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Posted on | August 31st, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

A few points we picked up over this past weekend, Plus we want to introduce Peking Mike and how he plays behind so many backs!

Mr. Rubio, now has a plan "in case" he loses the Presidential nomination. Please, stop laughing everyone! :)) As though no other Federal candidate has ever done so, Rubio is continuing to raise money for his "Presidential" campaign but also has a plan to use those funds for his Florida Gubernatorial run in 2018. The law protects this guy in that he may use funds raised for one campaign to run for another. We do NOT understand why it's legal, but good ol' Marco has plans "if" he is not elected President! Since we must all agree that he won't win the nomination, look oout Florida in 2018! We just do NOT need Rubio in any office in Florida!

Next up is our good old friend, Peking Mike. Of course we're comically referring to current County Commissioner Mike Harford, the new Chinese czar for Osceola County. While it is fun to kid around, politically Mr. Harford is a sneak! His latest actions demonstrate why he should NOT be trusted in any meeting, or deal that has his imprints on it. It seems that last week, Mr. Harford attended the Democratic Executive Committee Board meeting and proposed that the D's Executive Committee ONLY target certain candidates in the upcoming 2016 elections. Of course, his name was one that HE mentioned. Apparently, the Democratic Party in Osceola County has lost track of being the "People's Party" and is now embroiled in hand picking who the committee decides needs it! No joke, folks, it's true! 88\ After lengthy discussion and, perhaps some unhappy members, Harford convinced the party to support ONLY 4 candidates in next year's elections! Those candidates would be, Harford, Kelvin Soto, Mr. Alvarez for Mayor in Kissimmee, and Chris Mack for Property Appraiser! This is a very LOW political move, even for Harford. To think that other candidates running next year as Democrats may be contributing to the party without ANY SUPPORT!! Quite frankly, we would not be surprised if many Democratic candidates either change parties or absolutely refuse any of their funds going to the Democrat's Party!
We do wish that one person in attendance, Ms. Crabtree, would have held onto his objections instead of joining hands and singing Kumbaya with the others. By doing so, it seems clear Mr. Grayson has given his approval of being the party for all, and now, only for those handpicked! SHAME on anyone who agreed with this setup! We only hope the Chinese delegation will read this and know what they might be dealing with in Commissioner Harford! Ahhhhso! :oops: :roll: :no:

Now that Sheriff Bob Hansell has announced that he'll retire, the candidate pool has already increased. Here's the list of hopefuls; Deputy Sheriff Dave Sklarek, who filed Friday, will attempt to inherit the job from his immediate boss, the Sheriff. However, upon asking around and checking with other media types, there's been no official endorsement of ANY candidate by the current Sheriff. Too bad that campaigning has already begun within the Sheriff's Office, splitting many of the staff into smaller pockets of 'us against them'. This condition is NOT good at all. :no:
The others hoping to become Sheriff are; Rolando Banasco, Timothy Devine,(Timothy runs every election, doesn't appear to be law enforcement qualified), Luis 'Tony' Fernandez, Russell Gibson, (a former detective and currently a court deputy and all around nice man, we're told), and Jose Sanchez-Garcia. These are the candidates for Osceola's Sheriff. Lots of luck to all!

In the area of Osceola County Property Appraiser, Democrat Chris Mack, also the ONLY current candidate for this post. According to people, Mr. Mack should do a good job IF elected and IF he keeps certain people away from being an influence. He's a resident of the Celebration Subdivision and also close (maybe too close?) friends with current school board member Kelvin Soto. While no other candidates for this office have filed as of yet, we have already heard there are at least two others interested in running.

That's it for now everyone. We appreciate you checking in to see what's going on and what our opinions are. We wish nothing but the best for everyone, may God bless you, and keep you safe, always.


Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

It's Ms. Crabtree. Seems that come election time all the strange ones come out from their rocks seeking employment. Mr. Banasco running for Sheriff has listed his Osceola address as a P.O. Box. Talk about the Tiny Home trend. Mr. Leydon thinks he can run the Tax Collectors office because he worked in a food pantry. Noble of course but hardly the experience to run the important business of making sure the County's taxes are collected and accounted for. This will be the most important election we have ever had. Don't throw your vote away on idiots.

08/31/15 @ 21:04

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

The Lokosee Kid - Good post.

