Did County Commissioner Mike Harford REALLY give a local MUSLIM Group Money? Art Otero-Candidate Yes, But Honest? Hmmm

Posted on | October 25th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

YOU read it, and it's true! Per an Osceola County Public Information Release Mr. Harford, a former military member who served within United States territories duringthe Viet Nam era, has given $1,000.00 of his so called community enhancement fund to the group known locally as the 'American Muslim Council'. While we were researching "gifts" given by other Osceola Commissioners, this kind of popped right out to the front of the line! Before you all start, YES, it's a very open minded 'gift', considering the Muslims have been fairly good neighbors here in Osceola. Also, keep in mind this 'gift' was given during the 2014/2015 budget year, as we're advised so, YOU be the judge, after all is said and done, it's YOUR money! See Mr. Harford's list of 'gifts' below;

District 1
Commissioner Harford
Recipient Name Amount
Intercession City Civic Association $(6,250.00)
Help Now $(1,000.00)
Community Hope Center $(1,000.00)
American Muslim Council $(1,000.00) <-------Religious group?
Osceola Center for Arts $(2,500.00)
Heroes on the Water Central FL Chapter $(1,000.00)
Osceola County Historical Society $(1,000.00)
Caribbean & Floridian Assoc Inc $(500.00)
Historical Sign $(4,466.80)
Three Kings Day Event $(1,000.00) <------Religious donation?
Aubrey Clark's Scholarship Fund $(1,000.00)
Intercession City Civic Association $(25,000.00)
Osceola County Historical Society $(1,000.00)
Florida Victory Outreach Center $(1,500.00)
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post $(500.00)
Celebration Foundation $(1,500.00)
Shingle Creek Park $(1,000.00)
Ending Balance $(51,216.80) <------Where's the rest of OUR money, Commissioner Harford?

Hey Commissioner, ever hear of the separation between church and state?

Art Otero, the newly elected Kissimmee City Commissioner wasted no time in displaying his complete lack of commitment to the voters of the city. The 'commissioner' was barely forming an impression in his commission seat when he filed to run, are you ready, for MAYOR! That's all fine and dandy but what has he shown the voters of the City of Kissimmee? That his campaign to be a commissioner was merely a stepping stone at the expenses of those who contributed to his campaign, and also his lack of commitment in actually WORKING in that position! What promises can he make to the voters when he's asked if his ego will want to be a county commissioner? Just how long will he actually serve in whatever seat he MAY be in? We also wonder, now that he's seated on the city commission, will he resign his seat to run for Mayor? &#58;&#99;&#114;&#97;&#122;&#121;&#58;
Mr. Otero seems to believe the voters, ALL voters, black, white, hispanic etc., were foolish enough to believe his trip to NYC to 'speak at the United Nations'. Funny how all that worked out since the United Nations was NOT even in session! *During a recent vacation to NYC one of our trio also visited the UN and 'spoke' there. No silly, NOT to the whole United Nations, but to his friend who was with him. See? Technically, he spoke at the UN, but did he ever ADDRESS the United Nations General Assembly in a speech? Nope. NO standing ovation by them, NO invitation to return, nothing...NADA! We've just heard Mr. Otero is upset that a portion of his Facebook account was allegedly hacked. Uh huh. Oh, and by the way, six inches of snow will fall tomorrow morning too! As we've heard, a very poorly written note has been released by some who have now completely embarrassed Mr. Otero. His most recent comments, that he intends to file a complaint with law enforcement, seems as dumb as he is! &#58;&#121;&#101;&#115;&#58; &#58;&#41;&#41;

Recently, another PR release identified a 'Gift' of $2000.00 by Osceola County Commissioner, Brandon Arrington to the Central Florida Boy Scouts of America. The release date stated October 23rd, 2015, BUT, the donation came out of the 2014/2015 budget year making the 'gift' several months OLD. After reading the release, we just could NOT help but wonder if the timing of the release had anything to do with Arrington's political aspirations in the form of Tax Collector, Commissioner, OR Property Appraiser of Osceola County? Funny how some things work, and appear. In case some have any doubts, here's the lict of Mr. Arrington's 'gifts';

