HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! County Commissioners Wish YOU Another/Additional Gas Tax! Brace Yourselves For MORE Fees! more....

Posted on | January 2nd, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Happy New Year all! Beginning the 1st of the year, (Friday) Osceola County implemented their additional 5 cents per gallon tax, making the county tax a total of 11 cents per gallon! Credit Mr. Arrington with the idea of MORE TAXES! He, and fellow Democrat Mike Harford were completely in favor of the additional tax with the only Republican on the Commission voting against it. We give the majority of the credit to Arrington as he was the county chairman when discussions began on the item and he was also a big fan of SunRail for Osceola County, even though it would only serve a very small portion of the county's population. With the county's agreement to hop aboard SunRail came an added financial responsibility for the rail system. Latest guesstimates for Osceola's tab is roughly $2 Million which is supposed to take care of the operating costs for the county's share. Oh, neither under Arrington or any other Chairman, was a SunRail budget EVER created or planned for (how to pay their financial obligations) and, up to this minute, there remains no SunRail plan! :no:

The added gas tax is hoped to create an additional $6 Million per year and is expected to be spent upon Osceola's road paving/repaving/and new road construction. *It should be noted that Osceola County joins ONLY Polk and Volusia counties as collectors of the additional nickel tax, allowed by the state. One thing we observed is the absence of any budget which would include SunRail, and no special designation on the newly adopted added nickel tax. We did check the 2016 budget and could not locate any designated source for roads, so we can only hope commissioners will keep their word on how the additional monies will be spent. By the way, neither Orange, Seminole, Lake, or Brevard has adopted the allowed additional nickel tax which will, most likely, assist in gaining additional fueling business from those crossing over the county's 'borders' to access more reasonable fueling costs.

Looking back to Kissimmee Commissioner Art Arturo and his eventful evening last month, it appears he's been trying desperately to stay out of his own way by remaining quiet and possibly behaving himself. Still, talk around town is he has little chance of having a successful Mayoral campaign. Just saying'. :roll:

Now, there's the clerk of courts Armando Ramirez, who has handed out bonuses to office employees, with varying amounts! As we're told there have been several requests for information, including from WFTV, to learn just WHO received HOW MUCH. So far, Ramirez's office has not complied with the various Sunshine law requests but perhaps, this New Year will bring about a change. :crazy: :lalala:

Speaking about the clerk's office, there are four, (4) people running for the post this year. Coincidentally, ALL are Democrats!
The first one to be mentioned is the incumbent clerk, Armando Ramirez, who resides inside a P.O. Box 451052, Kissimmee ,according to his campaign filings.. Anyone wanting to check on his record as clerk should simply get hold of any back articles/reports over these past few years to learn a lot about the man in the office today. He, indeed, will have a very difficult reelection bid despite his claim to be a man of the people! :crazy: :))

Next up is a James Jordan of 2756 Big Timber Drive, Kissimmee. His financial forms are questionable, at best, but if the Supervisor's office accepts them (unsigned with no named Treasurer) that's their business. The candidate himself, has checked off that he is the deputy Treasurer of his account but we do not know of whom he is the deputy of! :oops: :roll:

Next up is the FORMER Deputy Clerk of Courts Arthur Osborne, of 423 Pennsylvania Ave., St. Cloud, under Armando Ramirez. Ramirez fired him very early into office citing irreconcilable difference. RUMORS claim Ramirez did not like the way Osborne was operating as the Deputy Clerk.

And finally, the 4th candidate is FORMER Clerk of Court, Malcom Thompson, of P.O. Box 421896, Kissimmee who served for four years until losing his reelection bid to Ramirez. This was when Democrats were being elected and Republicans were not. This election, so far, ALL candidates are Democrat thus leaving a likelihood of the next Clerk being elected out of the primary election!

THIS will be a most interesting election period featuring the current clerk, a current deputy sheriff, and a former hero police officer from Kissimmee, and a relatively unknown candidate.