08/31/15 @ 21:32

Comment from: 2liecrew [Visitor]

So much to say and so little time. Might get a finger cramp. Lets start with Commissioner Harford who like MSG, too much of can be bad for you. Sorry Carl, had to take my shot too. Rumor has it that he is running around the district bad mouthing potential candidates and threatening to hurt their livelihoods. This coming from a man who has a failed business, found a lot of money over the past year on a commissioner's salary, has used his position to benefit a few close friends and family members, and so much more! Commissioner, Confucius say "What the superior man seeks is in himself; what the small man seeks is in others". Get my point little feller?

09/01/15 @ 09:28

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

So, now the Democratic Party has gone over to the evil side and, surprise surprise, Mr Harford gets credit for almost single handedly killing the "people's party" by almost forcing the D's to turn away from ALL other Democrats and hand pick whom they think will have the best chances of succeeding at the voting booths! What a low down, and dastardly thing to do, and even be associated with! I will no longer vote for any Democrats and if any Democratic candidate wants to know why, I'll be giving Mr. Harford and the executive committee all the credit.
'Peking Mike' has screwed the pooch again!

09/01/15 @ 09:30

Comment from: Karl Roach [Visitor]

Mike Harford suddenly pays off a $100,000 debt. Then he is a good political friend of a millionaire Congressman.
The far left Celebration wing of the Osceola DEC seemed to be left in the dark that all primary seats have been selected by the Executive Committee.

09/01/15 @ 09:43

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

@Karl, but that eccentric, millionaire, Congressman has only a loud and obnoxious voice but hasn't really helped Osceola County. But, Mr Harford is a very lonely man, more so than the Maytag man and as you pointed out, must be a financial wizard having turned his own, personal financial circumstances into something positive. I'm just wondering how he accomplished it, considering he 'only' makes around $77,000 yearly.
Try to get a state attorney to look at many politicos here and they turn deaf ears at you. They simply do NOT want to upset the apple cart.
I just wonder about Mr Harford and his finances..............hmmmm

09/01/15 @ 20:07

Comment from: Julius Melendez [Visitor]

Chris Mack does not work for the property appraiser's office nor does he have any real estate or managerial experience of running a large organization. He is a primarily a contract and criminal attorney who is the law partner of school board member Kelvin Soto...who happens to be Jay Wheeler's right hand man. Mack is not qualified, he is merely a Democrat trying to take advantage of the voter registration in the county and his relationship with Soto and Wheeler.

09/01/15 @ 22:35

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

That would explain why the DEC is backing both Soto and Mack. The whole thing starts to smell very bad.

09/01/15 @ 23:35

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

I don't like the way the Osceola Democratic mob just turns their backs against every Democrat in the county because Mike Harford says so. Truth be told, this county would be better off if Harford was held and never released when he visits gook land. Perhaps he can be charged with espionage as an Osceola county operative?

09/02/15 @ 08:11

Comment from: Wally [Visitor]

I'm a bit disappointed that there aren't more candidates coming out for some of these elections, although it is a little early I guess. As for Sheriff Hansel's endorsement it seems that he is now endorsing his number 2, Mr Sklarek which I, for only one, think it's a mistake. Sheriff Hansell should retire with honor and his integrity intact. Mr Sklarek is an okay guy as long as he's either in a good mood, or likes you. Otherwise, he's just another guy seeking out a bigger paycheck, just like the others running. Too bad for all of us that Sheriff Hansell is retiring!

09/02/15 @ 17:46

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

There is no fee to open a campaign account so why not see if there is a chance you could have a chance? The time will come next year when you have to qualify and pay or have your petition ready. Janer and Armando showed that long shots could win.

The BOCC should give the ODEC the heave-ho from their free meeting room at the the admin building for their stand on the primary.

09/02/15 @ 18:45

Comment from: Rick Partin [Visitor]

The only candidate who is qualified for the osceola sheriff office with realistic chances of winning is Jose Sanchez-Garcia, retired Lt. Colonel and 25 years as a Federal Agent, with a PH.D. Also he already has the support of over 100 deputies and his campaign is very well organized.

09/02/15 @ 21:02

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

Have to agree with Rick. The Sheriff's job isn't one which should simply be 'handed down'. Sklarek, overall is a nice guy if he wants to be. Doesn't matter that 100 deputies, or more are supportive of Garcia. It's qualification which will put Garcia into the seat, where I think, he belongs. Sorry Dave, truth is truth and I only wish Sheriff Hansel was backing no one!