District 3
Commissioner Arrington
Recipient Name Amount
Osceola Art Festival $(2,500.00)
Poinciana Christmas Parade $(255.70)
New Dimensions Sponsorship $(500.00)
Osceola Visionaries Inc. (Scholarships) $(1,000.00)
Arts Alive (Scholarships) $(5,000.00)
CF Boy Scouts of America $(2,000.00)
Pawsitive Action Foundation $(832.50)
Poinciana Wrestling Team $(1,000.00)
College Open House $(65.00)
Florida Victory Outreach Center $(500.00)
Boys and Girls Club $(1,000.00)
Rotary Club of Kissimmee $(320.00)
Ending Balance $(14,973.20)

That should be enough for this weekend. We appreciate all of your comments and thank you for those comments on the way! May God bless each of you. Be safe, and be healthy!

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

WOW! He's going to complain to Law Enforcement that one of his "Facebook Friends" released something he posted on Facebook that outs him as a possible racist. I just don't don't understand the legal ramifications that could come of this.

10/25/15 @ 13:19

Comment from: Larry [Visitor]

He IS a racist. Just think, all he's concerned about, and he has said it more than a couple times, his main goal was to get the Hispanic vote out. Period. He's just another Armando, only he's in Kissimmee govt. instead of the county.
I could never vote for him again, especially after supporting his first election not too long ago. The guy is an illiterate, power hungry, clown whose only care is for himself.

10/25/15 @ 13:53

Comment from: Jose' [Visitor]

Funny how the louder someone gets, the more they try to hide information instead of telling the truth.
Did anyone know Mr Otero is NOT 100% Hispanic? Nope, he isn't. If you ever get the chance, ask his Mother who happens to be Greek! Lovely lady, what kind of son? He sure doesn't keep his word, he doesn't even keep his commission job for any good length of times before off he goes, sniffing for something else.

Wonder what else he's hiding???

10/25/15 @ 14:29

Comment from: Ruben [Visitor]

Otero has an huge issue.
He has a head bigger than the uss independence.
It's always I did this and I did that. No one else does anything in Kissimmee just Arturo otero.
Not a bad guy just way too much into himself.

10/25/15 @ 14:42

Comment from: Ruben [Visitor]

@ Jose
I though this guy was 100%
Puerto Rican?
The way he pushes the Puerto Rican issues you would never know he's half Anglo

10/25/15 @ 14:44

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

He's in the political arena. If you make a statement it's fair game. If you can't stand the heat, etc., etc. And by his very words he espouses voting only for the Puerto Rican "Dream Team." Americans be darned, Puerto Ricans only. Who are they? Rolando Banasco running for Sheriff who is the Police Chief of Mascotte PD with 12 men dept. and doesn't even live in Osceola, Jose Leyden who falsified his resume in 2012 by claiming having a Masters and PHD from Bethsaida Seminary and College in Worcester, Mass. which does not exist and has no experience at running a business like the Tax Collector's office. (Oh, wait he does work at a Food Bank). Jeff Rivera who is is running for District 5 and wants bus service to St. Cloud Manor, and two other women who nobody knows or has any ides what their platform is. Scary isn't it?

10/25/15 @ 15:02

Comment from: Jose [Visitor]

@Ruben, a lot of people thought he was all Puerto Rican, but nope, his Mom is Greek, but honestly is a nice lady.
Kind of like Matos, who wants Brandy's seat. He's from the Dominican Republic, NOT Puerto Rico OR Cuba and has NEVER served in the American armed forces despite the military gear he wears. He gets the stuff from his son who IS in the US armed forces!
Funny how we never know a lot about certain people.

