Sheriff Hansell Will Retire At End Of Term! Chinese Having Political Suaree In ORLANDO! Many St. Cloud Citizens NOT Happy With New Fees And Increasing Taxes!

Posted on | August 27th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Well, it's been this kind of week and with a possible hurricane (Erika) heading our way, we're just playing a little catch-up. Our first little note, about one of the best darn Sheriff's Osceola County has ever seen has planned to retire after serving this county, and its people for more than 40 years in January of next year. See below;

Osceola County – Today, Osceola County Sheriff Bob Hansell announced he will retire at the end of his term in January of 2017. At that time, he will have served more than 40 years at the Osceola County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Hansell was first elected to office in 2005 and is currently in his third term as chief law enforcement officer of Osceola County.
“During my career, it has been an honor and privilege to have worked with the men and women of the Osceola County Sheriff's Office protecting and serving our community. I am thankful for the tremendous support I have received from the community and I am grateful to the citizens of Osceola County for providing me this opportunity to serve them,” stated Sheriff Bob Hansell.
A fourth generation Floridian and life-long resident of Osceola County, Sheriff Hansell has been a veteran of the Sheriff's Office since 1976, having worked, supervised or managed all areas of the agency. He began as a deputy sheriff and earned promotions to the rank of sergeant, lieutenant and captain throughout his career, prior to being elected Sheriff. In addition, Sheriff Hansell has served as a member and commander of the agency’s SWAT team, and as the high-risk incident commander.
During his tenure, Osceola County has seen a reduction in crime within the unincorporated area of the county and Sheriff Hansell has re-established and implemented new programs and services to engage citizens and encourage community involvement.
“During the remaining sixteen months of my term, we will continue to provide the highest level of professional law enforcement services that this county has come to expect,” stated Sheriff Bob Hansell.

Sheriff Hansell will be sorely missed and quite frankly, not one of the already registered candidates for the office is even close to being a solid, community minded person. More on the politics later.

We can only guess Mike Harford and/or Maria Grulich missed their invitation as the Chamber of Commerce in Orlando will be hosting a Chinese delegation to welcome them and to introduce them to all the local businesses in the Orlando area. THIS IS JUST A RUMOR but we've been hearing Commissioner Harford wasn't invited ever since he complained about his take-out dinner in Kissimmee! Again, that's just a rumor, we're sure! But on a serious note, this is another example of why Orlando/Orange County kicks our butts. Why? They ALL THINK! Much less expensive to host a little party than spending thousands of tax dollars to travel to a country most of us aren't interested in! Kind of like the amount of interest many taxpayers have in making sure he's reelected! :roll: :))

The jokes keep coming out of the City of Saint Cloud with "Deputy Mayor" Rinehart saying he'll run for Mayor next. Citizens should be very cautious supporting this guy. He said during his campaign that he wanted to eliminate city impact fees. He also wanted the city to be business friendlier as well. So he convinced his city council to drop the collection of the impact fees until after whatever is being constructed is built. Impact fees were created to help defray the financial impact of new buildings, new homes, whatever. Those fees have been used for years to help with purchasing new equipment, even a new building. He complains that businesses pay a majority of the taxes, and oh, he's a business owner too! No conflict for him. He's very happy sticking it to the taxpayers with higher taxes and creating a fire fee. Just imagine if the citizens actually allowed him to be Mayor!
Meanwhile, there's a bunch of hard working taxpayers who have begun a petition asking the Council to STOP the increased fees. If you listen to Mr. Rinehart, sorry folks, it seems as though the increased costs are headed you way, with compliments from the Deputy Mayor and his uninformed council mates! :crazy: :no: :oops:

As we mentioned earlier we have a possible tropical storm/hurricane headed in our direction but according to the KSIB weather department, it's believed the storm will not make landfall in Florida. We WILL get hit with heavy rains and winds in the 50 to 60mph range, but Erika will, most likely, make landfall somewhere in the Carolinas. Keep in mind we will have very large amounts of rain so if your city, or if the county has them, pick up some sandbags along with plenty of drinking water and easily heated foods, which can sustain the heat from a barbecue. DO NOT FORGET A CAN OPENER which will work by HAND, just in case your electric falters!

All in all we trust that the county will now be maintaining the rights of way and storm gutters. We're sure glad they didn't wait too long! :))

That's it for now, may God bless you all and keep you safe!