09/03/15 @ 08:58

Comment from: semi_truth [Visitor]

On another note: This is for information only on the current state of our court system in Osceola County. You have seen the news on t.v. and read the papers, including KSIB.NET about the current Clerk of the Courts, Armando Ramirez.
You may be aware that when he took over he fired a great many people with years of experience. Strangely, not one had a hispanic surname. Then he hired people to fill their positions. Many had no experience in the job. Well hell, he didn't either. That being said he hired 4 more IT people that most people there say weren't needed. The salaries were higher than the others working there.
He opened an office next to his for his wife's use and provided a PRIVATE, SECURE line. She needn't go thru a security check at the main door. He fired the previous office sub mgr and replaced her with a woman with zero experience at well above average salary. Like his predecessor, he has not given out raises in his tenure. That means no raises in that dept for over 6 YEARS! Now, because he is way over budget , it is rumored he will do layoffs near the end of October (fiscal year).
Health insurance in his dept has DOUBLED from appx from $140 per paycheck for family ins to appx $280 per paycheck! Ramirez has hired, even though he is way over budget, 27 MORE people than last year. The finance Director warned him, in meetings, about the budget. He was fired last Friday.

I need to do more research on this because what I HEAR is almost ALL new hires are Hispanic. Nothing wrong with that if it can be justified and the experience they bring to the table is what is needed. It just seems odd.
He will go to the County and ask for a handout. But bailout to support bad fiscal responsibility will never work.

09/03/15 @ 10:47

Comment from: Richard Wolf [Visitor]

Armando is counting on the BOCC to bail him out. Every clerk has been downsizing not waiting until Sept 30 to hand out the pink slips.
Based on the reaction of the Chief Judge and the Osceola Bar Armando is doing a great job as complete silence from them. When the system implodes Oct 1 they will bring their crying towels to the BOCC.

09/03/15 @ 13:47

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

A former member of the Joanie's Diner Liars Club once said that if a large crowd shows up at a public meeting they are not there to tell the commission how wonderful they are.
In August the St Cloud council agreed 3-2 the fire fee was needed and sent it to a public hearing Sept 03. Mayor Borders to the News Gazette that everyone she talked to agreed with the new fee.
On September 4 the council looking over the packed chamber voted 5-0 to kill the city managers proposal carried over from Tom Hurt's day.
How sweet it was!

09/04/15 @ 14:33

Comment from: Tom Long [Visitor]

It seems funny to me Carl has been totally silent on the fire fee fiasco and water meter debacle in Saint Cloud. A huge crowd, estimated by the media to be over 500 citizens,rallied against City Council proposal, promoted by previous City Manager Tom Hurt, doesn't even earn a blip on on this sited radar.

Jo Thacker, former County Attorney and interim County Manager declared fire fee did not pass muster, as well as other attorneys. Several past debacles, such as WiFi, Stevens Plantations bond default (some $10 million), heavy equipment purchases, CM firings and transfer station losses, all having one thing in common, former CM Tom Hurt. Yet this blog is silent.

09/04/15 @ 17:39

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Mr. Long, we are all aware of how you want to be in the prime light, so have at it, even though most of what you wrote is completely untrue. We suggest you do your homework so people will know the differences you slog.

Mistake 1-Mr. Hurt absolutely NEVER endorsed any kind of fire fee. In case you have forgotten a public safety impact fee was adopted about 12 years ago and did quite well.

Mistake 2-Mr. Hurt had absolutely no input to the bond issue at the Stevens Plantation subdivision. Former City manager, Paul Kaskey introduced the idea.

While ANY city manager may have an opinion, in ANY city, the department initiates the termination process. Even we knew that one@

Whatever your issue is with WiFi, perhaps if you resided in St Cloud you'd already know the City Council terminated the program due to added costs. Like many things, it was good while it lasted.

You should call the SCPD on transfer station losses, perhaps they could help you find them!

Jo Thacker & the interim county manager had absolutely nothing to say about the recent attempt by the current council to introduce the fire fee.

Mr. Long, everyone is well aware of your political hunger to be a mayor. Wherever you currently reside, we'd agree that you work very hard at what you commit to. One stand-out is a lot, actually most of your information regarding the city of Saint Cloud has been tainted with YOUR opinions being disguised as factual. That's too be as you might have bee3n able to pull off your goal however, we firmly believe the people in Saint Cloud know exactly what's going on in and around their city.

Oh, and we've commented many times regarding the city of Saint Cloud and we believed the city manager was doing a good job. Obviously, 5 people did not. So be it. Time will tell, Mr. Long.