10/25/15 @ 16:46

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

@The Kid; First the two women have to figure out WHAT a platform is! A little funny as they're about as smart as Mickey Hopper was when she first ran. But then, she was the same the day she lost her election! lol

10/25/15 @ 21:26

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

He just needs to clean out his office and disappear. The media is getting a hold of this tomorrow and he is toast.

10/25/15 @ 23:03

Comment from: All American Kid [Visitor]


I enjoy your posts here on KSIB. They help me understand what is going on in local politics. Thank you for that.

I am completely mystified by the point you are making in the above post. A large number of taxpayers of Osceola County are of the Muslim Faith. That is a strength for the county, not a weakness.

I believe I share a concern that you have stipulated before that Osceola commissioners often seem to get large chunks of money to distribute as they please rather than going through the budget and legislative process to allocate money from the commission. This is a valid concern.

Yet your headline and the content seems to be a blatant appeal to racists within the County that don't want funding to go to any but good Christian white causes. I think this is far beneath the standard you set and I am very disappointed to read that here. Racism is probably the worst problem festering in Osceola County right now, If our Muslim brothers and sisters are 10% of our tax base and received 1% of the commissioner "slush funds" - there is a problem. And the problem is that the racism prevalent in the community has apparently resulted in them getting shafted in the finding process, and if one commissioner does allocate a small contribution, than we can rely on the racists in the community to try to stir up resentment over the little bit that was allocated to them.

Again, I am very disappointed to read this today.

10/26/15 @ 15:17

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

@AAK; actually we were more concerned over the separation of church & state, a law which some people completely ignore. If you, or anyone wants to donate to Muslims, Greek Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, or Jews, we would suggest using your own funds and leave the taxpayer's funds to be used for a community good.
IF anyone was offended we hope the explanation settles it.

10/26/15 @ 18:37

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

The American Muslim Council is registered Charity in Chicago .
How come the Intercession City-in name only-Civic Association received
$31,000 from Comm Harford?

10/27/15 @ 10:51

Comment from: Jerry [Visitor]

Because the Muslim organization is Harford's neighbors but not Intercession City!

10/28/15 @ 11:35

Comment from: St Cloud Resident [Visitor]

We have a new city manager yet the real problem is with our elected council-all 5.
Every problem can be traced back to a council that hasn't a clue to what is going on in the city.
They deplete the city reserves yet have no plan to add money to the budget. The financial problems that sent Tom Hurt packing are now worse.
What is going to happen when there is push back from the new manager to bring fresh money into the city and there will be?

10/29/15 @ 09:27

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

The new manager should fit right in with the five, so called council members! The guy did not get along with his former bosses and they replaced him within a week of him saying he took this job! Brace for a tax rate increase, not this year but no doubt next year's budget will need more money! The only way for new money is for the 'old' residents paying MORE!!
Rots o' Ruck!

10/29/15 @ 20:26

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

We are headed into the holiday season and everything will be fine until the middle of January when the 5 brain bulbs will light up that the city is short $3 million is taxes as well as fire fees are not raised. The new manager chose to lay off 18 workers as his Board was in denial too as their income is going south fast.
Reading one of the Osceola blogs there is no shortage and everything is fine. The financial people are wrong. The new manager seems to be a nice guy and these wack jobs will turn on him if he even hints of any income increases,

10/29/15 @ 23:13

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

Uh huh. That other blog has a lot of the braintrusts posting since they know so much more than the financial employees who try to keep the budget maintained so they don't lose their own jobs!
Next, you'll be telling me that 'Mayor' Rinehart has informed the taxpayers not to worry as he has it all figured out! lol....OOOPs, wait a minute. Rinehart DID tell the taxpayers he had it all figured out and there were no shortages of funds!
Ahhhhhh, now we all can lay back and rest, maybe even run a tab at a local downtown bar, all because Jeff Rinehart has announced he's got it covered!

