We've Returned! Unemployed County Commissioner Going To China In Search For Investors/Jobs! WHO Is Clint Diamond & Who's In Charge Of Osceola County?

Posted on | October 3rd, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Yes, vacation was terrific and we've all come home with recharged batteries! So, here we go.
While so many Osceola taxpayers, (that's the ones paying the bills) continue to scratch their heads over UNemployed Commissioner Mike Harford's trip to China, we must also
question how on Earth he was able to repay a several hundred thousand dollar debt, without reporting it on his financials! We also wonder how many of his financials are true and correct or simply hurriedly filed without thought. In previous financials, Mr. Harford reported a very large debt and his income was 'only' his commission salary, so again, how on earth was he able to (1) pay down his debt completely on only his county salary, and (2), why hasn't it been reported CORRECTLY in his own financial reports? So what, you might ask, but we're just curious how/why he reported the debt, and then files the next financial report without showing the debt or any means of paying the debt off. This just makes us wonder what else may, or may not is being reported! :lalala:

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Posted on | September 21st, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

We're on vacation,(all 3 of us but not together!) and we'll return here October 2nd. Please, be safe and healthy!


St Cloud City Council Backs Down From Tax Increase(for now), Later High School Start Times May Be Beneficial To Students! Small Catch Ups!..........

Posted on | September 11th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

The City of Saint Cloud's ruling bosses have clearly shown that not one of them know how to read their own budget! Their behavior at the Council meeting displayed complete confusion, frustration for the city's workforce, and bewilderment by the audience attending the meeting.
First, the city council, weeks ago, tried to float a fire fee (tax) past the taxpayers. When it came time for a decision, that allegedly sorely needed fire fee was scrapped! After regrouping, ALL the city council members stated the only other things to do would be: 1. to lay off close to a hundred employees 2. raise property taxes to cover the budget shortage, which every single council member agreed the shortage was there! :crazy: :lalala:

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Does Rubio Have Plan For Losing? Introducing Peking Mike And The Democratic Party's Decision To Abandon Most Democratic Candidates At Harford's Urging!...more

Posted on | August 31st, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

A few points we picked up over this past weekend, Plus we want to introduce Peking Mike and how he plays behind so many backs!

Mr. Rubio, now has a plan "in case" he loses the Presidential nomination. Please, stop laughing everyone! :)) As though no other Federal candidate has ever done so, Rubio is continuing to raise money for his "Presidential" campaign but also has a plan to use those funds for his Florida Gubernatorial run in 2018. The law protects this guy in that he may use funds raised for one campaign to run for another. We do NOT understand why it's legal, but good ol' Marco has plans "if" he is not elected President! Since we must all agree that he won't win the nomination, look oout Florida in 2018! We just do NOT need Rubio in any office in Florida!

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