09/04/15 @ 18:15

Comment from: Tom Long [Visitor]

Carl, wait until everything comes to light on Mr. Hurt. How can I have a political hunger to be mayor, when you also noted I don't even live in St. Cloud? That doesn't make sense.

I suggest you watch yesterdays city council meeting, look at the hundreds of people that couldn't even get into chambers, then



09/04/15 @ 18:38

Comment from: Richard Wolf [Visitor]

@Tom Long
I thought still lived in SC and thought you would run for Mayor next year. Don't know if St Cloud has a time requirement to live in the city to run for office.
Thank you for your help in getting the fee put back a planning stage that started last October. The city staff had a hard time selling this sudden $3,2 million dollar shortfall . We will find out October 01.

09/04/15 @ 20:46

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

@Richard. There is a time restriction to qualify. Residency for at least 6 months.

09/04/15 @ 21:48

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

By the way, does anyone have any details (dates or anything) on when Mr Hurt proposed this fee? I've watched just about every meeting and never heard him suggest a fire fee.

09/04/15 @ 21:51

Comment from: Richard Wolf [Visitor]

@ Larry
Thank you.

09/04/15 @ 23:37

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

Carl, the establishing of the Stevens Plantation very much had Mr. Hurt involved. He was on the first board of supervisors along with Mr. Mantzaris and Mr. Kaskey. They are named in Ordinance 2003-46. So to say he had no input is not exactly true. Sorry.

09/05/15 @ 00:11

Comment from: hysterical [Visitor]

Lokosee, why sorry? Everyone can stand corrected and should admit a mistake when it's a fact.

To that point, the wi-fi was NOT good until it lasted. It was promised to be tested and have all the kinks out BEFORE a mass rollout. It was horribly inconsistent in regards to speed and connection. Business owners and homeowners alike also spoke out,including at well attended council meetings, about not sinking even more significant money into it to get it "possibly right."

09/05/15 @ 10:57

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

@TLK, actually, we're told the entire city council sat as the Stevens' subdivision governing board and Mr. Mantzaris and Paul Kaskey were there as "advisors", not voting members, according to what we've been advised. Mr. Mantzaris's main function was to be sure to protect the City of St Cloud's interests and guide council members, again, in an advisory capacity. Mr. Hurt later replaced Kaskey when Kaskey was terminated.
Again, we may have not been given all the information, however, it's our intention to try to disseminate as much truth as we can.

09/05/15 @ 11:48

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

@TLK, what we did say above was Mr. Hurt was NOT involved in the purchasing or bonding of the Stevens subdivision. He did, in fact, serve as the city's advisor after Mr. Kaskey was terminated.

09/05/15 @ 11:56

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

I hate to disagree with anyone but wasn't/isn't the group now called the Steven's advisory board? I don't even know if they still exist, but when I drive through there they certainly know how to waste water, even if it is recycled. Those sprinklers are forever running, mostly in the common areas.

Carl, I think Tom Hurt was involved a little in the bonding deal but no where near the involvement of Mr Kaskey. And let's not forget the main carpetbagger, Jon (athon)? baltuch who was a real cheerleader of the project and close buddy of Mr Kaskey, and Mr Sangiovanni, who no longer owns in Stevens. The original deal might have been good for the city but greed and stupidity eventually took over the council.

09/05/15 @ 12:05

Comment from: St Cloud Resident [Visitor]

Remember when social media arrived in St Cloud with the meetings being on television. The ebb and flow of people addressing issues would send people to the meeting rather having to sit through portions they had no interest in. Now the meetings are live on the Internet too.
With the demise of news paper letter to the editors KSIB and Tom Longs Facebook Blog has kept a wide window open to public comment. The interaction showed with the massive audience last week for the fire fees.
We all need to give thanks to Tom Long and Carl Cricket and the Orlando TV stations for their social media covers.

09/06/15 @ 09:05

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

A BIG thanks to SCR! We have tried, and hopefully, many are happy with our opinions, or at least, better informed.

09/06/15 @ 11:12

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

You can google st. ordinance 2003-46 and read what it says. Lists 5 names as the board of supervisors for the project.

09/06/15 @ 11:40

Comment from: The Lokosee Kidg [Visitor]

St. Cloud ordinance 2003-46

09/06/15 @ 11:41

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

The ordinance appoints five members to a board of supervisors. Those were Mr Kaskey, Mike Turner, Tom Hurt, Dan Mantzaris and David Nearing. Those appointments were for ninety days, after which the City Council became the actual board for Stevens Plantation. This was a very good deal, in our opinion, until the bottom fell out before the subdivision was built out. Those named were;the City Manager, Finance Director, Ass't City Manager, City Attorney, and the Planning Director. See the theme? That lasted for roughly 90 days until the Mayor Glenn Sangiovanni led city council took over the reigns of the board.
Thanks TLK!

