Clerk of Courts Armando Ramirez? Ding Dong Lamar Is Gone! Todd Long Easily Defeats Field In New District Race, Hartig Out-Weisheyer In, more.....

Posted on | August 15th, 2012 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Here are the totals direct from the Supervisor of Election's web page. Congratulations to the 15.68% of those registered voters who cared enough to vote! Those who did not, regardless of the outcome, SHAME on you!

Registered Voters: 151,721
Ballots Cast: 23,786
Voter Turnout: 15.68 %

78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Todd Long (NP) 51.37% 5,856
Julius A. Melendez (NP) 14.32% 1,633
Mark Oxner (NP) 8.20% 935
John 'Q' Quinones (NP) 26.11% 2,976

78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Jeff Ashton (DEM) 60.20% 11,997
Lawson Ledran Lamar (DEM) 39.80% 7,933

78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Alpha Lacy (NP) 28.22% 2,508
Armando Ramírez (NP) 38.57% 3,428
Malcom Thompson (NP) 33.21% 2,952
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Dan Durfey (NP) 7.39% 808
Kathy M. Foust (NP) 27.64% 3,022
Rayelynne Ketchum (NP) 43.93% 4,803
Beau Osborne (NP) 21.04% 2,300
24 of 24 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Jerry Gemskie (NP) 13.11% 275
Paul Owen (NP) 59.96% 1,258
Jed Suhl (NP) 26.93% 565
17 of 17 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Brandon Arrington (NP) 63.58% 1,311
Marta Moczó-Santiago (NP) 36.42% 751

17 of 17 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Tony Ferentinos (NP) 32.57% 415
Jeffery A Goldmacher (NP) 50.47% 643
Ivan A. Rivera (NP) 16.95% 216
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Belvin Perry, Jr. (NP) 73.89% 16,753
Daniel Perry (NP) 26.11% 5,919
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Eric DuBois (NP) 22.96% 4,962
Leticia Marques (NP) 45.42% 9,814
Joel Wilson (NP) 31.62% 6,832
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Jose Torroella (NP) 29.67% 6,413
Keith White (NP) 70.33% 15,202
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Pedro J. Malaret (NP) 30.22% 6,473
Tim Shea (NP) 69.78% 14,948

78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Philip T. Dunlop (NP) 25.90% 5,652
Heather K. O'Brien (NP) 74.10% 16,168
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Hal C. Epperson, Jr. (NP) 58.88% 12,882
Ernest J. Mullins (NP) 41.12% 8,998
8 of 8 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Raul S. Banasco (NP) 25.80% 980
John Ramirez (NP) 31.19% 1,185
Kelvin Soto (NP) 43.01% 1,634
17 of 17 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Cindy Lou Hartig (NP) 38.34% 1,505
Tim Weisheyer (NP) 61.66% 2,420
9 of 9 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Robert Secrest (NP) 18.76% 720
Jose Alvarez (NP) 24.45% 938
Dave Scherer (NP) 34.12% 1,309
Debra Rosado (NP) 22.67% 870
9 of 9 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Druvonda Woods (NP) 11.28% 439
Carmelo E. Garcia (NP) 5.40% 210
Jaime Matos (NP) 16.42% 639
Mike DeLong (NP) 32.72% 1,273
Hector Rodriguez (NP) 13.11% 510
Sara Shaw (NP) 21.07% 820
9 of 9 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
YES (NP) 75.12% 2,950
NO (NP) 24.88% 977
9 of 9 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
YES (NP) 94.54% 3,759
NO (NP) 5.46% 217
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Daniel Cahill (NP) 24.31% 2,514
Mark Cross (NP) 40.67% 4,206
Julius A Melendez (NP) 24.92% 2,577
Art Otero (NP) 10.10% 1,044
78 of 78 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Sherry L. Goad (NP) 73.65% 7,415
Wanda Y. Rentas (NP) 26.35% 2,653

1 of 1 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
John A. Ferentinos (NP) 12.47% 45
Tony Ferentinos (NP) 22.16% 80
Jeffery A Goldmacher (NP) 43.49% 157
Ivan A. Rivera (NP) 21.88% 79
1 of 1 Precincts Reporting
Percent Votes
Gail R. Eck (NP) 24.55% 109
Bobbie A. Gant (NP) 30.41% 135
Sheryl Simpson Hyatt (NP) 16.67% 74
Ann Y. Tyler (NP) 28.38% 126

The above information was copied from the Supervisor of Elections office. Link=

Comment from: [Member]

God help us...

08/15/12 @ 06:36

Comment from: Cool Hand Luke [Visitor]

Thompson seemed to just give up in the last month of the campaign. His Web page was 30 days behind of his campaign. The election "clock" skipped the primary as if he forgot he had to win that to go to November.

Tim ran a clean campaign with no personal attacks on Cindy. Will be interesting in November when the vote for Chairman and Vice Chairman is on the agenda.

08/15/12 @ 07:17

Comment from: Farentinos = Fail [Visitor]

Tony Farentinos loses yet again. His dirty campaigning did him no good. Doug Guetzloe has become the kiss of death in Osceola.

When will Tony realize the voters don't want him?

08/15/12 @ 07:26

Comment from: Kiss Of Death [Visitor]

Osceola County, things are as they are and the county will reap the rewards or suffer the results.
In Nov with the School Board, even I can call that...Osceola County will see Jay start his attacks on Soto and Weishyer. Run it in your head and see..
Soto nominates Jay, the board goes crazy
Soto nominates Tom or Barb, then Jay starts the attacks on Soto..No matter how you slice it, until Mr. Wheeler is gone the board will have a cloud over its head. I wish the school district well they have lost two folks with good hearts, i hope they have gained two folks with good hearts, but nothing else has changed. Jay Wheeler is still an ass and will contiue that.
The good thing for Melendez and Hartig, everyone gets to see where the problem really is. Jay will be voted out in 2014, cause everyone will see the truth.

08/15/12 @ 08:05

Comment from: Hector Romero [Visitor]

I think the new members of the School Board will fit right in with all but Jay.

Jay is the same guy he was when first elected. A guy with a High School dipoloma and a Masters Degree in BS. He treated Blaine with complete contempt until he retired. Grego treated him as his " pet " and Jay loved it.

The school budget will be in the books for 2012-13 before the 2 new members get settled in.

I think their will be a good relationship with the Teachers Union even though their President opposed Cindy the last momth of the campaign.

Brighter days are ahead for the School Board.

08/15/12 @ 08:55

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

You really have to wonder about some of the people who vote. Dan Durfey was arrested for embezzling $56,000 of Church money as well as previous criminal acts and still gets 800 votes. God help us. These idiots are in the gene pool. I guess Obama can count on at least 800 votes here ahead of time.

08/15/12 @ 09:29

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

For all you doom and gloom folks about partisan vs. nonpartisan, I find interesting to note that in the District 3 races more people voted in the nonpartisan School Board race than in the partisan BOCC race. And the world did not come to an end yet.

08/15/12 @ 09:48

Comment from: [Member]

Goldmacher wins his district 3 primary with just 643 votes. Get all the eligible voters from one large church on your side, or just a quarter of the parents from one elementary school, and that would be enough votes to win.

