Is Commissioner Arturo In Trouble?

Posted on | November 23rd, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the following happened just last week.

City Commissioner Arturo "Art" Otero was involved in domestic disturbance a week ago after arguing with his wife outside a Kissimmee bar, police reports show.

A police report described Otero, who has announced he's running for mayor next year, as intoxicated when he showed up at Kissimmee police headquarters on Nov. 14 looking for his wife Annabel. He became angry when told police were investigating why she had a lump larger than a golf ball on her forehead. :oops:

"Commissioner Otero then again raised his voice and told us that he was a city commissioner, that he signed our paychecks, and that we should be on the streets looking for criminals instead of wasting his time trying to make something out of nothing," a report stated. 88\

Reached Monday morning, Otero declined to comment. He was not charged in the incident. :lalala:

Otero was first elected to the City Commission in 2008. He ran unsuccessfully for state representative in 2012 but was elected back to the City Commission in 2014. :crazy:

Otero's wife sought refuge at the police department around 1:15 a.m. after arguing with her husband, records state. :crazy:

"She was dancing with a male friend of theirs. Otero became jealous and they began to argue," records state. "They left the establishment toward home and the argument continued in the car. Annabel said that she did not want to argue anymore, so she got out of the car."

Art Otero subsequently flagged down a police lieutenant asking for help to find his wife. Otero suggested she might have walked to the police station, where she has worked for many years as a secretary, and the lieutenant gave him a ride there, records state.

That's where the couple encountered each other and immediately started arguing, records show. Police described her also as intoxicated and that she held an ice bag to her injured forehead. :oops::oops:

"Annabel then told me she was upset that Otero came to the police department and was upstairs," Sgt. Stacey Baseggio wrote. "I asked her why and she replied, 'I'm supposed to be safe here.'" :(

Annabel Otero denied being hit by her husband and said she might have hurt herself falling out of the moving car. Baseggio wrote the injury was not consistent with such a fall, which generally involves multiple bruises and abrasions that she did not have. :yes:

"That's why they separated them immediately," police spokeswoman Stacie Miller said Monday. "At that point the lieutenant had no idea there had been a domestic incident." :roll:
Carol Wick, head of domestic violence prevention at Harbor House of Central Florida, said Kissimmee police should review its handling of the Otero case.
"If you've got someone intoxicated who is looking for his wife, your first question is why is your wife missing," Wick said. "There really needs to be an internal affairs investigation." :yes:

It's particularly important to separate and interview couples if they have been drinking and there are signs of violence, Wick said.
"That's a serious reason for pause," Wick said, explaining why police departments have domestic violence protocols to make sure cases are handled consistently.

The situation that night was so tense another police supervisor rushed from a nearby office in the station after hearing Lt. Jaime Alberti radio a sergeant on the street, asking her to respond quickly.

"As I came out of the Street Crimes Unit office I noticed Commissioner Otero standing in the hallway by the break room," Sgt. Wilson Munoz wrote of seeing and hearing Otero disregard several orders to leave the area. "At this point Commissioner Otero raised his voice and in a stern voice told Lieutenant Alberti that he was going to get in trouble for trying to make something out of nothing."

Otero is a Democrat and a self-described evangelical Christian who once served as a missionary. He drew attention in 2009 for attempting to add "In God We Trust" to the city logo, worried that Kissimmee was taking "liberal postures such as homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and the legalization of marijuana."

While commissioners didn't approve the move city voters later decided to add the phrase to the city's logo.

There are written reports, for those interested, documenting the entire incident.


Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

Art should be impeached. He was giving orders to city employees trying to do their job.

11/23/15 @ 20:45

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

He's got the backing of the cigar club for his run for Mayor but even they cannot help him now, no matter how much money they're willing to throw away! Many friends say it was just a matter of time before his ego exploded and here it is. Everyone knows the victim will deny anything was wrong, but the cat was let out of the bag once she told KPD she was seeking refuge at their house!
The remaining commissioners should take actions against him and eventually, the people should say NO to him on any position he runs for.
I just hope his wife gets the needed help before it's too late!

11/24/15 @ 07:46

Comment from: gorp13 [Member]

Wow! Sounds like Carlos Irizarry deja vu! But also important.......Did the police file a report? Why? Because she worked there? Because of Otero's position? Afraid of political correctness? She sought help where she felt safe. She was bruised and intoxicated. Her husband flagged down a cop to assist in a domestic dispute, tried to intimidate the officer(S) and was belligerent to them. Why was he not charged? Will the commissioners rebuff him? Censure him? When will ALL the facts come out? Where are scrape marks or road abrasions on hands or knees if she "fell" out of a car? Just asking.

11/24/15 @ 09:42

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

Report IS filed. An arrest should have been made based upon the very obvious evidence. Abused spouses are seemingly cast aside by most law enforcement employees because they simply have no idea what to do! A shame is now cast over the KPD and there should be an internal, on the LT. on down!
Plus, Otero yelling and commanding directions to officers should have been enough to arrest on public (the PD is a public building) intoxication!
Seems like Carlos and Art are cut from the same cloth! Shame on Art, who should drop out of the Mayor's race.

11/24/15 @ 10:59

Comment from: Eddy [Visitor]

@Gorp13, your questions would need to be directed to a police force who actually cares. "KPD" could care less unless they're in trouble. The way to stay out of trouble is by ignoring commissioners who MAY hit their wives, and violate the city's charter!

11/24/15 @ 16:07

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

Ortero has made a laughing stock out of himself. Not only has he proven himself a racist by his Dream Team promotion, his comments alone are enough. I just read a story in the Miami Herald that said two people won the presidential race. Ortero should go run for something down there.

11/24/15 @ 17:37

Comment from: Lamont Cranston [Visitor]

Adding to the statements and questions; The City Commissioners have a written "code of ethics" and in it they have rules for decorum on the dais, respecting each other in session, etc. Possibly they might ask Mr. Steigerwald or Mr. Smallwood the proper way to address this. How about this? Carl asks thru his sources why wasn't an arrest made? A warning issued? Why can't this be brought to the attention of our County Prosecutor?

11/24/15 @ 18:05

Comment from: The Lokosee Kid [Visitor]

Well, we all know that has a head so big he has to open both doors to enter the City Hall and we all know he has a Napoleon Complex, but Larry I don't see any evidence that the so called Cigar Club is backing him. So far he has $2150 in contributions, including $500 from himself and $500 from Waste Management, the garbage company that has the commercial garbage contract with the City. This is half of all his contributions. Coincidentally Waste Management has also contributed $500 to his opponent, Jose Alvarez. I would hope this puts the nail in the coffin but you know how the voters ignore any kind of common sense from time to time.

11/24/15 @ 22:28

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

Lamont Cranston
I guess you are referring to Jeff Ashton. Good luck with that. The first thing he did when he was elected was close down the public corruption unit.

11/25/15 @ 14:18

Comment from: Dark knight [Visitor]

It's quite obvious that this gentleman? Is totally out of control and we should think twice before voting him in as Mayor
The police covered up the entire incident why I have no idea but should be investigated by FDLE or the State Attorney office
Remember folks who to vote for and it's not A Otero

11/25/15 @ 16:35

Comment from: larry [Visitor]

@Lokosee Kid, All that I know of was Mr Otero did have a meeting with a club member who made promises of support as long as he ran for Mayor. According to who I spoke with the club is afraid of Jose Alvarez, why I do not know, but the club member allegedly told him they would get behind him. Now, that he has the current mess I'm sure they will stay waaayyy behind him!

11/27/15 @ 13:20

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