Who Fibbed? Is The King Ever Accountable For Anything? Seems Razor Wire May Be Installed Correctly..more

Posted on | March 21st, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new week. Monday, we'll get to see the BOCC and the king "practice" their agenda for next Monday's meeting. Not sure if any "special" discussions will come about during, or immediately after the agenda is covered, however, we're ready to predict some things may happen as a result of jail difficulties and some research that we, along with many others have done over the weekend.

We'll begin with the razor wire that is strung along the fences at the Osceola County jail. Through our discussions over the weekend we were able to learn that it is NOT strung incorrectly as the Jail Director stated last week, while the manager QUIETLY sat by, allowing the statement to be made.(we think it's because he didn't know the truth either, but then, just what does he know?)
It seems the area where the second breakout happened does have the razor wire correctly on the outside of the fence. That it because, when the fencing and wire were originally installed, there were NO prisoners in that particular section of the jail. It was mainly an office and supply area with no prisoners assigned to work, or reside there. Over the years apparently, jail management made this area permissable for "trustys", or those prisoners trusted more than the others, to work in and more recently, an area to enjoy recreation away from the main prison population. So, did someone lie last week when they said the wire was strung incorrectly? We don't know about lying, but they sure as heck were wrong. So was the manager for allowing misinformation to get out through the general media.

The first escape was made possible by an alleged crooked guard who supplied a tool to that punk Rigsby who escaped, leaving his family behind to be locked up. Wow, what a gang leader he is!

This week expect the manager to fire a few jail employees and, most likely, the current jail director because Mr. Freilinger will never accept responsibility for anything in the county, and especially when there's a staff screw up. With him, it's ALWAYS someone else's fault! Plus, does anyone really expect the BOCC to hold the king accountable? Just look at who is on the BOCC and tell us who, amongst them, are strong enough to make the right motion to terminate the king for failure to fulfill his contractural obligations? So far, we've seen not one member of the BOCC strong enough. Not yet, anyway. :no:

Next, There's been some chatter, especially this weekend regarding the Silver Spurs group and, once again, Mr. Community, the manager. Just what's going on we haven't been able to lock our horns on but we're digging.

While we're in that area we have to ask why the TDC has been banned from participating in reviewing the applications for funding requests? Groups and people who want to try to be able get a grant from the TDC now only go through Tom Lang at the CVB (and then Maria(his boss) and then on to the Commission. Just who changed the rules? The king again? :roll:

More questionable things are happening that is costing this county a lot of money, or maybe not? What happened to the Arts Center and their $200,000.00 grant they thought they were getting? We hear they do NOT qualify under the rules and law, in fact, the other "real" School for the Arts would have a better shot at getting that money because of their close tie to tourism. The Board of Education should hop on this quickly! &#59;D

Talk around the county administration building is the king wants to close libraries for a couple days a week, depending on location, and despite a special tax that we, the people, passed upon ourselves to run the libraries. So, where is that "special" funding? Do we have an accounting of it or is the king spreading the money towards other areas? We still need a full AUDIT of the people's library tax!

According to another rumor travelling the hallways, there was no special resolution passed by the BOCC, and there is no special contract that we are aware of, it seems if you're friends of a certain commissioner you can enter employment with the county while having a pre-existing medical condition and still being medically covered by the county's medical insurance, costing taxpayers for no reason. Again, this is just a rumor at this point, but we're on it.

While we're at it, we'd like to ask if anyone can remember the RFP which went out for lobbyist service in Tallahassee. Yeah, neither can we. At first, we thought it might be a continuation of the first contract, but that was only a 6 month contract for half the pay. This is a totally new contract, new conditions and the contract has new structure. So, why no RFP? Is it because ceratin Tallahassee politicos made the decision for the BOCC? Talk about a stink, this does NOT smell right! :no:

This is is for now. We'll have a couple messeges from our friends but please, let's focus on calling your commissioners and challenging them to hold the king accountable. So far, he hasn't been since his arrival as the number 2 selection for manager!!

God Bless you all and thanks for blogging! Be healthy and always be safe.

Osceola District Schools To Hold Orientations For All Sixth and Ninth Grade Students For 2010/2011

Transition into middle or high school can be a stressful time for many students and parents. As such, the Osceola School District will hold the following Orientation Nights in preparation for the 2010/2011 school year:

--Sixth Grade Orientation Night - April 15, 2010, at 6:00 p.m.

--Ninth Grade Orientation Night - April 22, 2010, at 6:30 p.m.

Current fifth and eighth grade students and parents are invited to visit the middle or high school they will be attending for the 2010/2011 school year to learn about all of the programs, resources, and support systems that will be available to them next year. This will also be a time to tour the campuses,and meet and greet the faculty, staff, and administration of the school.

