So What? We've Been Missing BUT, Where Has Osceola County Been?

Posted on | May 19th, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

So we;ll get started by commenting on the so-called "Trail Ride" with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer being 'honored' as the Trail Boss. This definitely displays one of the greatest problems in Osceola County history. There are no more REAL cowboys left in the county so now Osceola has to select a Mayor from Orlando (city) to lead the cattle! Are you kidding ALL of us? Dyer has an attitude which does NOT belong in Osceola County yet, the powers that be invite this guy to continue the county's heritage. SHAME befalls upon those making the choice. Yes, he's been a resident and attended schools here when he was a kid. So What? That sure as Hell doesn't make him a real cowboy, even with his very slight drawl!

Also Osceola citizens, get ready for YOUR elected county commissioners to give away approximately $500,000.00 to the City of Orlando & Orange County over the next 3 years. This is to assist in bringing the NFL's Pro Bowl to ORLANDO! What Osceola County will receive for its donation is the possibility of Bowl attendees selecting a room to stay in for that weekend. Possibly dining, and visits to some attractions however, we'll ask, is it FAIR to take tax dollars AWAY from Osceola County when their budgeted funds are in such deplorable condition? No matter which fund they'll raid, they'll take whatever they want, from wherever they want, no matter who complains and how much they contribute in taxes in Osceola County. This November election is the time when you, the voters, can actually repay those you believe did a splendid, or very poor job in stewarding YOUR tax dollars! YES, your vote counts!

We're exhausted, already, from coming back and writing this little blog. We know many have departed but there are those who have actually been looking for us, so thank you to all!

May the rest of this week be as good for you as you wish it for others! Be healthy, be a good neighbor, and may God Bless YOU!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! County Commissioners Wish YOU Another/Additional Gas Tax! Brace Yourselves For MORE Fees! more....

Posted on | January 2nd, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Happy New Year all! Beginning the 1st of the year, (Friday) Osceola County implemented their additional 5 cents per gallon tax, making the county tax a total of 11 cents per gallon! Credit Mr. Arrington with the idea of MORE TAXES! He, and fellow Democrat Mike Harford were completely in favor of the additional tax with the only Republican on the Commission voting against it. We give the majority of the credit to Arrington as he was the county chairman when discussions began on the item and he was also a big fan of SunRail for Osceola County, even though it would only serve a very small portion of the county's population. With the county's agreement to hop aboard SunRail came an added financial responsibility for the rail system. Latest guesstimates for Osceola's tab is roughly $2 Million which is supposed to take care of the operating costs for the county's share. Oh, neither under Arrington or any other Chairman, was a SunRail budget EVER created or planned for (how to pay their financial obligations) and, up to this minute, there remains no SunRail plan! :no:

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Brandon Arrington Is A Bad Bet For District 3, Janer & Grieb Are NOT Much Better! And Then There's Good Ol' Armando,Entertainer Of The Year!

Posted on | December 27th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Despite the rumors being floated by an overzealous blogger, we're still among the living and ready to go! We'll begin with Osceola County's District 3, who's now STUCK with Commissioner Brandon Arrington who happens to be coming up for election and, so far, he's running for the seat he now holds. It seems he's attempting to buy votes by providing *special* events, which are paid for by ALL county taxpayers so we'd believe that just about everyone is free to attend any one of his shenanigans, OOPS, scratch that, functions. He apparently thinks the people in his district are foolish enough to not realize just what's happening, particularly in the Poinciana area, where he tries to impress folks with games and food in order to have them speak about just how wonderful he is when he actually is NOT as wonderful as he thinks he is. So many Poinciana residents have pointed out to us that they see Mr. Arrington only when he wants something. Whether it's their votes, or support for some program (like SunRail) he's there soliciting! SunRail is a fine example of Mr. Arrington's mislead political thinking. There have been numerous projects which he's voted to waste money on in support but SunRail is fast losing money and serving less! There's been a cut in hours of service and a whole lot of nothing during the weekends! Why?

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Is Commissioner Arturo In Trouble?

Posted on | November 23rd, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the following happened just last week.

City Commissioner Arturo "Art" Otero was involved in domestic disturbance a week ago after arguing with his wife outside a Kissimmee bar, police reports show.

A police report described Otero, who has announced he's running for mayor next year, as intoxicated when he showed up at Kissimmee police headquarters on Nov. 14 looking for his wife Annabel. He became angry when told police were investigating why she had a lump larger than a golf ball on her forehead. :oops:

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