08/15/12 @ 10:17

Comment from: Square Peg [Visitor]

The chamber just guaranteed Arrington 4 more years. Everyone can thank Little Mike Horner for that. This county is in real trouble.

08/15/12 @ 10:44

Comment from: Hector Romero [Visitor]

District 3 was established to be minority district to help Hispanics ie Democrats.

Arrington has upset the grand plans of Armando and the Justice Department by winning 2 primaries against Hispanics.

Arrington will be back as the Republicans don't have the numbers and will need the NP's to win.

08/15/12 @ 11:22

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

I totally agree with you on that one Andy. A church can affect the outcome of an election.


I was a bit surprised that Armando beat Malcom. But Armando is good at doing better than you think. This was the only surprise for me. I thought it could happen but I would have bet that Malcom was going to win.

Too bad for Mullins, Bummer.

Grayson Really Really wanted to go up against Long. He has something big up his sleeve no doubt. Perhaps he is going to use Long as an example for the Democrats on a national level.

08/15/12 @ 12:16

Comment from: What? [Visitor]

Is it Horner's fault there were no quality Republican candidates in the district 3 race for CC? An alleged nudist and atheist or an alleged thief and used car salesman? Then the other guy that nobody knows and Is only successful at polarizing the voters.

08/15/12 @ 15:55

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Soto hasn't "won" anything, yet. He'll face Mr. Ramirez in a runoff first, to determine who will sit on the school board. In OUR opinion, this gives the School District 2 to correct a wrong by selecting John Ramirez for the seat and NOT Jay Wheeler's buddy, Kelvin Soto.

To those who are making the low blow comments about Mr Ferentinos. We would suggest that you check the official records and then get back to all of us here on just how many actual convictions he has. Also, you might also check the records on some of the other candidates as well.
And before it comes, we're simply stating a FACT and not defending him, or anyone else. The voters spoke so they receive what they wanted but we're just so thankful Mr Rivera did not win. He would have been an awful county commissioner, in our opinion. But then, he was John Q's protege so what else could you expect?
The sad thing about Q losing his bid for (lol,sorry) Congress, is that we the people remain stuck with him until his next election.
A VERY good thing about last night was the sound defeat handed to Lawson Lamar! What a true victory for the people, we believe, and maybe, just maybe, some crooked politicians, as well as bad guy will now have to watch themselves or face prosecution instead of having someone like Lamar deciding IF he'll prosecute an alleged criminal. Someone like a person who would travel to Tallahassee and plead guilty to several charges and agree to pay a $17,000 fine. We still don't understand how Lamar let that one go. Oh well, he's gone and Ashton is in.
Have a great night, all!

08/15/12 @ 16:50

Comment from: JB Haney [Visitor]

The Orlando Sentinel is stating the Democrats will gain a few Senate and House seats this year. Republicans should maintain their super majority.

Paul Owens should beat Harford to give the Republicans a Super Majority on the BOCC.

You folks that got left out of voting for the county commissioner seats can show your anger by voting against the Democrats choice of Armando. The local DEC must be thrilled !

08/15/12 @ 17:14

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]

Carl, let me get this straight. Soto accepts to address your meeting and answer your accusations and you hate him for it. The others flat out snub you and you run around kissing their ass. There is no way Ramirez can ever give a crap about you or your group, at least Soto showed you undeserved courtesy. You make no sense man. Or just cant control your hatred of Wheeler. Why is that? What did Wheeler done to you to hate him so much? Its got to be something very personal and I think we can help you here.

08/15/12 @ 17:42

Comment from: Epic fail [Visitor]

Why would you defend Mr. Ferentinos? What good has he ever done? All he has ever done is cost us money as taxpayers.

08/15/12 @ 18:57

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

Armando is our friend.

08/15/12 @ 19:45

Comment from: Chuckles The Clown [Visitor]

Tony's run for county commissioner is over. Time to move on.

Malcom was flying high until he got arrested then the Sentinel reported he had a fake MBA diploma.

08/15/12 @ 19:47

Comment from: I.M. Dade [Visitor]

@ Lokosee Kid

Armando- The "Democrat Clerk of Osceola County ". Has a nice ring to it.

08/15/12 @ 19:52

Comment from: CuriousGeorge [Visitor]

Armando will be our next clerk, take that to the bank!

08/15/12 @ 19:58

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

The Chewing Tobacco Club is going to back Armando. Ole'

08/15/12 @ 21:10

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

We will be known as the "Chewbacca" amigos. All our contributions will be a case of Red Man to our candidates so when they spit in your eye you will know it. Ole'
Dade, are you with us?

08/15/12 @ 22:48

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

@Mencken. When you refer to "your" meeting, we're confused as no one here has ever held a meeting with anyone. IF you refer to the OCBTA meeting, where Soto appeared, we did have two people attend and listen. His answers were typical of an attorney, non specific but very protective of Mr Wheeler and his behavior. Mr Soto, after the recent arrest of a school principal, also stated he didn't think "professionals" should be subjected to drug testing. We do not agree with him on that policy, especially in light of that arrest. Besides, if it's okay to test students, why not those trusted to instruct our students? Simply put, we do not agree with Mr Soto's approach to the school board, and particularly are concerned with his close relationship with Wheeler.Obviously, that disturbs you, but that's just the way it is. We agree to disagree. As for anything being "personal", not one person currently involved writing this blog has spoken to Mr Wheeler. We again, simply, do not approve of his behavior as an elected official. He is full of hatred for anyone who disagrees with him. Yesterday, he mailed out another of his hate emails which semed politically threatening towards Mrs. Horn and Mr. Long, just a day after election day in which one of his candidate friends won. That's fine, the people spoke and those we have supported over the years have lost elections, so we're past that disappointment. However, Mr Wheeler has long displayed his erratic behavior which seems, to us, more of a psychological issue within himself.
Finally, as usual for you, Mencken, we have no idea what you're saying regarding candidates "snub you" and us running around, is completely erroneus, but again, that's your norm. What is it that you have so much hatred for this blog? Why do you continue if it's so bad and misinforming? We'll not debate this so consider this your answer, and that's our final thought on the subject.

08/16/12 @ 06:08

Comment from: [Member]

Thank you Carl - very on point.

08/16/12 @ 06:15

Comment from: Mad Mike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

Geesh Carl, like you're the only one who thinks Wheeler is a total clown? Just when Mencken gets to writing some decent stuff, they write this recent crap. Always a challenge to Carl. Wheeler is a dope, and embarrassment, and an uneducated idiot who places himself above those who pay his salary. But who cares about Wheeler anyway? Maybe, with a new State Attorney, his criminal case will be looked at and prosecuted. Now, THAT would be a good thing done by Jeff Ashton, since Lamar couldn't handle his job any longer.

@Mencken, what's YOUR onvious gripe with Carl? Seems like every few days you want to challenge them, even though there's no obvious basis. Why not relax and enjoy the information you can use, and disregard all that you don't. That's always been the way here and that's fine with everyone. Just another outlet to unload. Reall easy to understand.

08/16/12 @ 06:48

Comment from: Ghostdog [Visitor]

No one likes a poor loser or in the case of Wheeler a winner.