Participating Schools:
Middle Schools: Denn John, Discovery, Horizon, Kissimmee, Narcoossee, Neptune, Parkway, and St. Cloud

High Schools: Celebration, Gateway, Harmony, Liberty, Osceola, PATHS, Poinciana, and St. Cloud

"The transition from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school represents significant events in the lives of adolescents, ones that necessitate support from and collaboration among teachers, parents, counselors, and administrators," said Superintendent Dr. Michael A. Grego. "It is my hope that parents and students visit the schools on these Orientation Nights to take advantage of the support for academic success," said Superintendent Dr. Michael A. Grego."

For additional information about Orientation Night, please contact your individual school.

St. Cloud Fire Rescue announces enforcement of building truss law

St. Cloud, Fla. – The State of Florida recently passed Statute 633.027, which was created to help save firefighters’ lives. Under the State Fire Marshal’s Rule 69A-3.012, any commercial, industrial, or multiunit residential structure with a lightweight truss system must be marked with an approved symbol to alert firefighters of a building’s construction type. The rule became effective Dec. 13, 2009, and directs all structures to be marked by March 13, 2010.

“Due to the many questions asked concerning the law, St. Cloud Fire Rescue had to wait for answers before enforcing the new law to ensure enforcement is done correctly,” said St. Cloud Fire Marshal David Ennis. “Representatives attended a meeting with fire department personnel from Central Florida to get a consensus of what was being done. There was also a great deal of research compiled concerning the accurate definition of lightweight truss construction, the identification of buildings within the city, and the proper procedures for enforcement.”
The purpose of the law is to inform firefighters of the construction type in buildings they respond to during fire emergencies. This will not prevent them from extinguishing fires, but will make them aware so the proper tactics can be used to combat fires with the safety of all in mind.
“Basically, the rule states that the approved symbol is a Maltese Cross, 8 inches by 8 inches, and of a bright-red reflective color on a contrasting background,” Ennis explained. “The sign is to be permanently mounted 24 inches to the left of the main entrance between four and six feet above the grade-walking surface or floor. There are variations for multitenant buildings, so please call Fire Rescue for determination of locations.”
St. Cloud Fire Rescue staff will be notifying owners via mail, personal contact, during business inspections, and construction plans reviews. An owner will then have 45 days to comply. As always, the St. Cloud Fire Rescue staff is available to help serve citizens’ needs. Residents who believe their building will be affected or anyone who needs further information on this matter may call the Fire Marshal’s Office at (407) 957-8484.
KUA Seeks Board Candidates

KISSIMMEE, Fla., March 16, 2010 – Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) is seeking individuals interested in appointment to the utility's board of directors. The deadline for completed applications is 5 p.m. on April 30.

The outgoing director, Nancy Gemskie, has served two terms and is not eligible for renomination.
Applicants must be current residents of the city of Kissimmee and should demonstrate a successful business or professional management career.
The KUA board of directors sets policy direction for the utility. Specifically, the board approves annual budgets, sets rates and approves major purchases. The board also directs a general manager who is responsible for day-to-day operation of the utility.

The board holds regular business meetings on the first Wednesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. Workshop meetings, generally devoted to a single subject, are held on an as-needed basis. In addition, board members represent the utility in various local, regional and national organizations.
The term of a director is five years and an individual can serve two consecutive terms. Board positions are non-paid.
The KUA board will interview applicants at a special meeting at 3:30 p.m. on May 12. The board will then select one applicant whose name will go before the Kissimmee City Commission on May 18 for final confirmation. The candidate confirmed by the city commission will be sworn in at the utility board's October meeting.
Application forms can be picked up in the office of the President & General Manager, Kissimmee Utility Authority, 1701 W. Carroll Street, Kissimmee, FL 34741 or requested by email at jkambros@kua.com.

Founded in 1901, KUA (www.kua.com) is Florida's sixth largest community-owned utility providing electric and telecommunication services to 62,000 customers in Osceola County, Fla.

Chairman, Osceola County Commissioner District 5


Comment from: Janet Jones [Visitor]

Has anyone watched the television coverage of the jail? Where is the county public information office and why aren't they helping their elected officials with these television interviews? It's embarrassing to have Chairman Hawkins tell all the hard working employees he hopes all county workers learn a lesson from the correction officers that were put on leave last Friday-that the county won't tolerate this.... Please, you tolerated a gun being brought in to jail, sex at animal control, the early release of federal inmates and two escapes in less than a month...I think you can tolerate some corrections officers being too lazy to do their jobs and then lying about it. He also alludes that more bad things are coming out of the jail--it' just a matter of time. Why isn't a county employee (a.k.a. the county manager, jail director, pio, someone with some intelligence (oh, I forgot, that group doesn't have any) or at least interview skills--oops, forgot again, no experience) talking on behalf of the county? I didn't think commissioners had the authority to hire or fire so why are they talking about it? Could it be no one else will or has the experience to or is it because they love the attention. It's embarrassing....oh, forgot again, it's just Osceola County....

03/21/10 @ 20:44

Comment from: WHAT's UP GUISEPPE II [Visitor]

GUISEP YOU are mad at FERTIC because when they had that get tar picking contest he out picked you. TAKE a look at the BOCC I would reather have someone thats votes no all the time than haves 5 yess all the.