Comment from: larry [Visitor]

Sheriff Hansell will be sorely missed and I hope he has someone coming he'll endorse to replace him. His Chief Deputy Dave S is a good man, with a good family, and a very good record at the SO. Other than him, I have no idea who I could support. No way could I support anyone from Orange County SO, especially since Rudy Venus was Chief Deputy for another Sheriff. Rudy turned the county upside down with all his own mandates and rules, and proved he was no community minded fellow.
Best of luck to you Sheriff, and to your family as you step into your next career!

08/28/15 @ 07:32

Comment from: gorp13 [Member]

I personally spoke with Bob on Wed at the Council on Aging executive meeting. I kiddingly asked if he would run again and said my wife and I would support him like we did 16 yrs ago when he first ran. He stated that he had run that morning. Sure Bob. You had jogged! Yes Larry, he will be missed. bob is the best Sheriff we ever had and I remember then all back 37 years.

08/28/15 @ 09:03

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

Bob Hansel and K.O. Murphy the Cream of the crop in my time here.
Both worked very well with the county commission to provide good service by submitting good proposed budgets.
Bob will be missed. We want know how much until November 2016.

08/28/15 @ 10:24

Comment from: Karl Roach [Visitor]

Comm Janer can bring up another vote on the China trip for the BOCC to reconsider the funding. The funds are never written in stone.
There has never been anything put into the record how this expense will help the county.
Why not join the Florida Chinese Chamber of Commerce and appoint
Mike as our representative?

08/28/15 @ 11:06

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

Not a bad idea Karl. Give Mike something only he'll think is "very important" and allow the other 4 to do county work! Only problem I see coming out of that is Mike would continually be calling them for take-out!

08/28/15 @ 12:09

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]
Just follow the link above for the Florida - China Chamber of Commerce

08/28/15 @ 12:59

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

This just in, the KSIB meteorology department have all been released due to their P-poor forecast regarding Erika. We suggest doing as we now will be doing. Open the door/window, look outside, and determine what the weather is in your neck of the woods!

08/29/15 @ 08:58

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

Bob Hansel leaving will end an another era of confidence that a new Sheriff will have the task of following. Could be another Armando type.
Empty suit.
Patsy will be missed yet she too will leave a good running office for the new collector.
Most of us wanted Frank and Q to be gone. Cheryl has done a good job for my district.
You folks In Arrington's district might get a break if he leaves to run for another county office. Democrats love Mike at this point. Same for the Republicans in Hawkins district.
Good news is that college football starts next month. Go UCF!

08/29/15 @ 09:25

Comment from: GORP13 [Visitor]

Is our County Prosecutor too busy defending himself to his wife, the public and the legislature that he can't start procedures to investigate Ramirez? Wouldn't that take the heat off? Without someone in the room to speak for him, Ramirez can't make a decent sentence. He is and always was, a joke.

08/29/15 @ 10:04

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

I am completely fed up with the St Cloud Council. Every one of them need to be gone. A guy like Askew talking to any media only shows how little he knows about our city and previous councils. Reading his comments to that news channel person shows his complete ignorance of how government runs.

08/29/15 @ 12:23

Comment from: Richard Wolf [Visitor]

The State attorney can't investigate Armando for the civil violation of being "Stupid".
If Armando has violated an Ethics Law file a complaint against him with the Ethics Commission. If their investigation uncovers a criminal violation it will be turned over to the State Attorney.
We can help remove him next year when all of us get to vote. Hopefully he will not make it out of the primary.

08/29/15 @ 13:36

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]

Hansell and Hefner both retiring is sad news for the County.
There will be no one to replace either of them, as both of them have been great office leaders as well as stewarts to the community.
Hansell and Hefner you will be missed.

08/29/15 @ 15:50

Comment from: Dark Knight [Visitor]

Lets not bother Comm Janer as she needs to learn how to be a leader, as the County representative on the Commission for the Homeless she sits there like a schoolgirl waiting for the teacher to give her instructions.
Janer growup and learn how to impose your will and stop being so impressed with other leaders of which you sit with.

08/29/15 @ 15:54

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

Richard - What Armando has done may be considered "civil" in some circles. What he has in fact done using public funds to support himself or others without justification is in fact "criminal". The problem we have with Jeff Ashton is, as soon as he took office he disbanded the Public Corruption Unit. I think he may have conducted one investigation in Orange County and I believe that was against Regina Hill which went unfounded. Being that Armando has no investigative authority, when he paid a convicted felon to conduct an unauthorized audit of foreclosure documents, was I have been told by many sources in law enforcement, was a criminal and not a civil act. It's just a matter of time before the right agency grabs a hold of this. A high placed executive in Armando's office walked out yesterday and I suspect we may hear canaries singing soon.

