the contract?

Just an opinion

03/19/10 @ 10:46

Comment from: Shame is everyone's game [Visitor]

I thought of that also Country Girl. It must be a "girl" thing to think of holding the responsible party I don't mean that in a derogatory way. It's just that if I paid someone to do a job and discovered it had been done incorrectly I would be on the horn telling them that they were coming back to complete the job properly and that I wouldn't be compensating them for their error. What kind of company installs razor wire that doesn't know how to install it properly for optimum protection? Did they have a sale on razor wire? My only other thought is.....How do you watch someone install that amount of razor wire and not realize they are installing it incorrectly?? I'm thinking after the first 20-30 feet i'd notice something was wrong. I'm sure it took them quite a while to do. It's not as if they came in and had it done in a couple of hours or so and took off. I can hear the prisoners now......."Hey Joe, check this out!" "Yeah, Slim!" Joe and Slim sing....."We'll be home for Chrisssssmassssss and it won't be in our dreeeeeeeeeams!"

The issues at the jail are very serious without a doubt, but let's not forget that the issues at Animal Control are a part of that issue as well. Wouldn't it be nice if it were all like a computer and you could do a "System Restore"....and just set it all back to a date where it was all working properly and start all over? I think that date would be anything prior to The King, Futch and Princess Peach.

03/19/10 @ 13:47

Comment from: Disclaimer* [Visitor]

This is not an official message from the Osceola County School District or the Osceola County School District. I am solely resposible for all the language trickery to deceive you into believing I am innocent of any wrong doing. Please allow for misspelling, punctuation and poor sentence structure.
3/15 had a very important meeting with a group of citizens. (Disclaimer*) I talked about how bad the conditions are at the jail. Anything, ANYTHING, to take the focus off my misconduct.

3/16 Tonight was our regular school board meeting. This is the most rewarding job I have ever had in my life. (Disclaimer*) I skipped out early to go pick up a campaign contribution.
3/16 Tried to do an interview in front of the jail with channel 9 news. (Disclaimer*) They declined, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG (Disclaimer*) Quit passing around those emails that prove I don't!

guess who

03/19/10 @ 15:51

Comment from: Country Girl [Visitor]

Just read the news about the Feds coming in to audit the Jail and it's employees, 17 on paid leave. HERE'S the DUMBEST statement by some correction officers....


What do you call one below Jack -A..s

Wonder just what they thought the job consisted...Breaking Rules...passing on items to help escapes....setting up a GIN MILL....WHAT THE H double hockey sticks (had to keep "girly")gave them the RIGHT to be hired to protect US. Maybe they ought to re-read the resume's and applications.

Sorry....this whole thing is a flamin' JOKE and embarassment to Osceola County Citizens. Commissioner aren't the only one that feels punched in the gut.

03/19/10 @ 18:33

Comment from: Deep Throat [Visitor]

Hey Carl, I love ya man but can you leave an article up for more than 3 minutes? You've got 2 articles up about the jail and we're ignoring another huge story about the School Board's local preference initiative (or the lack there of) and the Balfour Beatty contract that was pulled at the Board Meeting Tuesday night because Jose from Facilities let Balfour renegotiate the local preference terms out of the contract. This is not heresay, this all took place in the meeting. Again, Cindy Hartig is evidently the only Board Member reading the contracts before they're voted on. Makes one wonder how many other back room negotiations have taken place that no one caught.

03/19/10 @ 23:25

Comment from: vis [Visitor]

Un-confirmed source says that the reason the razor wire was installed wrong was to keep any one from breaking into the jail and to keep the public from knowing how the jail was being run.

03/21/10 @ 13:56

Comment from: Let the truth be told.... [Visitor]

I am new to this broadcast. After reading so many articles spreading erroneous information regarding this jail incident -- I commend you Carl for this comment.

"The vast MAJORITY of Corrections Officers working at the Osceola County Jail, are good, decent, and HARD WORKING officers who want to do the job they’ve been hired to do."

Know that MANY pleas for help have come from these officers -- no one was listening! It was just not important enough -- just not in the budget.

The problem in that jail is a management issue -- has always been a management issue. They just do not have enough officers to do the job in accordance with policy. The housing units have ratios of 96 inmates for 1 officer. Some are 192 inmates for 2 officers. These officers risk their lives every single day they walk into work! Not to mention the actions of other officers which deepen the risks.

The news doesn't speak about these things. All you hear are comments of people stating: "Lazy officers sitting on their butts. Fire them all!"

What the news doesn't say is -- these officers have less than 1 minute to secure the inmates and conduct a cell search due to time restraints and staff shortages.

How can this jail secure ANY area of the facility with these ratios? To conduct a cell search according to jail policy at the time of the search "you must have present two officers PER INMATE and a supervisor". So my question is this: Where are the other officers coming from if there is only one in the housing unit? Answer: They are called in from other housing units to assist. Which forces officers to leave their housing units UNATTENDED in order to comply with policy. Do the numbers. All those inmates running around without supervision just so policy can be followed!

These officers at this jail are doing the impossible! All so this county can save a buck on their backs -- and when mistakes happen -- it's all the officer's fault!

Are there crooked officers -- absolutely. Find me any work environment that lacks "scum". I agree that this jail has a few with questionable character but let the truth be told... there are a handful of officers that were fired that had NOTHING to do with this escape -- they did not violate policy -- they did not take part of any misconduct -- they did not lie under questioning, etc. Why were they fired? Anyone who came in to assist the officer in charge of Rigby's housing unit during the month of February was fired -- irrespective of what duties they performed. A smoke screen for all you who are watching the County's actions. Don't believe me? Do your homework and see if what I am saying is true.

Morale at the jail is very very low. Why? Because not even Harvard math could make the numbers at the jail work out and if any mistake hits the news -- officers are getting fired! Citizens of Osceola County make comments based on misinformation provided by the media -- half truths to the public from the County -- all so the higher ups can cover their management mistakes.

"These vermin who work amongst the good and decent corrections officers need to be separated from the good, no matter how, and given the boot." I couldn't agree with you more -- unfortunately Osceola County threw the baby out with the bath water.

05/11/10 @ 20:10

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