YOU can call hey DUH and all 5 will ANSWER YES TALKING RETARDS WE got them. They are throwing 4 MILLION at the jail WHEN ALS THEY NEED IS TO COLSE THE FRONT DOOR.


03/21/10 @ 21:13

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

What's Up Guiseppe II --- Fertic is exactly what we need on the BOCC, highest education came from Saint Cloud HS, is a pest control technician who’s employed by a rodent. That'll just be splendid!

03/21/10 @ 21:57

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

You guys win! Go J ER FER....

03/21/10 @ 22:03

Comment from: Whostoblame [Visitor]

Well after rewatching what good ole Fred said on 9 news, I guess those responsible for wasting the tax payers money will be held accountable, SO DOES THAT COUNT AT THE TOP ALSO, or will it be all county employees at the bottom like the next hundred coming up, come on BOCC give us a break those responsible should be held accountable and also those in charge

03/21/10 @ 22:03

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

Why would anyone, except Jarom Fertic himself, even think of running him for District 5 BOCC. We're trying to raise the IQ level of the BOCC not dumb it down.

03/21/10 @ 22:26

Comment from: WHAT\'s UP [Visitor]

BIG BEN,GUISEPPEE you must want to keep freilinger you would find fault with any one put up to encourage FRED to do the right thing. I will SHUT UP and you can keep FREILINGER good by.

03/21/10 @ 22:55

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

Whats\up. I have never said to keep Freilinger, even on a bad day.As for encouraging ALL the commissioners, I believe the right thing is whatever the people tell them to do. If they can't figure that out, well then, sorry.

03/22/10 @ 06:24

Comment from: MadMike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

Doesn't Freilinger's lack of action prove he knows absolutely nothing about running a county of any size? And the lack of action by the BOCC supports the notion that they also don't know much about running a county, otherwise they'd have fired the CM a long time ago.

03/22/10 @ 10:44

Comment from: disgusted [Visitor]

Everyone's talking about the jail and all the issues with the County, but we need to shed some light on the School Board. At their meeting last Tuesday they continued to ignore the adoption of a local preference policy similar to the ones adopted by the County, the two Cities, TWA and KUA. The did approve a new policy that "encourages" Construction Managers (CM) to use local contractors and vendors, but watered down the ability for a local contractor to ever become a CM. The School Board continues to disregard the local businesses under the quise that the School Board functions under a different set of rules than everyone else.

03/22/10 @ 11:01

Comment from: Grasshopper [Visitor]

} Madmike }

If you can't get to a meeting watch the BOCC live.The managers job is to present an agenda with items for approval or they wouldn't be there. To be sure we have the pre-agenda meetings to count the head nods.

The manager is running the county the way at least 3 commissioners are happy about it.As long as 3 are happy he is happy and he really doesn't care how the public or the employees feel.

A new commissioner from District 4 will still leave 3 satisfied and one afraid to challenge him on anything.

The Auditor can bring audits that go into the trash as the commission majority doesn't read them. Didn't take long for the manager to cut the audit staff in half with the approval of the BOCC.

For the first time we have two county attorney's. One in HR and one in the office called called Charter County Attorney. Mike ignores Jo Thacker and she too had her legal staff cut with the approval of the BOCC.

Mike shuffled his staff around and ended
up with the same number of people with approval of the BOCC.

Watch the meetings: Doesn't take long to figure out who his team and its a solid 3.

Maybe Carl will keep getting inside tips that will tip the scale as we all know Jay Wheeler was flying high until Tom Long fired off a blast to the Elections Commission.

03/22/10 @ 11:54

Comment from: MadMike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

On Channel 9, WFTV the king announced he will NOT fire the jail chief, because of political pressure. The king says the chief shouldn't be held responsible for people 7 layers down from him. Really?
Guess that same logic should be applied to ALL supervisors and directors, not just the ones the king is feeling the heat on.

Now, the king has drawn the line in the sand. He just told the commission he's in charge and to hell with you guys. The camera remained from the waist up so it was impossible to see Quinones' or harford's heads, so where do they stand? Let's see Monday. Time for a vote Chairman!

03/22/10 @ 18:50

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

What's UP? (Jarom) -- Thank you and Good Bye.

03/22/10 @ 20:05

Comment from: Deep Throat [Visitor]

Disgusted -- THANK YOU!! McKay and Grego are laughing all the way to election day because the voters and the local media won't hold them accountable for the favoritism that takes place in Facilities. This new "local preference policy" the Board approved is nothing more than a charade in order to re-award the Highlands project to WG Mills, the favored one. The other favored one, Balfour Beatty, was allowed (encouraged)by Jose in Facilities to write local preference requirements out of their Gateway High School classroom addition contract. Balfour's contract would have been approved unnoticed had it not been for Cindy Hartig. McKay acted like he was surprised when she brought it to the Board's attention. Grego was pissed at Cindy Hartig for bringing it up at the Board Meeting but should have been angry at the ones responsible for allowing the re-writing of the contract. If Grego's going to abdicate his Facilities responsiblities to McKay then he should be publicly embarrassed. You are right Disgusted, everyone is consumed by the jail break and the abuses of the County Manager while ignoring the blatant abuses in awarding contracts at the School District.