As a former friend of Wheeler for 6 years during his first term and part of his second I made the "mistake " of disagreeing with him on the Teacher Housing Project. One minute all friendly then he turned and went to his car.Saw him a day later at a Chamber function and he told me if I couldn't support him on the housing project to take a hike. I took the hike.

Tom Long filed an Election Complaint as
I was getting mine ready. I was prepared if Tom's didn't fly as he was a novice at filing complaints.

Tom's hit the nail on the head. $17,000 fine. The highest ever in Osceola county.

Wheeler is a very sick man when he gets off his meds. His treatment of the Board members is the same as when he was a after Blaine Muse.Childish tirades at end of virtually every meeting agaist Blaine.

We are in for a long two years now that there is political "blood in the water" as Wheeler will go into a freezy.

08/16/12 @ 07:31

Comment from: Gold Medal Win [Visitor]

Thank goodness District 3 can have a sigh of relief that Tony or Ivan didn't win the R primary.

Carl you mention convictions for Tony. OJ, Casey and others have gotten off for much worse. However when there are charges and cases with the same common denominator over the last 15 years, makes you go hmmmmm? Makes me realize the conspiracy story gets old when used multiple times spanning over a decade.

Charged with retail theft, theft of state funds, solicitation to perjury, theft of electricity. Then there was the case expunged from his record when he was arrested for allegedly being involved in an insurance scam. Let's not forget as well all the liens for non payment spreading over a decade for HOA fees, pavers being installed at his house and of course his mortgage.

Common denominator of all these? MONEY and trying to pull a fast one. I Thank God that Tony didn't win and I am fine with voting for a man who is honest that he is an AGNOSTIC not an Atheisist. A man who does a lot of positive for the community and doesn't try to take down others for his own ego.

Tony you should separate yourself from Doug Guetzloe if you are not of the same character.

08/16/12 @ 07:58

Comment from: Square [Visitor]

Tony has NEVER been convicted of any of these so called allegations. At least he doesn't parade around naked with his private parts dangleing around children, That's right children. Tell me that this is not a pervert. Shame on you! Is this what might represent us. Time to move out of this county if Goldmacher wins. The chances are 1 in 10,000,000. Got a better chance of hitting the powerball.
So let's look at AGNOSTIC. That means show me and I will believe. Apparently no one has show this him so what the hell do you call it. ATHIEST!

08/16/12 @ 08:50

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

@ Gold Medal Win

Tony lost just like he did last time and certainly his legal problems had something to do with both losses.

08/16/12 @ 09:17

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

@Gold Medal Win, to be clear, we do not disagree with the FACT that Mr. Ferentinos has been accused, even charged in the past, however, he's never been convicted of a single thing, misdemeanor, felony, nothing at all. That was our only point to those who would simply call him a criminal without so much as proof of any actual criminal violations. Plenty of accusations, nothing else. That's almost like saying Jay Wheeler is a thief. Lawson Lamar chose not to try or charge him, even though he admitted, in Tallahassee to at least a misdemeanor. We may believe or "feel" he is a criminal, however we cannot say it, yet.

08/16/12 @ 09:47

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

You have to be convicted of a felony to not be able to run. I agree, with his questionable history he will always have a hard time winning anything. It’s over so I personally am going to try and leave him alone until the next time if there is one. The hard part for me will be trying to separate him from Doug. I personally have a hard time believing that they ended their relationship when they worked on the library deal together. Doug will of course be involved in the election and will come up in conversation like this. That $1000 of Doug’s money sure did help out Mr. Thompson.

08/16/12 @ 10:10

Comment from: I hope [Visitor]


I hope now that Lawson is out and Jeff is in you can rally the troops to re file and resend their emails and complaints to Jeff on Jay Wheeler. Jay will destroy everything in his path if they dont play his game.
Funny, in his email blast yesterday he said he is happy Hartig is gone and all he wants is people who are honest..Then in the next sentence he says. I know I have been dishonest and unethical, but i needed to so the public could see the truth. Well at least he finally admitted it, lets get that to Jeff as well. His strong arming, he did it to me...Lets get him before he gets Horn and Long!!! He stated in the email that is his next move.

08/16/12 @ 11:06

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]

Carl, you are way over the top with your response to me, but since I get the last words, here it is.
You did not attend, but rely on hearsay. So do I. Soto impressed the group and the group will probably endorse him. I heard he spoke of military service, owning a business, teaching, trying cases, helping the community (he defended joanies restaurant against federal and state discrimination by race bono...successfully) and yes, saying that random drug testing of teachers and principals is a waste of money and denigrating to the profession. I agree, you do not. If we polled this blog, it be 50-50, so... we can disagree, but don't expect your childish attacks to go unanswered. By me or others.

Finally, Jay Wheeler supports Soto. So does a bunch of others folks, even many at that OCBTA meeting. Look, with so many here flaming on Wheeler, I'm certain there has to be truth to some of it. But, smearing Soto because Wheeler say a favorite thing or two is unfair to Soto and dishonest.

08/16/12 @ 11:46

Comment from: Mencken=George [Visitor]

George, George, George,

"Way over the top" "hearsay" "childish attacks" "smearing" "unfair" "dishonest"

I don't see those colorful words in Carl's post to you.

08/16/12 @ 11:57

Comment from: Mad Mike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

Don't waste your time on this clown. I WAS at the meeting where Soto came across as a complete idiot, and the group did NOT endorse, or support him because of his refusal to answer direct and specific questions put to him. Instead he simple told the stroy of how hard he will work and blah, blah, blah, and blah. Thankfully, he departed the meeting after speaking and the group remained amazed through the rest of the meeting. Yes, there were some sly, off the cuff statements made but not one person out of close to 4o stated they supported Mr Soto. In fact, many asked, who else is running in that seat? What concerned me, the very most, was Soto's condescending manner when he was asked a question to give a yes or no answer and he was either unable, or unwilling. Tom Long sat there and Soto tried to get Long into the conversation and Long wisely stayed out of it.
Soto is NOT the guy I'd want on the school board, mostly because of his relationship with Wheeler.
By the way Carl, you notice how some people disagree and scold you for your stance on someone because of someone else, yet the very same hypocrites will knock Tony Ferentinos for knowing Gets Low. Hypocrites!
As for "childish attacks", Mencken needs to reread his own blasts before he jumps on anyone else. Another hypocrite.

08/16/12 @ 12:57

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Mad Mike in Kissimmee

Are you calling me a hypocrite for my post?

08/16/12 @ 13:06

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Mad Mike in Kissimmee

Never mind. I am going to assume you meant Goldy or Gold Medal Win. But just in case you are, I was agreeing with Carl. I say it is time to move on and let Mr. Ferentinos enjoy his well earned retirement. In all honesty without trying to Tony bash it is hard to separate him and Doug because for so long they did work well together.

08/16/12 @ 13:39

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

@Mencken- I pretty much ignore you since you chose to attack me in a previous blog and call me Psycho. You ned to be set straight on something. I was at and participated in the meeting with Kelvin Soto. He seems like a nice enough guy until you query him on his relationship with Wacko Wheeler. He dodges those questions with the greatest of ease. Billy Shepherd called him out on it several times and he just kept doing his lawyer dance. Like you stated, you were not there so you do not have first hand knowledge as I do. Now lets see what kind of mindless insult you can come up with today George!