09/06/15 @ 13:02

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

Stevens Plantation.
Example of why elected officials shouldn't get involved other than passing the ordinances needed to get the project going.
One of those "Thinking Out Of The Box" projects at the time.

09/06/15 @ 14:59

Comment from: Karl Roach [Visitor]

THE BOCC is supposed to establish a policy of certain companies with county contracts to pay a min wage of $13.68 an hour.
Comm Janer will follow President Obama's Executive Order Labor Day that all companies with federal contract with 15 plus employees provide 7 days of paid sick leave asking the county do the same with its vendors.

09/07/15 @ 12:13

Comment from: jon [Visitor]

tom run the city

09/07/15 @ 13:00

Comment from: Chickens home to roast [Visitor]

You have been a rabid apologist for Tom Hurt for years while he ran the City into the ground.

Now you want us to belive he had nothing to do with the fire fee. What a joke. It was exposed at a Council meeting, Tom was threatening Council members if they didn't vote for the Fire Fee.

@Carl, your pro Tom Hurt bias is one of the reasons why so many no longer read your blog and all the action is on Tom Long's facebook blog.

Tom's blog speaks the truth and actually makes things happen!

I hope Carl Cricket can turn it around

09/08/15 @ 09:22

Comment from: jon [Visitor]

Chicken you could not said it any better.

Carl you have been a loving and loyal friend of Tom Hurt all the way .Problem is you are BLIND you need to go to the EYE DOCTOR. The city is broke Tom lead them in to BROKE .Do you think it was Mickey Hooper, Rebecka Borders? Do you think they can think?

09/08/15 @ 10:15

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

You believe what you like, and we'll continue to express our support for whomever we wish. That's why this is called a blog. Our thoughts shared, and in turn others share theirs.
We will continue to write our thoughts as we're sure you will as well.
We are neither "blind" or in need of an "eye doctor", but we do observe the silliness conducted by the current city council who has shown absolute no common sense or backbone since they're terminated Mr Hurt. And while you believe what you like, the history of this current council reflects their poor judgement when, as an example, they pushed Mr Hurt to accept an abnormally high pay raise despite his saying he didn't want it. (VIEW THE TAPES), WE DID)
If you believe Mr Long's blog is so truthful, please enjoy his diatribe and stay there for your own enjoyment!

09/08/15 @ 10:34

Comment from: St Cloud Resident [Visitor]

The acting city manager has let 60 people know they will be out of a job without the 3 mill property tax increase that averages out to $60.00 increase for residential homes.
Former city manager Tom Hurt proposed Public Safety Fees In December 2014. The Council agreed to put in a fee at 3 workshops.

09/08/15 @ 10:36

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

and Hurt didn't propose the rate this bunch did. They could have gone with half of the proposed hike and been okay.

09/08/15 @ 14:00

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

There was no need to start annexation new subdivisions and ones that the city had under contract to annex. $$ signs went up for property tax revenue along with a PUBLIC SAFETY Fire & Police Fee. The city started and had to provide police and fire to the newly annexed property and gulp saw the ones in the pipeline would bankrupt police and fire without a fee increase. Now I am told a 3 mil tax increase will be proposed by staff to cover the $3.2 million dollar shortfall.

09/08/15 @ 15:45

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

Right on target Ghost! And while Hurt may have brought it to the city council, it was eventually up to those seated on the council at the time to decide yea or nay on any of the annexations.
But then, the city eliminated almost all the impact fees and again helped put the city in the shorts!

09/08/15 @ 16:16

Comment from: Richard Haney [Visitor]

the city manager says the property taxes must go up to offset a $3.2 million dollar shortfall. Over how many years? Are they unions involved in manpower or setting the numbers? Why can't the police
go up one floor where they are at?

09/10/15 @ 14:37

Comment from: 22 TCM [Visitor]

The problem with TOM and the former city council is the former did not know YEA from NAY. And still don't.

09/10/15 @ 17:06

Comment from: jon [Visitor]

Mayor Boorders is not smart enough to plow a mule.They should haved tried GEE and HAW. that probley would not worked. the MULE would have becky pulling the plow.

09/10/15 @ 18:22

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