03/22/10 @ 20:50

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Between the actions, or lack of at the County Commission, and the similar behavior at the School Board, it's obvious we've not been able to make a dent into this system, which we believe is a corrupt one. Of course, that is our opinion and we're quite knowledgeable just how much an opinion is worth, especially in Osceola County. Over the past couple years we've tried to point out possible problems and behaviors which should not be in Osceola County, seemingly, to no avail.
After yesterday's TV appearence by the king, it's clear the name Osceola should be dropped from our County's name and perhaps rename it King's County, or Mikey's Place. No matter, we're convinced out elected official could care less in doing what appears to be the right thing, in exchange for accepting awful work ethics (if any ethics at all) and fixing bids to the point of cancelling everything and rebidding. How do we describe today's Osceola County? Awfully disappointing.

03/23/10 @ 07:53

Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

So what choice do we have? The school board is a mess. Just watch the last meeting that is on their website. The deal was done before they even set foot in the room.
Jay Wheeler is gone, but that's only one vote. There is nobody in district 5. Wade Davis is a joke and that Stacy McCland had to be talked into running by her mother, Martha Anderson. Does anybody remember her on the school board? We know cronie McKay is going to step back in.

What about the county commissioners? Who is the best to replace old Ken? How can we get rid of Q?

03/23/10 @ 10:19

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

I hope Carl isn't giving up but this county seems to have dropped into the bottom of the cesspool, thanks to a majority of the currently elected officials around this county. Maybe Carl is right, change the county's name, and the last guy leaving,...leave the lights on as we wouldn't want Jim Welch to have to worry about a salary cut!

03/23/10 @ 11:46

Comment from: Mad Hatter [Visitor]

School Board--

The "people" are within one vote in grabbing the school board from the "Macho Men" school board. The two women are showing they are not controlled by "special interests" like the 3 "Macho Men".

Unlike the BOCC we need only one vote to bring about change. Wheeler appears to be the weak link depending on the Elections Commission.

I live in Cindy's district and can't vote
but I can get out and help beat the other 3. Seems to be a lot of bloggers from the east side of the county that can help take out two more of the "Macho Men".

03/23/10 @ 12:33

Comment from: Insider who knows right from wrong [Visitor]

To all bloggers here:

If Wheeler is de throned by Nancy, then you will have three women who will do what is right and will do the homework. so focus on making sure Wheeler is not re-elected. Second, make sure Mr. McKay does not run or you find a candidate that can beat him. He has deep ties to facilities and until the ties are cut there will always be "issues" Since Mr Houston has left the facilities dept, Mr Mckay spends less time there..but he is there. We just need to make sure that neither of the two current woman get big heads and go the Wheeler way. Dont think it will happen, but we need to keep an eye on all things. We need to take back the county all around

03/23/10 @ 17:42

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

Unless we can find electable candidates to run against McKay and Wheeler, we'll have the same make up on the board for at least 2 more years. Wade nor Stacy can defeat McKay should he decide to run again and Gempskie is running very weak.

03/23/10 @ 17:49

Comment from: BOSS HOGG [Visitor]

We have a possible canidate for school board in district 5. I told him that i would do ever thing i could to help get him elected. TOM LONG is the possible canidate. I beleve TOM would help clean up the SNAKE MESS we have. I HOPE YOUALL AGREE.

03/23/10 @ 18:50

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

At least Tom already knows where the money is missing from!

03/23/10 @ 19:03

Comment from: Janet Jones [Visitor]

Anyone see the King's and Hawkins interviews...embarrassing...

I can believe Futch is looking for a job...can't believe the County hasn't fire him yet...embarrassing...

03/23/10 @ 19:50

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

BOSS HOGG -- In times of desperation it's difficult to think rationally about running a candidate against someone who by all accounts has abused his elected position to substantially improve his financial situation without reprisal. And although difficult, I will try to give an objective thought about Tom Long's potential pursuit of the SDOC District 5 Seat. If Tom is our last resort, then I say yes. But if there is a slight possibility that someone who can win is still undiscovered, I say no. Tom has enraged too many people and the forces of Hell will gather their courage and finances to oppose him. Valid or not, Tom has portrayed himself and been portrayed by others as a bit of a nut. His current public image will be far too easy to smear and I believe that to be the insurmountable issue that would sway my opinion to a "no" for Tom Long's chances of winning. Oh, he may defeat Wade and Stacy but he'll never beat McKay. I could be wrong and I hope I'm wrong, but if you'll ponder these things, I believe you'll be dissuaded.

03/23/10 @ 19:56

Comment from: Mad Hatter [Visitor]


John Q needed some quick cash to get to a Republican Convention Sept 8 2008.

No problem dip into the campaign funds for $949.00 and he was on his way.What that had to with getting elected only John knows.