08/16/12 @ 13:44

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]

Bigguns, MadMike

You both were there at the OCBTA. You did NOT dispute what my source wrote to me. And you both state that the fact he will not bad mouth a sitting board member is your main opposition. Good for you.

BTW, @Nobody - I took your advice, and I called the candidates directly; all have been professional. Soto responded and I told him I was HL Mencken. HE said "Great work with the Monkey trial" I said, Im still working a monkey trial :)

08/16/12 @ 14:34

Comment from: Cool Hand Luke [Visitor]

If the Bush Tax cuts are not extended what is the projection of what each of us (on averaage ) will pay in Florida ?

08/16/12 @ 14:35

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

Hey!! I am no Darwinian. When it comes to my grandfather being a monkey mine landed with the mother ship. LOL

Its good he new about that.

08/16/12 @ 14:49

Comment from: Mad Mike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

Forget "Bigguns". He's going to be always right. You see it in his posts. It's scary but he even writes like mindless Wheeler, who is also "working" on George's blog. Now, THAT has to be something. Mencken has his own points and clearly, what he accused Carl of doing, is now doing it as well. He actually attempted to be a bully in his previous post, lol, and now he ignores the facts that several people were there and Soto REFUSED to speak about something which concerns all board members and not just Wheeler. Funny that Mencken never asked what the question(s) were. Let him stay in his own little world while the rest of us enjoy this blog. For those who were at the OCBTA meeting, they all know what was said, what wasn't and why. Dr. Soto is NOT the OCBTA choice! Never was, and I suspect never will be.

08/16/12 @ 14:58

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Cool Hand Luke

About $2000 for us.

08/16/12 @ 15:03

Comment from: Cool Hand Luke [Visitor]

@ Nobody

Thank you. Was reading that it will cost the Avg New York City resident $5600.Didn't have Florida listed.

According to the NY Times the states hit the hardest are the Blue political states.

08/16/12 @ 15:21

Comment from: [Member]

@ Cool Hand Luke:

The two big differences when the Bush tax cuts expire are:

(1) Child tax credits -- this is the main driver for the claim that 50-odd percent of Americans don't even pay income taxes. If you are among the working poor/lower middle class and you had several kids, that $500 per child break very well might have been the difference between paying income taxes or not. Estimates are that only 36% of us will be poor enough to avoid paying income taxes in the future. Anyway, we will lose the $500 per child credit.

(2) Marginal rate changes -- if you make about $350k per year, you will owe an extra $199. Yes, $199. Not a big deal. On the other hand, people making multiple millions of dollars might see a hefty difference. That figure is from Citizens for Tax Justice.

The $2000 figure posted above is heavily impacted by people making closer to $1mil or at least $700k per year. Not me, trust me!

Biggest impact is to poor people and the extremely wealthy.

08/16/12 @ 15:30

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

I am sure it varies depending on what you read. This is what I went off of.

Mississippi residents get the least impact, at $1,310 on average, but 29 of the 50 states will see taxpayers get hit at least $2,000.

Connecticut residents would get the worst, with an additional cost of $5,783 a year while New Yorkers would get hit $5,542 on average, the study from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation states.

Has Florida at $2079 on average.

08/16/12 @ 15:50

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]


Bigguns was there. He confirms what my source wrote to me:

Soto impressed the group and the group will probably endorse him. I heard he spoke of military service, owning a business, teaching, trying cases, helping the community (he defended joanies restaurant against federal and state discrimination by race bono...successfully) and yes, saying that random drug testing of teachers and principals is a waste of money and denigrating to the profession.

My source was impressed and she said OCTBA liked him. She also tells me that Soto was accused (rudely) by some at the meeting and that he responded with professionalism and decorum. And like Bigguns, she felt he was an artful dodger. She said he would not bash Wheeler or anyone on the Board even it means getting hate from the OCTBA. I guess we can all hate a guy like that.

08/16/12 @ 16:04

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

Hate to burst you'all's bubble, but the OCBTA does not endorse candidates as a group. Individual members are free to endorse any one they like, as a group they only provide a platform for candidates to speak and answer questions. So don't start saying the OCBTA endorses one person over another, it isn't true.

08/16/12 @ 16:45

Comment from: Red John [Visitor]

On August 20th the BOCC is being asked to approve a loan from the State for 9.6 miles of track for Sunrail.

The county will need to take a loan of $22,186,000 Million Dollars for the project.

The state has requested the County secure the loan with the Local Option Fuel Taxes.

Being the local tax is committed to road projects the B0CC will need to raise the local gas tax.

08/16/12 @ 17:25

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]

@ The Lokosee Kid

You wrote: " So don't start saying the OCBTA endorses one person over another, it isn't true. "

Thank you for clearing that up. My bubble is burst and I am despondent with sadness. :)

08/16/12 @ 17:43

Comment from: Thomas [Visitor]

I just read the paper and the Gazette still refuses to say that Pastor Delong is a full time Pastor at The Vine Church. Great reporting guys!

08/16/12 @ 18:25

Comment from: Mad Mike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

Good one Lokosee Kid! I've never heard them say they would support anyone. Now, a bunch of the same people at OCBTA also belong to OBI but I hadn't heard anything about them supporting any candidate other than Peter Olivo.
That's a good group of people who attend there so if anyone told someone they were supporting a candidate as a group, that unfortunately, was a lie, not even a mistake. So sad people have to make up stuff to make themselves sound like they are in the know.

08/16/12 @ 19:11

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Andy

I thought for sure you were going to tell me that was bias and really conservative not non-partisan like their claim. Good use of refrain.

@ The Lokosee Kid

I also read that Blue political states will be the hardest hit.

08/16/12 @ 19:28

Comment from: St Cloud Resident [Visitor]

@ Thomas

Pretty well known in Kissimmee that Delong is a pastor of his own church. Didn't seem to bother the people that voted for him in the election.

08/16/12 @ 19:36

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

I didn't know until I read it here. The people I told didn’t know it either. I doubt most of the people knew that voted for him since it seems to be hidden from the public unless you take the time to look into him even then a person may believe what they read in the paper. It appears that he is not correcting the paper or is deliberately misinforming them. But I would assume that they looked into him and they just chose to leave out what his real job is. Makes sense considering where his money is coming from.

Majority of the people in the United States believe that Ministers/Pastors should not hold positions in public office and that is a statistical fact. So it also makes sense that since they indorsed him they are more than likely deliberately leaving that out.
Another potential first on the KSIB.

08/16/12 @ 19:54

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

@ Nobody

The Gazette stated he was head of the Ministeral Association. Would give you a clue he is a pastor.

I guess I am part of the minority that don't care if a pastor runs for public office.

08/16/12 @ 20:17

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Kissimmee Old Timer

You are.

Actually I saw the Chamber debate that was more than likely before it was posted here, sorry. At the debate he said he was head pastor of the Vine Church. The Gazette reporter was sitting right there but in the paper he stated what you just did, the head of the Ministerial Association.

