Monday, March 9th's BOCC Agenda Calls For ADDITIONAL 5 Cent Gas Tax!!! Check Out The Agenda Online At County's Web Pages!!!

Posted on | March 5th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

It will take a Super Majority to approve the measure and we believe ALL 4 DEMOCRATS will vote FOR the added nickel tax. We have told you all several times that Mr Harford and Mr Arrogance, Arrington have never seen a tax or fee they didn't like! Well folks, hold on because they will stick you with an additional nickel gas tax and will come back for more in the form of the sales tax probably at the end of summer to early Fall!

Why? Because the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners did away with impact fees, taking care of their buddies. They also ALL FAILED to plan for little Brandon's choo choo train! Now, YOU will have to pay off the BOCC debts from their past few years of spending like drunk sailors on shore leave! Not only that, they continue to spend money they do NOT have and obligate future income before it's collected! Come on Osceola County, get PISSED at these clowns! Anyone voting FOR this tax MUST BE DEFEATED in the next elections they're involved in!!

We'll be back with more on Saturday! Gotta go out and buy up the vaseline supplies in the county!!!


School Board's Biggest Embarrassment, WHY Is Colt Fighting Osceola? Candidates for 2016, More Tax Money Needed This Year! Be Ready Osceola County!

Posted on | February 28th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Okay, okay, we'll tell the truth. The three of us have had some problems lately, one had a death in the family, the other two angry, teed off, and almost ready to toss in the towel. Teed off because of the complete silliness of a particular school board member, and the voters in his district and the rest of the county being willing to accept his completely stupid statements as "oh, that's just Jay sounding off again". What we do NOT understand is why his conduct is accepted at OUR school board meetings, as well as in OUR community? While some others in the past may, we say MAY have ignited a flame or two, Wheeler has conducted himself since first being elected the same way. Total disrespect for his fellow board members and anyone else who steps up to disagree with him! When will this conduct no longer be acceptable? Who the heck knows since the people, taxpayers and voters have accepted this boob as their school board representative for way too long. Just imagine if County and municipal leaders conducted themselves the way this guy does? Osceola people would not accept it! So again, why do they accept his type of behavior on the school board where the business of our school system, affecting OUR school children and employees? We believe the man to be a hypocrite, liar, certainly a scoundrel, and we continue to believe him to be a thief (see his record on "borrowing campaign money for personal use), and we certainly believe Mr Wheeler to be very bad for Osceola's school system.

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NO, Despite the Rumors And Some Politician's Dreams,We Have NOT Passed On!

Posted on | February 25th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

We've been on an extended break and, quite frankly, been tossing our cookies since Wheeler's childish attempt at terminating one of the better School system's Superintendents Osceola County has had in quite awhile!
Anyways, we'll be back with a brand new post within a couple days, but definitely no later than Saturday. Thanks, as always for all your emails!

God Bless all!

School Board Meeting WILL Be Interesting! more..............

Posted on | February 3rd, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Tuesday, February 3rd's school board meeting will get the year off to another Wheeler show when he's expected to whine against the current school Superintendent, Melba Luciano who, in our opinion, has done a wonderful job and should be rewarded for her outstanding performance. Instead, Mr. Jay Wheeler, will attempt to pour his well known sour milk all over her accomplishments and actually attempt to have her terminated! Thankfully, another Board member, Mr. Soto, has publicly stated his support for Ms. Luciano and has also stated he did not favor her termination. That leaves the two newest members and the school board chairman to decide the fate of OUR Superintendent.
No attack on the two newest members BUT with all the Holidays off, and schools closed for the Christmas Holiday, have they worked closely enough to even make an intelligent evaluation of Ms. Luciano's work performance? We believe not. The School Board Chairman, Tim Weisheyer has been a very good Chairman ( no wonder why he was selected again to be the Chair) and has been a very level and fair person and has represented the voters/taxpayers very well. Mr. Soto has obviously shaken off the Wheeler influence, so it really does leave the voting to the two newest school board members, Mr. Thacker and Mr. Booth, who both appear to be fair minded people as well.
We question if Wheeler's communication with the other members is a Sunshine Law violation considering it was NOT done at any kind of public event, meeting, or other?

Here's a copy of what Wheeler sent to his fellow School Board members;

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