We do hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season and are all safely returned to home and are all healthy. That is our New Year's wish for ALL of you, to be safe, and healthy with God's blessings!
****************************************************************Kissimmee Police Looking for Domestic Battery Suspect************************************************************

Kissimmee, Fla. (January 02, 2015) – Kissimmee police are looking for 25-year-old Domingo Antonio Quiroz-Merced in reference to a Domestic Battery Investigation.

Kissimmee Police are asking for the public’s help in locating Domingo Antonio Quiroz-Merced whose whereabouts is unknown. Officers obtained an arrest warrant for Domingo Antonio Quiroz-Merced who battered a victim numerous times over a three day period. Domingo Antonio Quiroz-Merced repeatedly punched, slapped, kicked, and injured the victim.
Anyone with information on Domingo Antonio Quiroz-Merced’s location is asked to contact the Kissimmee Police Department at 407-846-3333, by e-mail at seeitsayit@kissimmee.org or CRIMELINE at 1-800-423-TIPS 8477. Calls made to CRIMELINE remain anonymous and, tips that lead to the felony arrest of suspects and/or the recovery of stolen property and drugs are eligible for cash rewards of up to $1,000 dollars.

Domingo Antonio Quiroz-Merced <-------------------------------Let's Get This Punk!!
Date of Birth: 08/11/1990

Comment from: Tony Ferentinos [Visitor]

Cheerleader Arrington thinks that 6 million dollars is going to build and maintain our roads.
Bringing back the impact fee that he was so in favor of eliminating back a few years ago, to help all his developer friends and screw us.
Now we are looking for at least 700 million dollars to get our infrastructure where it needs to be.
This 5 cent gas tax is NOT for three roads because that would be like taking a teaspoon full of water out of Lake Michigan.
Let's be honest Brandon. This is to help with Sun Rail, because you have no knowledge on how to fund this

01/02/16 @ 18:36

Comment from: Jeffery A. Goldmacher [Visitor]

While I have never posted on this blog before, even when I was attacked a few years ago running for office, I am getting so tired of individuals that make statements that are not true in order to boost their own political position. What I am talking about is the first comment under this thread by Mr. Tony Ferentinos. An ex-Republican, turned Democrat, who is speaking to the Libertarian club (an organization further to the right than most Republicans) to garner their support for his third attempt running for County Commission in District 3. I do not support the current holder of that seat and wish there was a candidate that could unseat him, preferably a Republican, as I am a Republican, it is tough to sit idly by and watch his competition make false statements. But this is typical of this individual. Carls’ lead story was attacking the fact that as of the New Year, we must pay $.05 more at the gas pump as a tax to fund infrastructure. I am not a supporter of this tax and do not feel it is the answer to this County’s infrastructure needs and Commissioner Arrington should be chastised for being the cheerleader for it. But, what I am talking about is Mr. Ferentinos’s statement that Commissioner Arrington supported, a few years ago, doing away with impact fees in order to appease his developer friends and screw us. To take a phrase from a sportscaster, “let’s go to the video tape”. The date was July 11, 2011. The place was the County Commission meeting room of the County Administration building. Item number 26 on the agenda for that meeting. Specifically, the 47 minute and 10 second mark of that meeting whereby the vote was taken on eliminating the County Impact Fee for residential building. The vote was 3-2. The 2 dissenting votes where Commissioners Arrington and Hartford. So there it is! Commissioner Arrington did not support doing away with the residential impact fee. As a matter of fact, his so called developer friends, were so displeased with his vote, the Home Builders Association of Central Florida endorsed me over him in the 2012 election. This is not the first time that Mr. Ferentinos has made this claim. I just hope that as we go forward in this election cycle, Mr. Ferentinos’s campaign stops attacking his opposition with falsehoods but lays out his plan to run this County. On a side note, if Mr. Ferentinos actually knew what was going on in the County, he would know that the County did bring back Impact fees but are calling them Mobility Fees. This gives the County more flexibility on what to do with the monies collected whereby the monies could be used for road maintenance as well as new roads where the Impact fee could only be used for new roads.