Special thanks to Domingo Sanchez for the $500.00.

See the report at the elections office:
7-1-2008 thru 9-30-2008

Move over Jay.

03/23/10 @ 20:25

Comment from: Tom Long [Visitor]

NO WAY! Jay is the crowned king of corruption. He spent over TWENTY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS from his 2006 campaign on his normal living expenses.

By the way, Jay's elections investigation has been assigned an investigator. She called me today and we had a good long conversation.

03/23/10 @ 20:36

Comment from: been there didnt do it [Visitor]

I concur with the post about the razor wire and the idea that Fuch has no idea whether the wire is or isnt installed properly. How can he make this call when he never enters the jail. It is my understanding that really dosent go inside. He delegates then makes a decision with out first hand knowledge. Had he actually gone and seen for himself he would have known whether it was or wasnt installed properly. I have been informed that he dosent even follow the divisions Policy and Procedures. It states that he will daily conduct a visual walk thru the facility. It is also a Policy of Florida Model Jail Standards, and the policy of the National Accredidation Standards that all Directors Will conduct a daily tour of the facility. The truth be known he does not he delegates it. But the policy states he will and shall. Then why dosent he? It dosent say you may deliegate someone it says that he must. Can you effectively manage a facility with the obvious problems it is facing, without entering the facility. I think not he would rather call one monthly steering committe meeting and from that one meeting know what is happening in the facility. The staff can only be as good as its Leader. Without direction, plan, mission and vision the staff are doomed for failure. Its the blind leading the blind. The fact is their are many who see quiet well, but cant speak up for fear of reprisal. Look in Banascos office its a shrine to himself. And he is as much to blame. Both are inept at running the facility. If there are firings to be done please dont put Peach back in charge she is just as bad she is more concerned about working out and trying to look good
just look at he expenses. When out of town for county business she has to be booked into a hotel that offers those kind of amenities. Just look at the county receipts. Is it spa day or business. I could go on and on but will refrain for now. awaiting your responses.

03/23/10 @ 20:45

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]

Hey Been there---

Please go on ! It's about time that someone that on the inside (or were)has finally pulled back the veil on the jail.

03/23/10 @ 21:51

Comment from: Been there didnt do it [Visitor]

Mr MadMike in Kissimmee I completely agree with you about your posting. Why wont you see Freilinger relieve Fuch of his duties and replace him? Could it possibly be to take care of his friend. From my understanding they were friends before either one of them ever worked for the County. They have a history together. Its the story of the Good Ole Boys. Freilinger gets the County Manager job. And it just so happens that the County needs a Jail Director. So Freilinger calls Fuch and says do I have a sweet deal for you. So do you really think Freilinger will fire his B U D D Y I dont think so. Only if people knew.

03/24/10 @ 05:27

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

"Current" jail boss Futch has applied to become the next Ormond Beach Police Chief. verified!

03/24/10 @ 05:43

Comment from: RIDDLER [Visitor]

Futch was qualified and available after a 2 month search.

His Dad,the late state Senator Howard Futch,was a friend to every county commissioner and served the people well.

03/24/10 @ 08:48

Comment from: RIDDLER [Visitor]

143 Applicants for the Ormond Beach job. Local newspaper pointed out the troubles Futch is having at the jail and that there has been a call by locals to fire him.

Not a good start for a job search.

Sorta reminds me of the time Mike slipped down to Southwest Florida and applied for another county commission job.Hard to keep a secret anymore.

03/24/10 @ 09:47

Comment from: Tom Long [Visitor]

Big Ben- I have to agree with most of what you said. The forces of hell would gather their courage and finances to defeat me. They know what a pain in the butt (I mean wallet) I can be.
Right now, the system in place, supported by the 3 guys, is that their favored construction manager picks subcontractors. The companies that get the work feel obligated if not coerced into holding fund raisers or contributing to their campaigns. Look at Jay Wheeler's report.

I would do everything possible to change that. I would want to open up bidding on everything and let the best price, for equal ability, win. This lowers cost and helps the local economy.
I also agree I have enraged too many (ELECTED) people out there. Just read Jay's website. Tom Greer didn't like me either. David Stone has never responded to one email or replied to a phone call. John McKay has called me several choice names. Donna Hart didn't like me pointing out the problems with The Preserve and the education foundation.
Ken Smith once called me an angry man, before he started calling me the informed source. If pointing out wasteful government spend labels me a nut, so be it. I am not seeking the position, just a better school board. A school board that responds to the citizens they service.
The district encourages parent involvement in our childrens education. Yet, the board restricts those same parents and taxpayers a say at their meetings. You must sign a card prior to the meeting, your comments are not recorded and your questions are not responded to. I would attempt to change that.

Candidates need to step forward. Time is running out. At least I'm not afraid to sign my name.

03/24/10 @ 13:04

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Riddler, the jail director is NOT the son of Howard Futch. They are, however, distantly related, but nothing close. We got that directly from the jail director. The name, however, is very recognizeable all over Brevard, Volusia, and Seminole County.