That’s not his job is it? Seems fishy that the paper would do that don’t you think?

and I wanted to talk about taxes but this is good.

08/16/12 @ 20:39

Comment from: [Member]

@nobody -- to be sure, most of the tax advocacy groups out there have an agenda. They all claim to be non-partisan, too. Honestly, I can't keep them all straight. I will confirm that the numbers I've seen here are significantly worse for consumers than I've seen from other groups. Does that mean anything? Not sure. If anything, I'm hoping it means they are wrong!

08/16/12 @ 21:06

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

This may not be accurate but I have found it to be very accurate in the past.

corporationwiki and the
Kissimmee Area Ministerial Association website has no mention of Mike Delong and has some guy named Tim Wilder as head of the Ministerial Association with no association with Delong. Man the more I look into this guy. It's not good.

Updated 5/20/2012 - This profile of Kissimmee Area Ministerial Association, Inc. was created using data from Florida Department of State

@ Andy

They do lean Right.

08/16/12 @ 21:20

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]

I'd get into the philosophical discussion on this topic but I think it deserves better treatment than a blog can provide. Lots of great articles on the web and major newspapers.

Now, for my $.02. Many religious leaders I've spoken to in the past have actually declared that political office is to be avoided. JW actually forbids it (someone confirm). I never heard of a priest winning elected office.

Old Timer and I agree on this one. I see no problem with a pastor/priest being elected. I would never vote for one tho. As Mencken would say: Democracy is also a form of worship. It is the worship of Jackals by Jackasses.

08/16/12 @ 21:23

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

@ Nobody

Read Delongs qualifications on the SOE Web site posted there by him.

He clearly states he "assists" the Ministeral Association. He helps their program feeding the homeless Downtown Kissimmee.

Did the reporter make an error ? Nah. They don't make them.

I went to the Gazette archives and was unable to find a letter posted by anyone about the newspaper not "outing " him as a Pastor. There is a comment section on the story why not sign in and get this off your chest with the News-Gazette ?

Well he is in a run-off that gives you
sometime to expose to the citizens that they have a pastor in their city that is running for office.

08/16/12 @ 23:23

Comment from: Hector Romero [Visitor]

@ Andy Richardson

The numbers about killing the Bush Tax cuts have been reviewed in the NY Times and the WSJ.

If they are cut as requested by the President both publications pointed out the Blue states will take the heavy hits. Simple math based on income.

08/16/12 @ 23:43

Comment from: TheDoctorIsIn [Visitor]

Now that a "lawyer" is sitting on the school board, can you get the district to follow federal laws with special ed kids...if things keep going as they are, the lawsuits will soon come and drain the coffers...put some people who follow the laws in power...I have a dozen patients who could file suit tomorrow...and prevail

08/17/12 @ 06:01

Comment from: JB Haney [Visitor]

@ Doctorisum

There is no Attorney on the school board-yet. There is a run off in November.

If the School Board is not compliant with the Federal law for the special ed kids then the parents should contact the school board attorney or Superintendent.

08/17/12 @ 08:17

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

It’s not that I have something to get off my chest. I was just informing St Cloud Resident that it’s not A well known thing that he is a pastor. If you do not read this blog or go to his church you may have no idea because the paper seems to deliberately ovoid it or they are printing what he is telling them. Either way they have had quite a while to correct it themselves.

@ Hector Romero

The numbers they went with were from the link I posted. That would be worst case scenario. If the tax cuts were just ended or expired and there was no new tax discounts provided by the current administration, and we went back to the tax code as it was back when Bush made the cuts. They may have even used the average income from that period and not what people are making today just to inflate the numbers a bit or some other way to make it seem higher then it would actually be. How do you know these days with so many more people not even filing taxes what the exact numbers would be?

08/17/12 @ 09:14

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

I received a flyer at my door clearly states that DeLong is a pastor.

I went by City hall this morning and on the table with candidates flyers is the same one. Went to his Web site and clearly he is a pastor.

This makes history if he is the first pastor to run for office in Kissimmee and should be news to the News-Gazette.

08/17/12 @ 12:23

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Kissimmee Old Timer

Thank you that is what I was basically trying to say. Perhaps they endorsed him without even realizing that and Or they want to keep us in the dark about it.

Also check this out.

The St. Cloud High School athletic director arrested in June on drug possession charges had those charges dropped Tuesday by the Orange/Osceola State Attorney's Office for lack of evidence.

08/17/12 @ 12:48

Comment from: Disclaimer* [Visitor]

Last night I went to Tim Weisheyer’s home to congratulate him.


He was having a victory party with friends, family, and supporters.


Who greets me at the door? One of our Principals, I am not going to mention anyone by name here, or anywhere else-it’s our little secret.


I have been contacted by dozens of people congratulating me saying, now we can count on at least 2 “sane people on the school board”.


All I need to get along with Board members are that they are honest, and put kids and the community first.


Understand that over the past two years I have done some very unorthodox things as a school board member deliberately to draw attention to how badly the board majority was damaging the Osceola County School district either on purpose or through blatant incompetence, and it worked.


There are some who will/have judged me harshly for those actions, and that is to be expected. I have no regrets for my actions, other than what I have done was necessary and produced the desired/needed results in yesterday’s election.



08/17/12 @ 15:20

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Ah,ha I know who you are. That escaped mental patient who pretends to be a School Board member.

08/17/12 @ 15:36

Comment from: Square [Visitor]

Enjoy your next two years Jay because they will be your last.

08/17/12 @ 16:06

Comment from: Look it up [Visitor]

Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as the "wrongful appropriation," "close imitation," or "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work.

Sorry Jay, taking bits and pieces of other's written words and ideas is Plagiarism. Don't write pieces without giving credit to those that had the original thought and pass off as your own in the paper.

08/17/12 @ 16:55

Comment from: JB Haney [Visitor]

Have we forgotten that Jay's term as Chairman of the Osceola Boys and Girls Club was shortened by 4 months after he sent out an EMail blast how he was on a date with a former student he was a mentor to the year before ?

08/17/12 @ 17:26

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Come on folks give J.W. a break. To constantly pick on a mentally disabled person doesn't seem like fair play. He's probably sitting home now sticking pins in the eyes of his Tom and Barbie dolls.

08/17/12 @ 17:28

Comment from: TheDoctorIsIn [Visitor]

@JB Haney

Thanks for reminding me about the runoff. I assume Soto will be in because he belongs to the club.

Your advice about parents talking to school board attorney and/or superintendent is appreciated. Unfortunately however, the superintendent simply passes it on to the ESE department who violate the laws daily and the school board attorney only intervenes when a family brings an attorney. I do see that as being a reality in the very near future. There are some very disconcerting things going on with these kids in several schools. Advocacy is a growing field and long overdue. I just hope things get corrected before the taxpayers have to suffer for the incompetency of those entrusted to follow the law.

