Osceola's Jail Needs Leadership & More Guards! Sklarek & Gibson Are Best Choices For Sheriff's Office! Clerk of Courts,

Posted on | May 28th, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

A few current jail guards let slip some information to a local TV station about mismanagement, drug dealing in the jail, and a serious lack of guard bodies to keep the jail secure and forcing many to work MANDATORY overtime, all at Osceola County's Taxpayer expense!
Upset over the reports on WFTV dating back to January 2016, an internal investigation was begun to find out who had the nerve to inform WFTV!

At least one inmate's actions this past January caused the beginning of at least two (2) investigations. This is because WFTV broadcast the report that the inmate was observed injecting drugs into himself. Then, this past April, at least 5 inmates were being investigated for possible drug charges, two inmates suspected of bringing the drugs into the jail are also being investigated. The other investigation in January was to find out who notified the media, and a rather threatening message sent to jail employees that anyone who shared the information could/would face serious disciplinary actions.
Jail officers will go through more training next week due to that breech.

Many of the officers said training is not the problem. They said there's not enough correctional officers, so they're overworked.
As part of the retraining, a body scanner was used to detect the drugs before they make it to inmate's cells.
At the same time, an internal investigation began into correctional officers giving 9 Investigates information.
An email that Channel 9 obtained said, “Leadership is actively investigating who released documents to the media" and that "the person or persons responsible may be held accountable" and terminated.
Jail leadership said they also focused on the drug problem, training 54 of 185 staff on the scanner. But even after the retraining, drugs made it into the facility again.

Authorities arrested Joshua O’Conner on May 18 for contempt of court, and 44 hours after passing through the body scanner, officers found more than 100 pills stashed inside a glove.
When deputies interviewed O’Conner about the contraband, they said "he'd already taken five pills" and "could not communicate properly."
O’Conner not only managed to smuggle the drugs in, but he also shared them with three other inmates.

In a separate case, same day, a nurse at the jail saw Roberto Valladares-Lopez with a syringe in his cell. Before any staff could reach him, he tried to flush it, officials said.
Both cases are still being looked at, but the internal investigation into correctional officers sharing information has been closed.

Channel 9 was told that the 100 pills appeared on the body scanner image, and an officer could face reprimand.
The dealings have led to an internal investigation, but not one that solves the problem. Instead, the investigation is aimed at uncovering the correctional officer who was giving information to Channel 9.

Now, with this in mind, we must ask County Commissioners just how STUPID are those on the jail management 'team'? Threatening an exhausted & weakened work force, FORCING officers to work MANDATORY overtime is just NOT good management. In fact, it isn't management at all! It is truly time to either hire the personnel needed to safely monitor the jail, OR, possible consider privatization which would increase security and possibly some salaries, but the best thing would be to completely lose all those in management positions and allowing the professionals to run the jail securely!

We believe this year's elections will bring you, the voter, several opportunities to correct some serious MISTAKES! The first big MISTAKE was the re-election of Armando Ramierez, current Clerk of the Courts, who has wasted more money than any drunken sailer ever could! We'll cover those who are trying to take his place, at least one of them being a former clerk's employee and who should remain just that, FORMER!

Sad news to pass along....School Board Attorney, Larry Brown has been diagnosed with stage 4 Esophageal Cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Brown and his family.

Coming up in the next couple of blogs we'll attempt to cover some of the political races around the county, as well as our state. We won't even attempt national as it's clear people are tired of, and do NOT trust politicians, so will it be Bernie, Hillary, and Donald, or will the national conventions change the tide of the way things shape up?

God Bless you ALL! Be safe this Memorial weekend and thank a vet next time you see one of them!
Thanks, veterans, for your service to OUR country, enabling this and many other free speech (to a degree) blogs!


Comment from: Tony Ferentinos [Visitor]

This one of many reasons that I believe the jail should be ran by the sheriffs office.

05/28/16 @ 20:30

Comment from: Ha [Visitor]

Tony wants to fix up the jail so its nicer when he is incarcerated.

Tony is awaiting trial for fraud and will soon be a prisoner in our jail or state prison

05/29/16 @ 22:15

Comment from: gorp13 [Member]

Ha. Short for Haha? Judge not less ye be so judged. Tony has a right to an opinion. Try correcting his grammar, not his intent.

05/31/16 @ 14:40

Comment from: Jessie [Visitor]

Nice one Gorp, but the idiot comment could only be from someone who has no idea of which they speak!

06/02/16 @ 22:52

Comment from: Ha [Visitor]

Ferentinos has a right to express his opinion, I have the right to express mine.
Tony Ferentinos has been arrested and indicted for fraud.
My OPINION is that Tony will spend a long time in jail.

06/03/16 @ 01:07

Comment from: Huh? [Visitor]

Ha has No idea about what he speaks? Does Tony have current fraud charges against him from the Osceola Sheriff office and a recent mugshot? I havent seen any story about the charges being dropped in fact last story said more charges were pending.

06/11/16 @ 11:27

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