03/24/10 @ 14:03

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

Tom, who paid for Jay's web page? The campaign fund or him? lol

03/24/10 @ 14:05

Comment from: Glass House Mouse [Visitor]

Guiseppe II

Anything that is pertinant to the campaign, may be paid through campaign dollars. Web page is included. Some of the other items previously noted, should be scrutinized, i.e. personal or family items paid out of the fund unless proof and I find that a challanging factor especially with cellphones not tied to the campaign. Most important, the tag line, " Political Advertisement paid for and approved by...........candidate for.........district........and party or non-partisan. Might not be worded exactly, but darn close.

03/24/10 @ 15:11

Comment from: RIDDLER [Visitor]


Thanks for the update on the Futch family. Another Urban Myth gone.

03/24/10 @ 15:26

Comment from: Guiseppe II [Visitor]

Guess that trip Quinones took to the Republican National Party (party) is a legit campaign expense?.Wonder which voters he spoke with there! LOL A crrok is a crook is a crrok is an attorney(sometimes)

03/24/10 @ 16:03

Comment from: GURU [Visitor]

ITS LOBSTER NIGHT at the JAIL to night. I have invited MY GOOD FREINDS KEN SMITH and WILDTHING OUT TO EAT.About 6pm we are going break in to jail and eat supper(city foiks dinner). we figure it might be tuff breaking in so i am going to steal a Bulldozer to break in . Then when we eat all we can hold we are going to leave a nice tip and break out.


03/24/10 @ 16:05

Comment from: Whostoblame [Visitor]

So when Chief Futch should had been trying to get his jail under control and trying to catch an escaped inmate, he's out applying for a new job, well I guess he's got faith in his own ability to get the job done, Futch turn in your resignation and hit the road!! no one will follow you and listen to your direction anymore and take the King with you. by the way paper clip binder my ass you think the county is full of five year olds, and if the two of you leave stop by the school board and take Wheeler with you cause he now has the same issues

03/24/10 @ 16:14

Comment from: Sigmund [Visitor]

Anyone can win the School Board for District 5. I do not care who you are. All you have to do is be willing to work hard and meet the voters. You probably only need about 1500-1750 votes to win outright in August.

Most candidates only send out the mailers that their money can buy and do not do a lot of door knocking. They are too lazy.

You do not need a lot of money, just a lot of time.

03/24/10 @ 16:58

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

Tom Long -- I don't disagree with anything you said or disbelieve anything you say you'll do. I only try to offer objectivity so we can run someone who can defeat McKay. If we can't do that then we've done nothing. If you and other objective minds think you're electable and they will commit financial support to your campaign, then you've got all the right in the world to run (that may change soon though under Obama). However, because of your unorthodox attempts at keeping the politicians honest and ethical, the perception that many voters have about you is that you're a little quirky (the motor scooter doesn't help much either). Unless you have the time and money to change voters' perception, you've got an uphill battle and maybe an impossible one. It's difficult enough to defeat an incumbent when voters don't have a negative perception about you. I would however, attend the Board Meetings if you were elected just to see a fist fight between you and Wheeler.

03/24/10 @ 17:17

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

Carl -- The word on the street is that Freilinger's contract is up next month and the BOCC could vote to not continue. I also understand that there is no $300,000 buy out if his contract isn't renewed. Can you confirm this?

03/24/10 @ 17:25

Comment from: Chuckles the Clown [Visitor]


Who do you think will vote to send the manager on his way if they don't have pay him to leave ?

Harford,Arrington and John Q are the hard 3 to keep him. Q has no real competition so no leverage there.

03/24/10 @ 18:13

Comment from: Fritz [Visitor]

Let's change direction for a minute. Every day we hear those despicable people who are identity thieves, house invasions, and just plain thieves. Last night someone stole my son's truck. Even if these people are caught they either serve minimum time, or are put on probation. Not very much punishment for the violation of the victims lives and the pain they suffer and the things they have to do to put their lives back in order. I propose going back to old remedies putting them in stocks in the center of town or public flogging. 25 lashes with a bullwhip might make someone think twice about committing another crime. I know the dogooders will whine about cruel and inhuman punishment. Don't tell me about we have become more sophisticated than that. The crooks are the ones who are laughing at the dogooders and innocent victims. Don't bother putting them in jail. They only have to just walk out.

03/24/10 @ 20:45

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

Chuckles -- do we know for sure that the 3 you've mentioned are no votes on discontinuing the CMs contract? Have you called them to express your opinion?
You could very well be right but I would give them a call or email and talk to them about the issue. The environment is right for them to be persuaded.

03/24/10 @ 21:34

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

Have you seen Don Miers' new campaign web site: www.3cheers4miers.com

03/24/10 @ 21:43

Comment from: Glass House Mouse [Visitor]

Fritz...I hear your anger...and YES it's time to let the BLEEDING HEARTS know we mean business.

In some countries when a person is seen with only one hand...that's a sign that they have stolen...and some have no hands.