08/17/12 @ 20:19

Comment from: Mad Mike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

I'm happy that one of Jay Wheeler BFF won the election in District 3. It will be good for Jay to have a playmate on the board. He has a shot in getting his attorney pal on the board in November, but that is yet to be seen since he now has to run all over again.
I'm also happy that Mencken had Bigguns explain what went on at the meeting. All who were there know the vast majority of members and guests did NOT approve of Mr. Soto, nor has that group endorsed him. That's just plain and simple, even simple enough for Mencken to understand. "IF" anyone claims the group endorsed Soto, well, I hate to say this but, they're lying.

As for having an attorney on the board, there is only 1 school board attorney and he's very knowledgeable in the area he serves. It'll take Soto at least a year to even understand what his job is as a board member. But no worry, he'll have Jay Wheeler assisting him all the way. Right Georgie?

08/17/12 @ 20:20

Comment from: [Member]

I can't wait to be on the DON'T EVEN CONSIDER RE-ELECTING JAY WHEELER campaign. I will post every one of his psychotic emails - and I'm sure they will continue! Keep writing's going to make for great mailers! You pathetic POS! You're an embarrassment to us all - and yourself!

08/17/12 @ 20:22

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]

Well Mike, Dr is in;

Call Soto. Set up a meeting. TheDoctorisin brings up extremely important points. please fill us in when you get answers. I spoke to Julius and I was so impressed I decided to speak with Soto as well. Now I call anyone running when I want an answer. As far as OCTBA, most members post here and have cleared that up for us.

Like most here, I'm not down with CLUB types. But candidates need support and should accept it so long as there is no quid pro quo. I seek sincerity and a person who will do us right.

Wheeler gets way too much attention and he thrives from that. Ignoring him seems to be the best remedy. I don't care for antics. Dist 1 will have to respond when the time comes.

08/17/12 @ 21:51

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Mr. Mencken: First I believe you try to impress because you have an inferiority complex. Next you have no idea about O.C.B.T.A. Concerning Mr. Soto,the group is courteous to all guests,that does not indicate support.Each member is entitled to their own opinion,but not as a group.My opinion,Mr. Soto is full of himself.I believe pompous ass fits the bill.He definitely sounds like a Wheezer supporter,strike 2. Teachers,being professionals are above random drug testing? Strike 3.These are his words. O.C.B.T.A. has never supported a candidate,try to get your facts straight.It amazes me,why people move to Osceola County,only to tear it down every chance they get.I heard first hand Stacy McCland call this County the most crooked in Florida. Nice going. Ya gotta car? Or ya can wait for Brandon's Choo-Choo,MOVE.

08/17/12 @ 21:54

Comment from: Mencken [Visitor]

wildthing, you are entitled to your opinion. As far as OCTBA, fine, they hate him, love him, whatever. Point is, most candidates will respond if someone reaches out. You don't have to rely on others to make an informed decision, isn't that great?

08/17/12 @ 22:18

Comment from: Oscar [Visitor]

Wheeler acted a bully and his only reason was to get Hartig out of office. From that we can determine he will continue acting just as bad to get rid of Horn and Long.

08/18/12 @ 06:53

Comment from: Wait N see [Visitor]

Wheeler did act like a bully with a mission. HOWEVER I think I know Hartig...remember Grego left, andrews left and there was a reason, bet she gets out the facts and Wheeler is next.
Hartig is loyal and wants the truth and as she says what is right. I would hate to be wheeler or on her bad side. My bet is on Hartig!

08/18/12 @ 07:29

Comment from: Mad Mike [Visitor]

Point is, most candidates will respond and say what they believe you want to hear. If they don't they'll (most), avoid actually lying, by switching topics quickly or giving a long winded answer to an obviously simple question. That said, opinions are just that. Everyone has their own and thankfully, the majoriy of the OCBTA has theirs, and as individuals, each member will spread their opinions onto others who wish to hear them. With that, I'm hopeful Soto doesn't receive the win, if he does, those supporting him will either have been correct in their vote, or assume the blame.

@Wait N See; You are on the money with Hartig. She is a truly caring individual who simply tells the truth when asked a question. Just like the movie, some simply "can't handle the truth". Mr Wheeler comes to mind with that said. Ms Hartig has done plent of homework and, I believe, is well aware of what skeletons are hidden where. While she may not be a vindictive person, (she tried to right the wrongs by working within the system) she'll have no other course of action but to open up and tell all. Like you, my wager is on Hartig!

08/18/12 @ 08:50

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Wildthing

I was thinking about what Stacy said. We must be within the top 5 most potentially corrupt counties. We are known or ranked nationally as being the most politically corrupt state. The “feds” came in to watch over the precincts as the primary voting took place. They did this in only five counties in Florida.

Now I am not going to pack my gear and move away. But I will wonder if we made the top 5 because of the Arringtons and the CC. Shoot we are probably even part of it. If you start tying things together you can finish with a nice little bow.

08/18/12 @ 09:11

Comment from: Ghostdog [Visitor]

Money is the key to Wheeler.

When the money tree died in his vaulted run for County Commissioner he quit.

Companies don't want to be associated with a person that uses their campaign donations for their personal use.

The Osceola Education Foundation approved Wheeler to go into the schools as a mentor. A man with the highest elections commission fine ever in Osceola County. Aprroved a man censured by the Board for volations of Board rules.Approved a man that dated a student after she graduated.

Stop donating to the Foundation and EMail their Sponsers of their events to cease funding until Wheeler is removed from the mentor list.

With Wheeler it's all about money.He goes to school districts selling
ConEd of NY plans by using his elected position to bypass purchasing to get right to the Superintendent.

He should open his campaign account for school board in March of 2013 if he holds true to form. Close to 80% of his money comes from out of the county. Help dry up the 80% by contacting the comopanies that make the first donations.

It all comes down to the money.

08/18/12 @ 09:19

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

Stacy really doesn't know what she was saying about Osceola county being a corrupt county.

The list of people that made Florida the most politically corrupt state didn't have one name from the county on the list.

In the past 20 years only one elected county official has been convicted of a felony crime. One too many.

The latest rating for corrupt politcal states came out this year and Florida is not in the Top 10 much less # 1.

Stacy was rejected by the voters in her school board race. She will be rejected in the Florida Senate race with her claims that our county commission is corrupt and she has no platform points that make any sense.

08/18/12 @ 09:30

Comment from: St Cloud Resident [Visitor]

@ Wildthing

The DOJ sent observers here because of Amando's lawsuit to be sure Hispanic voters were given the proper instructions and ballots in Spanish. The other counties are under the same umbrella for the same reasons and will be for another 5 years or more.

08/18/12 @ 09:54

Comment from: Enjoy [Visitor]

A new study by nonprofit Integrity Florida ranks the Sunshine State as the country's most corrupt.

According to the "Corruption Risk Report: Florida Ethics Laws," 1,762 of Florida's public officials have been convicted of public corruption since 1976. From 2000 to 2010, there have been an average of 71 convictions each year -- and 107 convictions in 2000 alone, the worst year on record.

Along with recent conviction rates, the study cites a C- grade on ethics enforcement from the State Integrity Investigation and the fact that three Florida cities ranked on Forbes' “Most Miserable Cities” thanks to political corruption.

08/18/12 @ 10:11

Comment from: [Member]

OK, do a favor for a newbie -- can you define the "cigar club" for me? I get that it would be the old boy network. I've heard that the real estate folks may be part of it. I've heard Mike Horner and his zombie army may also be members. Did I miss anyone?