01/02/16 @ 22:44

Comment from: Ghoat Writer [Visitor]

Is it true that Wayne Evans is back in town having moved back from California?

01/03/16 @ 01:59

Comment from: Gold comes in first [Visitor]

Nice letter Jeff, really classy of you. Just a reminder to those reading, Jeff beat Tony considerably in the 2012 republican primary so Jeff doesn't need to attack Tony. I hope your comment means you are considering getting into the race Jeff. This is Tony's campaign tactic, a quick Google search shows he did the same thing to Ken Shipley a decade ago. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

01/03/16 @ 14:26

Comment from: I remember [Visitor]

Whay didn't Carl mention up top that the candidates he supported Janer and Grieb both voted for the gas tax increase?

01/03/16 @ 15:18

Comment from: Phony Tony [Visitor]

Accusatory comments using language which cannot be proved will not be tolerated. We TRUST all contributors to be responsible adults, but will delete this not capable of commenting without the use of false claims.

01/03/16 @ 15:52

Comment from: Gary [Visitor]

Well, not much running for clerk's office. RUMORS are all you hear anytime you start asking about who's running.
The current clerk is an embarrassment to the entire county, plus especially to Hispanics.
The former clerk Malcom, seems like a nice guy but again, those pesky rumors are around.
The other guy who was fired by Ramirez must be awful considering he was fired by one of the worst clerks ever! Plus he still plays cops &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; robbers in orange county.
the new guy....who knows him? I sure don't but I did look online and his paperwork is not as clear as it's supposed to be. I guess the sup. of elections is relaxing the rules of the state.
I guess, considering who's running, I'd rather have a man who is considered to be a hero, and I've been told that numerous times since asking about him, than a turncoat from Orange county or some new guy who wants a big paycheck right away.

01/04/16 @ 14:03

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

@ I remember. We have, throughout previous blogs, mentioned our disappointment with Grieb & Janer. Quite frankly, we're embarrassed by their actions, especially Janer's considering her being an alleged newcomer into the political world of Osceola County. Grieb is a bit more seasoned while Janer has stars in her eyes and is quick to pose for pics and give interviews, despite her not being very knowledgable, and certainly not loyal.

As for Mr. Goldmacher's dramatic "there it is" comment, the facts remain. Mr. Arrington voted FOR the additional nickel gas tax. Mr. Arrington spoke of it at least a year ago giving reason the funds were needed to improve roads. What Arrington did NOT do was to vote against the demise of the original impact fees, from which Osceola County benefitted in road expansions, as well as new road construction.

We applaud Mr. Goldmacher's loyalty to Mr. Arrington.


01/04/16 @ 14:14

Comment from: gorp13 [Member]

GHOAT WRITER. Yes Mr. Evans bought a home here and currently is enjoying retirement. As reported, he married his high school sweetheart.

01/04/16 @ 14:41

Comment from: Jeffery A. Goldmacher [Visitor]

@Carl – I am not disagreeing with you regarding the $.05 gas tax increase that Commissioner Arrington has been a longtime supporter for. Along with watch him try to get an increase to the sales tax on the ballot this fall. And as I stated it is wrong and not a solution to the infrastructure woes this County is experiencing. But not to get into a pissing contest with you, I will state once again that Commissioner Arrington voted against getting rid of the residential impact fee. It is right there on tape.

As for my loyalty to Commissioner Arrington, I think you read my post wrong. I stated I wish we could get someone else in there and rid our self of him. My post had nothing to do with loyalty to him, but about the constant lies and misrepresentation of fact that has become Mr. Ferentino’s method of conducting a campaign.

01/04/16 @ 15:04

Comment from: Carl [Visitor]

We agree with you Mr. Goldmacher, on the residential impact fee, however, he was all for cutting or eliminating just about all other fees. Plus, the entire county awaits the SunRail budget, which Mr Arrington fully supported without the first clue on how to pay for it. That one item alone should be enough for voters to realize his lack of knowledge and capability to handle the job.
Have a good New Year!