03/24/10 @ 22:39

Comment from: Tom Long [Visitor]

Big Ben - Now you have gone too far! My scooter is cooler than St. Clouds next Mayor's!

03/25/10 @ 06:08

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Big Ben; His contract is wide open with no options other than he being paid off. People have been saying his contract is up nect month but we see no point if there's no conditions or escape clauses. While the CM may have others write their own contracts, it appears he made sure he wrote, or participated heavily in writing his! Bottom line Big Ben....we get screwed.

03/25/10 @ 08:30

Comment from: Chuckles the Clown [Visitor]


Yes I have asked all 5 members over the past six months and the only firm vote to remove the manager was Hawkins.Then he pointed out the buy out clause in the managers contract.Smith didn't care one way of the other but wanted to keep him during the last budget cycle.Harford,Arrington and John were a firm no.

Seems Harford and Arrington think the Republican majority will appoint the County Attorney to be the acting manager.
I guess its gone unnoticed that Thacker no longer is allowed to represent the county in Tallahassee. The law firm that represented the county was fired and replaced with a lobbyist with no staff.The manager violated the county charter by hiring an employee attorney to handle all HR complaints and the Fire Union bypassing the county attorney's office for the most part. All contracts have to be approved by the real county attorney. The county auditor didn't play ball with Mike and the county commission approved cutting her staff in half.

Next month the county commission will get to renew the county manager's contract.
Harford and Arrington have watched Jo Thacker being taken down a notch or two,Kathy Wall's office losing 50% of her auditors,John Q getting a Republican buddy a fat $120,000 no bid contract last week. I still say they will give him another 2 year contract.

Then again there is a little Judas in all politicians.

03/25/10 @ 08:40

Comment from: Falcon [Visitor]

To Been There Didn't Do It. You seem to think you know alot about what's going on at the jail? Have you ever been to the jail? How do you know if Jail Director Futch (spelled correctly) enters or does not enter the jail? From what I hear he has an Assistant Director who also carries out the same responsibilities as Director Futch. He may be the one that conducts these checks when the Director is unable to do so. I have also heard that the so called steering committee meeting is held so that staff representatives can bring forward ideas or suggestions that other staff members have that they are unable to bring up to their shift supervisors that the Director can approve or disapprove. I know some of the current staff members that work at the jail that are happy that Director Futch is the Director because he has built up morale and is trying to improve ways of running the jail like it is supposed to be. He has brought up to the county commissioners the needs of the jail such as overcrowding, understaffing, more cameras and improved construction of the current jail or the building of a new jail. It is not Director Futch's fault for the escapes. It is from those staff members that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

03/25/10 @ 18:32

Comment from: A Real Republican [Visitor]

Big Ben, I don't understand. Are you saying that you would rather vote for John McKay, knowing that heabused his elected position to improve his financial position over Tom Long? Mr. Long may be quircky as you say, but no one has ever said he is a crook or uttered one word of anything that was not the truth.
Or are you saying the voters just keep voting in the same old thieves and refuse to give a new guy a chance because he is outspoken.

I am one angry Republican that has had it with those that claim to be conservative Republicans. I will do everything in my power to throw them out of office. That includes the likes of Wheeler, McKay, Q, Hawkins and Horner. I will vote for someone that has consistantly voiced objection to cronyism and wasteful spending over a RINO.

03/25/10 @ 20:14

Comment from: GURU [Visitor]

falcoon who is supposed to see that staff dose there job? the tooth ferrey?

03/25/10 @ 20:17

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

You may be right but I'm not going to give up hope yet. Maybe the winds of change are blowing.

03/25/10 @ 21:04

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

Tom Long
Unless you're in Key West, riding scooters is just geeky.

03/25/10 @ 21:27

Comment from: Falcon [Visitor]

GURU If you have read/heard the news their are currently 18 officers possibly being terminated by the director and of those officers some are supervisors which are supposed to be making sure that the job is getting done. Seeing how the job was not being done the director has removed them from their jobs awaiting final outcome. The director appears to be getting rid of the unreliable staff members.

03/25/10 @ 22:01

Comment from: GURU [Visitor]

Falcoon the MORALE of the TAXPAYERS is at and all time low we are tied of the STAFF seating on there ASS complaining how hard they are working or how GREAT they are BULLSHIT. WE are tired of the manager laying off/fireing osceola people and hiring seminole/ orange county rejects like that bumb from seminole FUTCH. DOIN'T tell me about MORALE. IF YOU WANT TO RAISE THE MORALE OF THE TAX PAYERS FIRE FREILINGER AND FUTCH.

03/25/10 @ 22:53

Comment from: GURU [Visitor]

PS FALCOON GET THAT BUMB FROM POLK county KEN ATKINS while you are at it.next week I will have a list of the out bumbs they all need to go . WHEN FREILINGER GOES they will all go. the train goes both ways to polk and orange/seminole countys. IT will be good by BUMBS.

