The City Of Saint Cloud Is In Trouble With The Hiring Of New City Manager With Turbulent Past! YOU Be The Judge!

Posted on | October 9th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

That's what we say about the city who either didn't even consider doing a simple Google on 'Joseph Helfenberger Ottumwa Iowa' as simply as we did! OR, they just did not really care about the past of the possibly new city manager and, without regard to either his job performance issues, or anything else, decided to reward him with an offer. OUR question to the candidate is; Are you simply looking for a retirement check here in sunny Florida, rather than facing your Ottumwa City Council's 6 month performance review placed in January of this year when the majority believed your tenure in your city administrator's position was questionable?

Mr. Helfenberger also authored a report, listed on Google, as:, dealing with 'communications and relationships' between administrators and council members. Nice wording, but it seems slightly impractical considering your tenured in Ottumwa, Iowa! KTVO listed Mr. Helfenberger's relationship as tense! Here:"The relationship between Helfenberger and the council has been tense."
However, perhaps we should get to know Mr. Helfenberger prior to tossing him under the bus. Following is his listed profile, also on GOOGLE;

Joe Helfenberger Profile Ottumwa City Administrator
Joe was born and raised in Chicago. His father was a corporate accountant. His mother taught piano, singing, and organ. Both of them are deceased. His sister Jean is married to Jim Schmidt. They own Woodcraft Americana in Necedah, Wisconsin. Joe's brother John is married to Mary. John is a nuclear engineer for the Kewaunee nuclear power plant. Joe's sister, Mary Ann is married to Jack Eidem, a chiropractor in Horicon, Wisconsin.
Joe initially met his wife, Jan, at his sister's wedding. They danced together the entire evening. After that evening, it
was eight years before they saw each other again. When Jan's mother was in City Hall to pay her utility bill, she mentioned to Joe that Jan was available. Joe immediately asked Jan for a date to go to his best friend's wedding. They have been together ever since that time. Jan is a clinical nursing instructor at Indian Hills Community College.
They have five children. Joe Jr. has a bio-medical engineering degree and will begin medical school in the fall of 2012. He is currently working in Ottumwa as a CNA until next fall. Maria has a degree in Political Science and History from the University of Wisconsin - Madison and is a manager for Roundy’s in Appleton, Wisconsin. Jenny is a sophomore at the University of Iowa with a Psychology major. Twins, David and Elizabeth, are sophomores at Ottumwa High School. Elizabeth enjoys the sciences, math, and band. David is focused on computers, math, and soccer.
Joe has a BS degree and an MPPA in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
He enjoys running, biking, fishing, and traveling. Their most memorable trips have been to camp in Yellowstone; attend the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with two of their children performing in the marching band; Mackinaw Island; and trips to Door County, Wisconsin to bike in the area.
AND, finally, assisting us in our shadow of doubts is the announcement by Ottumwa City in the hiring (already) of a new administrator:The City Council has hired Andrew Morris as Ottumwa’s new City Administrator. The Council unanimously approved Morris’ appointment at their October 6th meeting. He will begin his duties in Ottumwa early in November.

Morris grew up in Kansas City. He has most recently served as City Manager of Moberly, Missouri. Prior to that, he served as Ottumwa’s City Administrator in 2006-07. Morris holds two Masters degrees in Business and Public Administration.

The City Administrator supervises the City’s administrative and day-to-day operations and is responsible for implementing the direction set by the City Council.

The Ottumwa City Council hired the Brimeyer Fursman, an executive search and consulting firm, to assist with the recruitment and selection of the new administrator.

At this point we'll rest our case on the new City Manager. There's been NO final agreement signed off on yet as it is still being negotiated however, the contract has already been placed for discussion/agreement for the October 22, regular city council meeting, with an anticipated start date of November 2nd, 2015!
We wish the City of Saint Cloud's citizens lots of luck! 88\ :))

Comment from: Larry [Visitor]

Can anyone verify if ANY of the council members had the smarts to look this new guy up? He hasn't even accepted the job yet, but his former job is already filled! Wonder if Ottumwa was happy to see this guy gone? Google....don't hire anyone without FIRST checking histories!

10/09/15 @ 11:07

Comment from: Yankee Interloper [Member]

Let me guess... The City Fathers did not use a search firm to save money... am I right? And if they did, they certainly didn't get your money's worth!

"Have fun storming the Castle, boys."

10/09/15 @ 11:11

Comment from: H.R. Puffenstuff [Visitor]

Remember the outrage when the council paid former city manager
Hurt $130,000?

I understand the same council has established a pay range of $130,000 to $150,000 to be approved October 22 for the new manager. The new manager knows his base will 30,000 but maybe he can get another $20,000 when he gets here.

Strangest profile for seeking a city manager's job I have ever read.
Thank you Karl for posting this information!

10/09/15 @ 11:36

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

Thanks for the compliment H.R.! We understand we're the first ones who let everyone know about this fellow. Doesn't matter as anyone who is anyone should be shouting out all about this new fellow coming to town to wrangle with the city council, even though we're very sure the current council's make-up will be changing soon!

10/09/15 @ 12:34

Comment from: St Cloud Resident [Visitor]

Some of the same people that were blasting the Council for giving Tom Hurt a raise are now giving a big "Thank You" for putting up to $150,000 on the table for the new city manager. Take a look at Osceola Politics on Facebook and be prepared to puke. All our problems are going to be cured! No more corruption. Water Bills will drop. City financial problems will disappear. These are the comments being made. All this from hiring a new city manager,

10/10/15 @ 12:54

Comment from: Larry [Visitor]

How could 'corruption' possibly be eliminated when the same stooges remain as city council members? Besides this new guy, after reading up on him, doesn't have much promise. At least his record sure doesn't speak positively.
Even Tom Hurt tried NOT to take the raise the clowns practically demanded he accept!
And the funny thing is, it seemed as though the budget was in good condition, but nope, at least 3 of the clowns had to mess with it.
Come on over to Kissimmee where one of the best city managers holds the job down!

10/11/15 @ 18:57

Comment from: H.R. Puffenstuff [Visitor]

@ Larry
Good comment.
The new manager is arriving to serve a council that can't add 2 plus 2 and has a flawed budget for him to repair with less reserves and no new income.

10/13/15 @ 11:32

Comment from: Joe [Visitor]

Some folks I know from the Ottumwa area say that a good deal of the city and surrounding neighborhoods have become a cesspool of meth users and violence in the last 10 years.

10/22/15 @ 08:14

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