01/05/16 @ 19:48

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

Wayne was active advocate in California. Good to have him back.

01/05/16 @ 20:03

Comment from: LAMONT CRANSTON [Visitor]

Wayne served the city of Kissimmee and Osceola county on numerous boards such as C.D.B.G. He did the same in Calif, 7 total. He has just been appointed to the Osceola county C.D.B.G. BOARD.

01/06/16 @ 16:20

Comment from: Longtime Cricket reader [Visitor]

I have been reading this blog for years. I am suprised Carl now wants statements/accusations to be "provable." This is not a standard Carl has held commenters or his posts to this standard. Carl used to say this was supposed to be a "rumor" blog and if you don't like it, too bad.

I look forward to him holding everyone including himself to this new standard.

01/07/16 @ 14:23

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

Spanking Frank
Would you mind translating into English? You look like Wee Wee wrote your post.

01/08/16 @ 02:16

Comment from: Benny [Visitor]

If you idiots didn't complain about this blog, what else would you do? Spanking Frank's writing looks more like he was spanking himself at the time he posted!Double Standard likes posting under how many different names all "the years' he's been reading this blog. And, 'Longtime Cricket Reader, Do us all a favor and stop reading it it you don't like the blog.

Meanwhile, those of us who enjoy reading, will continue, just without your bs!

01/10/16 @ 18:52

Comment from: Tony Ferentinos [Visitor]

Mr. Gold Marco forgets that he is the biggest loser in Osceola County when it comes to Elections he holds the record for the least amount of votes in any election in the history of Osceola County.

01/10/16 @ 22:16

Comment from: Pot meet kettle [Visitor]

Tony Ferentinos are you really criticizing someone for losing elections? How many have you lost I've lost count… You've lost three as a Republican that I know of and there maybe more. Now you're about to lose one as a Democrat.

You call Goldmacher a loser when you've lost everything you've ever tried. You are the very definition of a loser.

01/10/16 @ 23:00

Comment from: Jeffery A. Goldmacher [Visitor]

Tony, Tony Tony – you are the last one to criticize. I may have lost that election by a wide margin and according to you the least amount of votes in an Osceola Election, but then again we know how facts and the truth are strangers to you but at least I made it to a General Election, something you have never been able to accomplish. You lost big time in 2 Republican primaries, the second one to me 50% to 32% and I even beat you in the election for Precinct Committeman by a 2 to 1 vote. And what does any of this have to do with the fact that you made a claim that I proved was untruthful. Stop trying to cloud the issue with information that has nothing to do with what I proved.

And by the way, I at least have enough class to use your name and spell it correctly, what point are you trying to make by screwing up my name. I thought that mentality went out in the 6th grade.

01/11/16 @ 00:07

Comment from: Bigguns [Visitor]

Tony & Jeff - You guys need to get a room. Just kidding. Couldn't resist!

01/11/16 @ 05:01

Comment from: Ironic [Visitor]

Jeff- Funny Tony calls you a big loser when he's loses usually 2 to 1. But now Tony will finally fulfill his dream of being on the General Election ballot. He's a Democrat but knows that he's currently in 4th place for the Primary and can't beat Matos or Brandon so now that he's running as NPA. I'm betting he will lose by a bigger margin then you did in 2012.

01/13/16 @ 22:16

Comment from: Lava the Banty Rooster [Visitor]

Well said Turd Mole with Talons! A real engaged and intellectual group on here. What was it? Wannabe mullet wrapper I believe.

01/15/16 @ 02:04

Comment from: Ghost Writer [Visitor]

The Democrats have controlled the county commission for one year.
Notice any difference as promised?
Super appointment of the new school superintendent. The other school board members have pretty well ignored Jay the past year. Chairman Thacker was excellent as Chairman of the county planning commission and I expect him to do the same with the school board.
Armando continues take care of business.