08/18/12 @ 10:37

Comment from: [Member]

One more thing on the topic of corruption. It's not just defined by crooks who get caught, it is more accurately measured by the low-grade crooks who never get caught. The people who run things, year in and year out, regardless of elections and law enforcement. That's what Stacy is talking about when she refers to corruption. Are you going to tell me that we don't have that kind of corruption? Are you also going to tell me that we can't do anything about it? I believe you are wrong.

08/18/12 @ 10:41

Comment from: Hector Romero [Visitor]

@ Enjoy

Thank you for the outdated information.

Wonder why you have left out the 2011 update ?

08/18/12 @ 10:46

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Andy

Tommy Tompkins

Domingo Sanchez his son-in-law

Linda Goodwin

Horner & some of the Chamber

Arrington is working on making the list.

Basically whoever you are upset with at the time and is a behind the political scenes with pull and money to bank role or endorse a candidate. When speaking with a Dem I like to say they are like a local version of the Koch’s and friends. I have been working on an example it will be ready a little later today.

A few examples are given a couple blogs ago when I think it was Mencken who asked.

08/18/12 @ 10:50

Comment from: Enjoy [Visitor]

@ Hector Romero

That study was from a couple months ago.

08/18/12 @ 11:00

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

@ Andy

Low level corruption ? Ok what have you done to stop it ? Talk is cheap.

Tom Long filed a Election Complaint against Wheeler and Wheeler was found quilty.

There were no comlaints filed against any of the "corrupt" county commissoners.

The Clerk was arrested and found innocent. The appeals court-the voters-gave him the heave-ho.

Who is corrupt on the BOCC that has violated a state or local law ? It is not a crime to vote "No" on an issue you or Stacy support. I heard the taunts about "the Fix was in" after the vote at the non-partisan hearing.

I quitely file Ethics and Election law complaints when I can actually can quote a provision in the laws.

It's a common practice when a group opposes a zoning request that gets passed that scream the vote was corrupt. Is that what you consider corruption ?

08/18/12 @ 11:03

Comment from: Hector Romero [Visitor]

@ Enjoy

The "study" covered the years 2008-2010.
This is the year 2012.

All the persons in the list were convicted of felony crimes-most in Federal court in vote buying schemes.Other felony crimes was stealing money in finance departments.

Certainly something not to proud of yet when the March 2012 report was issued Florida was no longer in the Top 10.

08/18/12 @ 11:12

Comment from: [Member]

Hey Old Timer, talk is cheap. I'm not talking about the kind of corruption that merits an arrest. That can and should be fought, but I doubt that I would ever be in a position to catch it. I'm more interested in the soft corruption that isn't necessarily illegal. That's harder to define, but yes -- voting on topics that have political interests that are not necessarily good for the county is a start. Will write more later...

08/18/12 @ 11:16

Comment from: wildthing [Visitor]

Newbie. You might be new,but you're a quick study.If there are any sleazy deals going on in this County,it's spelled CIGAR.Just look at some of the real estate deals involving the County.The master of ceremonies is Porky Pig(K.B.),grand wizard of all realtors,along with our Chamber of Commerce.p.s. they are not good ole boys,more like boyz in the hood.

08/18/12 @ 11:17

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

@ Andy

People opposed the Zonng change for Gateway High School.

The people opposed the creation of the CRA for Downtown Kssissimmee.

People opposed Celebration's DRI of 3000 acres.

People opposed Osceola Parkway.

People opposed the Loop Shopping area.

People opposed the Home Depot on 17-92.

All were vocal minorites.All passed.
The losers screamed pay-offs were made to get the vote.

08/18/12 @ 11:50

Comment from: Enjoy [Visitor]

@ Hector Romero

The study was put out on July 30th 2012. I found it buy doing a Google search for The most politically corrupt state 2012.

here you go

08/18/12 @ 12:32

Comment from: [Member]

The losers will always scream that payoffs were made. Sometimes they will be right. Maybe not payoffs as in real money, but in favors and mutual back scratching.

A good start would be to have healthy debate. The questions I've seen come up before the commission certainly appeared to have been decided before the meeting started. All that was left was the actual vote. That looks a little corrupt, or at least lazy. To a voter, there isn't much practical difference.

Don't even get me started on the school board -- let's just hope that enough blood has been changed that things will get better.

I don't claim to have the answers and I don't even know all of the problems yet. That is why I am here.

08/18/12 @ 12:44

Comment from: Hector Romero [Visitor]

The data on the report was gathered in 2008-2010.

The Wall Street Report was on available data in the year 2011.

How do some take the data in these reports and make an assumtion that all our county commissioners are corrupt ?

08/18/12 @ 12:59

Comment from: [Member]

Wheeler shouldn't be around students period. In fact, Wheeler shouldn't be around himself.

I'm thinking the next few school board meetings might be worth paying attention to. I vote with Mad Mike and Wait N See...go Hartig!

@Ghostdog: You're right...stop supporting the isn't for the kids at goes directly - or indirectly to CC.

08/18/12 @ 13:09

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

@ Andy

I assume your displeasure is with the vote on the NPC issue where the vote was on partuy lines ?

Republican Tom Franklin representing the Kissimmee-Osceola Chamber of Commerce brought up the item in 2008 and the BOCC took the suggestion under advisement.

A political committee OCTBA brought issues they wanted on the county charter for 2012. They were blown off by the BOCC.

In 2011 the PAC started a campaign to get their items on the ballot with a petition. The Chamber went out and gained the signatures needed to get on the ballot.

4 years in the making. Or 4 years of "back scratching and favors" to get to the ballot. After 4 years anyone with common sense could count the final vote.

Not pretty but's why it's called politics 101.

08/18/12 @ 13:12

Comment from: Wake Up [Visitor]

Andy, how long have you lived here? Wheeler first came to the board and fought with everyone to fire Blain Muse.

After that, he kept an ongoing personal battle with Tom Greer, then David Stone, then John McKay, then Cindy Hartig, now Tom Long and Barb Horn.

There is no way he will stop now.

08/18/12 @ 13:23

Comment from: [Member]

More than the nonpartisan referendum, Old Timer. Let's just say that I'm watching more carefully now. If I see something specific that makes my spidey senses warn me, I'll speak up. I'm more interested in November than the past.

08/18/12 @ 13:26

Comment from: [Member]

@Wake Up - moved to the I-4 corridor in 2000, but I didn't get to Kissimmee until 2006. Trust me - I've heard the Wheeler stories over and over! I'm neutral to him but quite wary of all the players in the recent dramas. I'd be happy to see a strong challenger in every school board race. In the meantime, he's an elected official and I would try to work with anyone currently in office if I had an issue to get behind. Why not?

I have some insider knowledge about the school system and the police department by way of family members who have worked in those departments. I don't want to bring them into these discussions, but they help to feed my distrust. That's all I will say - no dredging up old stories from me!

08/18/12 @ 13:35

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

Have fun with this (add smiley face ; )

Wheeler must be a little stupid. Jay, take a lesson from the Arrington’s and Pastor Delong.