03/25/10 @ 23:07

Comment from: Big Ben [Visitor]

I have not said I would vote for McKay. Not only will I not vote for McKay but I’ll work for the candidate most likely to defeat him. If it shakes out to be Tom Long then I’ll work to get Tom elected. Not to repeat myself, but I think I’ve been consistent in saying we need to retire or replace McKay. Plus, being an honest person, as Tom is, doesn’t necessarily make him electable. My remark about Tom was a response to Boss Hogg’s proposal about Tom’s chances. I gave an objective opinion, thinking rationally instead of letting my emotions get the best of me and making me angry. It’s still a free country so cast your vote for whom you wish, but you’re not helping our cause if you vote for someone who can’t defeat the incumbent. Again, I’m not saying Tom can’t win but he’s got a lot of work to do on public perception. And by the way, I don’t know what Horner’s conservative voting record has been but I wouldn’t put Hawkins in the same category as Wheeler, McKay, and Q. Hawkins is a far cry better than his predecessor Bill Lane and Fred listens to his constituents. Did you read Chuckles say Hawkins wants to discontinue the CMs contract. I’m not ready to throw Hawkins out just yet.

03/25/10 @ 23:24

Comment from: BOSS HOGG [Visitor]

FRED is the best thing we have going with out FRED we would have no hope.Good or bad i will still back TOM LONG i understsnd what you are saying BIG BEN.

03/25/10 @ 23:35

Comment from: Falcon [Visitor]

GURU, I agree with you about the morale of the taxpayers of Osceola being low too as I am also one of the county taxpayers who is effected by the going on's of the county. All I was saying is that the jail director is trying to right the ship by getting rid of the staff that are not doing their job instead of doing nothing at all and pretend nothing has happened, but yet at the same time he is trying to keep the morale of staff that are currently employed and are also taxpayers up. From what I have heard is that the director has boosted the morale level of staff at the jail unlike other directors before him by trying to make the jail actually run like a jail by making improvements to the jail. From what I've also heard that the previous jails he had directed at the time of his leadership have become better jails because of him. So give the man a chance, You can't improve a jail overnight. I'm sure that things will only get better.

03/26/10 @ 01:23

Comment from: Chuckles the Clown [Visitor]

Like the TV Show "24" start the clock to the voting on the county manager new contract.

Saw a photo of of Carlos the first Hispanic city commissioner in the history of the city. Carlos life must be good as you have packed on some weight !Google: Fat Cat politicians.

Love the new county/state/developer flyover on John Young built right on time. I guess that means the two lane expansion through Intercession City is
now going to be delayed.Don't pay any attention to the speed signs as you enter
the Downtown area.No one else does including the Sheriff's deputies.

03/26/10 @ 08:15

Comment from: BVL Native [Visitor]

Who got the $120,000 from Q?

03/26/10 @ 09:48

Comment from: BVL Native [Visitor]


I heard the Republican Party was going to try to start endorsing candidates. The first race they will be endorsing is Kissimmee Seat 2. Carlos VS. Wanda. I wonder who will win the endorsement. I wonder if it will be worth anything.

03/26/10 @ 09:52

Comment from: Guru [Visitor]

That is just what the republican party needs to start doing, endorsing candiates in the primary. Its bad enough that we have 2 democrates on the county commissions board now. This means we will have more. They should let the people sort out who they want, this is America, right. The elitist republicans and the cigar club, are the same. It would be a terrible shame, for them to do the same as they have done in the past. Take a look at what we have know. All we need is some more rhino's(vote yourself benefits) and to hell what benefits the county.

03/26/10 @ 11:06

Comment from: Paul Amico [Visitor]

Especially in a non partisan primary. The party rules, for both D's and R's is no endorsements until the primary is over. Anything else lacks class and speaks of party cronyism.
If the voters are going to vote stupidly, they will. Look what we have now sitting up there!

03/26/10 @ 14:54

Comment from: BVL DIVA [Visitor]


03/26/10 @ 15:28

Comment from: [Member]

@ BIG BEN.. To be the sole individual to notice your inquiry, yes I have seen the website for Don Miers. I think it is nicely done and fits Miers to a "T". I am excited at what Don will do up there. He's a man of his word and truly is community-minded.

For some reason there's been a huge bandwagon response in running for 4. I think Don will easily make the primary. From what I've heard from several sources, the other D isn't popular at the moment. I was told she doesn't live in Dist 4, that's not confirmed. Being that she is ALL about St. Cloud, she'll have to prove that she will fight for the K-Town part of 4 too! There are a ton of power-people in the Neptune/Kings Hwy area..

That being said, it's not important to focus on the "others" which is why I know Don Miers is gonna take it to the top! His focus will be on what he plans to do, NOT what the opponent is doing..

I'm not judgin.. I'm just sayin..

03/26/10 @ 16:56

Comment from: RUMOR MILL [Visitor]

THERE IS ANOTHER ONE THE LOSE WALKED right the front door with a warrant on him he is lose in the neighbor hood

03/26/10 @ 17:10

Comment from: RUMOR MILL [Visitor]

IT AIN'T NO RUMOR a nother inmate on the lose.

03/26/10 @ 17:47

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