10/30/15 @ 14:40

Comment from: ugothatright [Visitor]

@ Carl & All American Kid

Agree with All American Kid- the headline is clearly an attempt to slam Muslims and the politician via the "Muslim" connection. If not,why isn't the donation to the Three Kings put in the headline as well? I am 100% in agreement that we need separation of church and state, no mention of a gawd, no public led prayers, no BS gawd bless america at 7th inning stretch. Stop the hypocrisy, of saying separation, but not being as vocal when people of all kinds of religion,or beliefs, or NO religion express what they think.

So if the organization is indeed religious then let the screaming big font headline put in the Three Kings or any time religion is a part of the PUBLIC forum, it is noted.

I will note for fairness and objectivity,that the comments relating to Hispanics--- if one really is, who anyone is catering to,is VERY Legitimate, because when someone runs to address what they call Hispanic issues, that is a bigoted mindset.

It is one thing to embrace a culture, it is another to use the line "well that's their culture" to think we need to change laws to accommodate. or accept actions that don't follow rules or laws. It is one thing to embrace a culture, and quite another where that culture then excludes others.

10/31/15 @ 09:56

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

@yougotthat wrong(again)!
IF you would have read the actual blog, you would have noticed where we called attention the the three kings program as well.
We are glad that you agree with our opinion regarding the separation of church & state!
Our personal opinions aside, if you're outraged over what we titled this current blog, oh well. It is what it is. Meanwhile commissioners will continue to give away your money as they please!

10/31/15 @ 15:37

Comment from: ugotthatright [Visitor]

@ Carl YOU sound like WEE WEE, when you are shown what you did and try and spin it.You DIDNT scream the Three Kings in the headline.Perhaps you have a bit of a reading comprehension problem. Outraged? Your word, Perhaps a bit sensitive to being called out. But not surprised to see your inability to admit what you did.

10/31/15 @ 21:20

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]


Sensitive to being called out on what? Your inability to read? So we included the word MUSLIM in the heading. Funny that you mention a problem with 'reading comprehension' yet fail to understand our explanation. Our ability to say we did produce the blog and stand by the title should be clear enough for you. Yes, we "admit" we wrote it. There, happy?
And thank you to those who have emailed us regarding this blogger's unhappiness. We won't resort to name calling or other as this is just one person's opinion. We all have them and they have theirs. 'nuff said.

11/01/15 @ 10:00

Comment from: ugotthatright [Visitor]

lololol that is some reply,but then,as soooo many over time have pointed out YOUR errors or slants and your inability to admit when you do, it is no surprise. You can stand by your words and it confirms what All American and I said. You are every bit as tone death as the politicians you rail against--but then you know more and best. OH -and the emails LOLOLOLOLOL-- yeah- other than the mr multiple names (hey he actually might be YOU), this site has never failed to have others chime in when they disagree....I see only you doing that. Well you have proven my point with each reply so enjoy your spin.

11/01/15 @ 10:10

Comment from: Another Opinion [Visitor]

Carl, it's not just one opinion I agree with UGT. You are being a baby. You screamed Muslim in the headline trying to race bait and now you're trying to weasel out of it by saying you meant all religions. You know that's not true, just admit it was a racist headline and you'll try not to do it again.

11/01/15 @ 10:13

Comment from: TJ Smith [Visitor]

Carl is just in a pissy mood because Tom Long took all his clicks away. People left Cricket and went to the Long facebook page.

Carl was hoping to catch fire with an inflamatory headline and got busted. Not suprising in his "sensitive" state he can't handle it.

11/01/15 @ 10:18

Comment from: Carl Cricket [Member]

Well, if there are others pointing this out, maybe we did go overboard, so we apologize to you, the bloggers.
Personalities aside, we did become a bit concerned that Mr. Harford saw fit to give away money to a Muslim organization, and also to another organization, but not to all other religious groups. Mr. Harford is neither Hispanic or Republican so it is obvious he was pandering for votes and support.
Good one "TJ"

11/01/15 @ 10:38

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