We're Told, 'So What If Harford Gave To Muslims'/ Was Carl "Inflammatory"?, Links For Veteran's Day Added Benefits, more......

Posted on | November 1st, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Okay, we'll get right into it since the topic appears to be fresh on a few minds. Last week we used the word Muslim in the Title and now we stand accused of trying to be "inflammatory" in the title. Could be. What we actually attempted, as pointed out in the blog, was to draw attention to your tax dollars going to religious groups instead of you. IF others, and there are, had a problem with the blog, so be it. No matter the protests, the fact remains that your tax dollars are being given away to religious groups which is a clear violation of the church and state statute. We do not want our tax dollars going to any cause we may not support, be it Muslim, Hispanic, Catholic, or Hebrew! We believe Mr. Harford's giving was NOT in line with the intent of the law. As we had clearly stated last week, we opposed such giving of tax dollars, no matter the name, no matter the religion. Inflammatory? Hardly, but at least some people noticed, and that's a good thing!

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Did County Commissioner Mike Harford REALLY give a local MUSLIM Group Money? Art Otero-Candidate Yes, But Honest? Hmmm

Posted on | October 25th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

YOU read it, and it's true! Per an Osceola County Public Information Release Mr. Harford, a former military member who served within United States territories duringthe Viet Nam era, has given $1,000.00 of his so called community enhancement fund to the group known locally as the 'American Muslim Council'. While we were researching "gifts" given by other Osceola Commissioners, this kind of popped right out to the front of the line! Before you all start, YES, it's a very open minded 'gift', considering the Muslims have been fairly good neighbors here in Osceola. Also, keep in mind this 'gift' was given during the 2014/2015 budget year, as we're advised so, YOU be the judge, after all is said and done, it's YOUR money! See Mr. Harford's list of 'gifts' below;

District 1
Commissioner Harford
Recipient Name Amount
Intercession City Civic Association $(6,250.00)
Help Now $(1,000.00)
Community Hope Center $(1,000.00)
American Muslim Council $(1,000.00) <-------Religious group?
Osceola Center for Arts $(2,500.00)
Heroes on the Water Central FL Chapter $(1,000.00)
Osceola County Historical Society $(1,000.00)
Caribbean & Floridian Assoc Inc $(500.00)
Historical Sign $(4,466.80)
Three Kings Day Event $(1,000.00) <------Religious donation?
Aubrey Clark's Scholarship Fund $(1,000.00)
Intercession City Civic Association $(25,000.00)
Osceola County Historical Society $(1,000.00)
Florida Victory Outreach Center $(1,500.00)
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post $(500.00)
Celebration Foundation $(1,500.00)
Shingle Creek Park $(1,000.00)
Ending Balance $(51,216.80) <------Where's the rest of OUR money, Commissioner Harford?

Hey Commissioner, ever hear of the separation between church and state?

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NEW POLL For YOU! The City of Saint Cloud's Salaries!

Posted on | October 14th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Based upon a comment made by the Editor of the 'OBJ', we've removed this blog. According to Cindy Barth, an Editor at the OBJ, we may provide a link to their paper, but NOT reprint the list because she claims the information is copyrighted. Rather than argue the point, we've made all our requests to gain the information ourselves, and legally.
Our relationship with WFTV remains in tact and we'll continue sharing information.

We apologize for our error.


Our Poll is still up and you're welcome to take part in it.

The City Of Saint Cloud Is In Trouble With The Hiring Of New City Manager With Turbulent Past! YOU Be The Judge!

Posted on | October 9th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

That's what we say about the city who either didn't even consider doing a simple Google on 'Joseph Helfenberger Ottumwa Iowa' as simply as we did! OR, they just did not really care about the past of the possibly new city manager and, without regard to either his job performance issues, or anything else, decided to reward him with an offer. OUR question to the candidate is; Are you simply looking for a retirement check here in sunny Florida, rather than facing your Ottumwa City Council's 6 month performance review placed in January of this year when the majority believed your tenure in your city administrator's position was questionable?

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