I checked out Pastor Delongs account yesterday over $3000 that can be tied directly to Domingo and Tommy. $3000 from Disney thanks to the Arringtons. $1000 from Quigley Terry’s electric for those of you who do not know. Very little average Joe money in his $10600. Most all of it appears to be special interest and majority from only a couple sources.

This is what I am getting at, why didn’t Jay just pay himself or someone close to him, wife whatever like Kristen Arrington does. She got Pastor Delong $3000 in just Disney money and paid herself $2500 so far in campaign manager fees for doing it. A good person could almost win a city seat on what she has paid herself. To sum it up Wheeler must be pretty stupid couldn’t his wife have been his campaign manager and in his case just kept the money at home and ran his own campaign? I never looked into Jay and his campaign account so I am assuming he didn’t. Or he must have been pretty blatant about it. I am not saying you can’t have a campaign manager and raise lots of special interest money. I am just saying you must be really greedy and really stupid to get in trouble like he did. Or sort of did.

That was a post I was typing when Andy started asking questions. I said I was working on an example so I will turn my post on how stupid Jay is to how some people attempt to control our democracy. Notice the money above. Now an example of behind the scenes.

Why are the Arrington’s playing politics? Shouldn’t their focus be on being politicians? I hope that makes sense. They are branching out with Pastor Delong.

Why did some people go to Pastor Delong’s Church, The Vine Church to vote? It may be on the up and up but it has a weird ring to It, an off smell, whatever cliché you like. Along with that I read the Church being listed on the Supervisor of Elections wall along with a few others.

A post was done a while back attaching the KUA to this. That was a bit of a reach but if we take Horner for an example he is very good friends with Domingo and Tommy T. Domingo’s wife and Horner’s wife are also tight. There are two huge contributors to the Kissimmee Chamber with Rep Mike Horner the President. One is KUA. Notice anything the chamber does is sponsored by my or our municipal power company if you live in Kissimmee and the other is Disney. Example the Hob Nob, The chamber debates etc. The KUA helps the Chamber out much more than the other municipality the City. Disney has thrown money behind certain candidates for as long as Disney has been here. I should say since just before they came here. Who informs Disney who to give money to? My guess and it’s just a guess would be the Chamber.

Yesterday I was wondering why the paper is not saying his real job. Today I notice they are A Chamber trustee also.

Is all this coincidence or is there an insider’s group? I can tell you there is an insider’s group we just have to hope that it’s just coincidence. I am using Delong for this example because I just recently looked into him and his finances and it looks blatant for them to give so much money to get a person in on a city level. Although I am sure I could do it with other candidates in other races but most races County and State raise more money and there is so much more to look up. Also the Arrington’s involvement in campaigning and raising him money adds a whole other element.

This was for fun and is a bit of speculation. But man if you ever want to run for anything just get Tommy and Domingo to support you and use the Arrington’s as campaign managers and there you go the rest may fall right into place.

08/18/12 @ 14:00

Comment from: Mad Mike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

Nice rainy day to sit and read a decent blog with lots of very good and valid points. Okay, so not ALL are good and valid but hey, this is the best blog around for getting opinions out and about.
Regarding Stacey and her in depth knowledge of criminal activity, how on Earth would she even have an inkling of an idea about it unless she learned all about it from the times when her mom was on the school board. Her mom fought the good fight too, and almost always was shut down by idiots. Other than that, I really don't believe Stacey has much knowledge of many, many real issues we the people deal with every day.

Andy, go back two blogs, I believe, and you can get a very good idea of just who has been nicknamed the "Cigar Club".

Old Timer, you're right on target about the issue taking years to finally land on the ballot. What has been concerning, or bothering me is why the Charter was actually designed to make a citizen's effort so damned difficult to get onto the ballot. High voter signature percentages, having to have the supervisor of elections decide IF she wants to accept the petitions or not, that is very bothersome. The government in Osceola County seems to have been set up to defeat any citizen's initiative, and that is scary. Yet, there were people, just like Andy, who attended the meetings to protest the question even being allowed onto the ballot. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but what about including EVERYBODY and allow them to vote? Not one County Commissioner stated they favored the question or not. That was NOT the issue. The ONLY issue was to allow the voters to decide, which the commission could not ignore, even though Arrington and Harford did, and they will pay for it in November. Shame on anyone who won't allow the voter to decide such important issues, bar none.

08/18/12 @ 14:06

Comment from: Ghostdog [Visitor]

@ Andy Richardson

The November Election will be interesting in Osceola.

The Majority Party members sent the Clerk to the locker room. I think a win for the Minority Party.

I feel that Arrington will be back on the BOCC. I think he has done a good job when you look the other way at his arrogance.

Harford will take hs normal nose dive after this term.

Hawkins in a easy race.

I will vote for Desoto for school board and think Tim will do a good job.

No changes in the Constitutional offices.

The Minority Party will still be in the "cat-bird " seat until November 2014. Hear some good names from the Majority Party to go after Frank and Q. Both need to go. Frank has steamed most county employees like MJA did the year she was voted out of office.

The Democrats are the Majority Party by voter registration and of course the Republicans would make up the Minority.

08/18/12 @ 14:16

Comment from: Watching learning [Visitor]

Damn fine posts today. Carl you rock.

08/18/12 @ 15:03

Comment from: Kissimmee Old Timer [Visitor]

@ Mad Mike

When the Charter was written we had had county commissioners that would have been receptive to putting items for a Charter vote by a 4-1 vote.

It was made tough to hopefully to make it tough to get a change in the basic charter functions.

We now have a Board that belives they only have the widom if what should go on the ballot. Since 2000 the Charter Committees have been a "joke" on us.

The City of Kissimmee put two items on the ballot and both passed.One was a staff item for the current city manager and the others to come. The other was a citizens request to change how the KUA members are chosen.

The BOCC is going to ask us for a 5 cent increase in the local gas tax to pay for Sunrail that they are going to officially approve Monday.The borrowing request will come after they commit to the $28 Million dollar loan.

They need us but when we needed them just put some items on the ballot they said No ! Remember that when they have the public hearing for the gas tax.

08/18/12 @ 15:35

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

Yes, Thanks Carl. I obviously enjoy posting on your blogs.

I just set the Osceola news Gazette down. Anybody care to take a guess what they Called Pastor Delong today?

Was it?

A) Pastor of The Vine Church
B) the head of the Ministerial Association.
C) Church Administrator

08/18/12 @ 15:43

Comment from: Mad Mike in Kissimmee [Visitor]

They actually insulted PASTOR Mike as a church administrator! Don't they know the difference? His name is all over the church as the PASTOR! The Gazette screwed up again. Getting bad as the slantinel.

08/18/12 @ 16:01

Comment from: Nobody [Visitor]

@ Mad Mike

We can confirm that the paper obviously reads this blog.

His political advertisement hand out clearly states he is the Senior Pastor of The Vine Church.

Yup, The are getting bad.

08/18/12 @ 16:16

Comment from: Square [Visitor]

The Gazetter really screwed up when they canned Marvin Cortner. Big mistake.

08/23/12 @ 22:30

Comment from: Armando Ramirez [Visitor]

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09/08/12 @ 17:33

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