08/29/15 @ 15:57

Comment from: Richard Wolf [Visitor]

What criminal law did Armando violate in the audit of foreclosure documents? Wasn't he inspired by a Democratic congressman?
Stupid is, stupid does. The Armando Rule for the day.
You claim he is using public funds to support himself and others that is criminal. When and how. How come the Chief judge remains silent if this is happening?
I would like to see Armando hit the road ASAP. A Chicken Little attack isn't going to do it. A citizen could make a presentment of the laws Armando has violated and request the State attorney have the Osceola Grand Jury look into the claim. Any person can file a complaint against Armando with the Sheriff and or the Kissimmee
Police Department for violating a criminal law.
Of course that means someone will have to Walk the Walk.

08/30/15 @ 07:55

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

Ramirez used public dollars to hold his marriage show, paying some employees and forcing others to balance out their time by "flexing" out the extra time during normal work hours, thereby creating back ups at the clerk's business windows and causing disruption to the remaining employees as well as the general public. He has also allowed an unauthorized family member into the evidence vault, quite possibly contaminating evidence being held for "safe keeping". Ramirez has also employed more minority persons by replacing seasoned employees with those who have no idea what end is up. He's also hired certain employees, at high wages, during a period of budgetary shorted funds and creating a very overworked and uneasy staff who have no idea when the next axe will take them out of the game. He's also used public funds by forcing employees to work at weekend events, passing out literature, which has his name plastered all over it under the guise of public interest! It has been stated that Ramirez once lost his way within the courthouse and his wife, who hangs out at his office every single day, had to go fetch him and guide him back to his own office.
How much more would you like, Richard? From possible criminal activity to possible mental deficiencies, I believe that this examples should be enough to create concerns at the Governor's office over the running, or ruining of the Clerk's office, not to mention his out and out racist views and hiring practices.
Of course, I have not witnessed much of this but I will say that you can NOT request a grand jury investigation. Only the prosecution team can, and in some cases, involve law enforcement. You can ask, but as Jeff Ashton has shown us all, he's not interested in any type of political corruption cases, most likely because it would require actual WORK on his part. Right now it appears Ashton is only in it for the retirement benefit boost. Sorry Carl, took too long, but it had to be said (again)

08/30/15 @ 10:21

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

A citizen can ask for a Grand Jury as it was in 1990 that a citizen that asked for a Grand Jury that led to our current Charter Government.
A citizen in 1978 went to a restroom in the Dade county courthouse and asked the Chairman of the Grand Jury to investigate this lack of service to the citizens and they met and ordered the BOCC to provide toilet paper everyday for the health,safety and welfare of the public.

08/30/15 @ 17:04

Comment from: Richard Wolf [Visitor]

Armando is a Constitutional Officer. He establishes the work rules. He hires and fires his at will employees. His Boss is the voters that hires or fires a Clerk every 4 years.
Living in Tallahassee most of my life your description of a man with mental problems fits many of the members of the Legislature and Tallahassee local officers. The Governor hasn't got time to look into gripes about Armando. The key is that the Chief Judge does not have a problem with the Clerk. A complaint to the Governor from him would go a long way. A complaint from the Osceola Bar Association would help.

08/30/15 @ 23:30

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

There will be changes at the Sheriff's and Tax Collector's office for sure in 2016. Big changes.
Real early yet neither Arrington, Harford or Hawkins have a serious challenge. Will Arrington go for the Tax Appraiser office?
Kissimmee will be looking at having its first Hispanic Mayor.
Will Kissimmee try to go to a strong Mayor government?
After the brutal special assessments and water bill problems we could see a sweep in St. Cloud.
2016 is lining up to be a big political year.

08/31/15 @ 09:24

Comment from: Matt Bowden [Visitor]

Reading the Celebration Democrats Facebook page it's obvious that Rep Grayson is the Godfather of the Democrats in Osceola. Comm Harford is his water carrier in the county for the party getting the Failed wage recovery law passed for Grayson.

08/31/15 @ 14:33

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

The Osceola DEC has voted to support Allan Grayson's liberal clone Mike Harford in the Democratic Primary next year. All you other Democrats are out of luck.

08/31/15 @ 18:25

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