01/21/16 @ 23:07

Comment from: ugotthatright [Visitor]

Does anyone have an address for TOny Ferentinos - I know what jail-- just dont know what cell block

01/23/16 @ 03:41

Comment from: Press release [Visitor]

Just saw Tony on the news and saw the press release regarding his press release.

Today, Osceola County Sheriff's detectives arrested Anthony Ferentinos and charged him with Scheme to Defraud, Grand Theft, Use of Identification without Consent, 2 counts of Uttering False Instrument, Obtaining Services with Invalid Vehicle Title and Counterfeit Pay Instrument with Intent to Defraud.
The investigation began in February of last year when a victim reported a month before, he met Ferentinos, owner of TJ Auto Sales located at 2040 E. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway in Kissimmee, through a friend, David Cruz. Cruz told the victim he is a vehicle supplier for Ferentinos and offered to have TJ Auto Sales sell the victim's car. The victim agreed and Cruz took the car and the car title to TJ Auto Sales. A month later, the victim was contacted by Cruz who indicated the car was sold for $8,700. The victim told detectives he never signed the car title, but after further investigation, investigators located the individual who purchased the car and the title had the victim's forged signature.
When the victim went to TJ Auto Sales to collect his money, Ferentinos told him his assets were frozen due to a criminal investigation and he could not pay the victim. At the time, Ferentinos was a suspect in another criminal case connected to David Cruz. Cruz was arrested for numerous auto theft and title fraud crimes. That investigation is on-going with additional charges pending.
Through the course of this investigation, detectives executed a search warrant at TJ Auto Sales and discovered Ferentinos was falsifying paycheck stubs and credit applications to assist potential car buyers with qualifying for credit at bank institutions. Ferentinos was brought in for questioning and admitted forging these documents to help customers gain approval for loans.
Detectives also discovered Ferentinos was falsifying official documents to re-assign vehicles to his car dealership. Today, Ferentinos was brought in to speak with detectives and he cooperated with the investigation. Based on his statements and the evidence, detectives arrested Ferentinos and charged him with Scheme to Defraud, Grand Theft, Use of Identification without Consent, 2 counts of Uttering False Instrument, Obtaining Services with Invalid Vehicle Title and Counterfeit Pay Instrument with Intent to Defraud. He was booked into the Osceola County Jail. The investigation is on-going with additional charges pending.


01/23/16 @ 04:07

Comment from: ugotthatright [Visitor]

It is pretty comical, coming here after a while, (no need, since like a soap opera, nothing much changes- ie no new main story). We pick a new Supt., we have a name that loves to chime in here being arrested on an assortment of charges,but let someone give a little money legally to an organization that doesn't fit into their lovely little world view and THAT gets a screaming headline.... EXPOSED--(wait for it-- the ugotthatwrong and the excuses)....

:) Peace, love and togetherness baby! Love-in sweet '16

01/25/16 @ 18:57

Comment from: gorp13 [Member]

I wonder if Carl is on an extended vacation. This post is really old. Is nothing happening that concerns voters and citizens? Many of us speak English only despite the population being 64% Hispanic. R.I.P. Carl.

02/10/16 @ 13:32

Comment from: Mickey Mouse [Visitor]

I wonder if Carl Cricket is actually Tony Ferentinos.

02/26/16 @ 00:16

Comment from: Conspiracy Theory [Visitor]

Could be.

KSIB still posts press releases and mug shots from local arrests but conveniently left Tony's off.

02/27/16 @ 19:54

Comment from: Chico [Visitor]

UGOTTHATRIGHT is all wet and a smart ass. I think he's more ass than anything else. He can't back up what he says so he tries to bully people, like the ass he is, even though his words are completely meaningless. Posers like him killed the cricket. Too bad, this was the ONLY place to get more correct news than any tv, radio, or paper in or near Osceola County. Good luck to those who were coming up with ideas under Carl's name. You are missed!

05/05/16 @ 19:34

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