They Did It! By A Vote Of 4-0 Taxpayers To Pay Additional $150,000.00 For Mistake By Harford, Arrington, Attkisson, Quinones, And Hawkins! Just What Taxpayers Do....PAY!

Posted on | May 4th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Well, Monday afternoon's BOCC meeting simply proved there are still big spenders on the BOCC. They are in the forms of County Commissioner Brandon Arrington, Michael Harford, Cheryl Grieb, and Viviana Janer, all whom we believe to be completely ignorant of taxpayers' wishes and demands! Only Fred Hawkins voted against the proposal, to bail out Colt Manufacturing by paying Colt's debt to the State of Florida to the tune of $150,000.00! We can understand opposing the dirty deal because he has his sights set on State of Florida House of Representatives' Mike LaRosa's seat! (FAT CHANCE) What happened today was throwing very good TAXPAYER's dollars after very bad government work by three of the five seated County Commissioners. Michael Harford is absolutely the very WORST performer in protecting the taxpayer's money! And, while we were desperate enough to rid the county of guys like Attkisson & Quinones, it appears we simply traded out the old with two new very poor alleged representatives for the people! We sincerely apologize for endorsing Cheryl Grieb, and the way she's been working, we now understand why the citizens in the City of Kissimmee were very happy to see her go. We totally understand. While they should only be one term commissioners, we can only hope Janer and Grieb wake up and realize following Mr Harford is an awful way to go. He's completely oblivious to the world around him and we're reminded of his first few days in office when he was prepared to spend hundreds of dollars extra so that he would have an office with the right "fit". Close to a million TAXPAYER dollars have been wasted on this COLT Manufacturing company and Osceola has nothing to show for it except a refurbished building to Colt's blueprints, and a nice tall fence for signage! The 4 commissioners today, have set Osceola County back several years in their wasteful ways. Doesn't matter that they are all Democrats, but it does make people wonder.

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We've Had ENOUGH! Now, Some Commissioners Would Actually Pay Money To Lose More Money! That's Okay With Harford!!!

Posted on | May 2nd, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Okay, so we've been gone awhile BUT, we're back, fired up and tired of being on the receiving end of the screws this current County Commission continue to turn! We're speaking, of course, of the latest Colt Manufacturing joke being played on Osceola County and it's taxpayers to the tune of a minimum of another $150,000.00! Here's the latest and "official" county release!

Colt Willing to End Agreement with Osceola County

Osceola County, Florida – Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC’s lease on a county-owned building will end if the Board of County Commissioners approves a deal to terminate its contract with the company on Monday.

Under the proposal Colt would immediately turn the building over to the County so the County can pursue a lease of the building to Valencia College for manufacturing research training. In order to repurpose the property the county would agree to pay $150,000 to the state for the state’s contribution to improvements made to the property. In addition, approximately $180,000 worth of building improvements were made by Colt.

Valencia College is interested in leasing the facility for an advanced manufacturing training facility, officials said. While an agreement is still being developed, the college could pay between $5.50 and $6.50 a square foot for the space.

The county and Colt have been negotiating an end to the 2011 agreement since January when Osceola notified the company that it had failed to create a manufacturing and regional headquarters facility at the Shady Lane facility in the time specified in the contract.
Following the notice, the company invoked dispute resolution procedures that gave the parties 60 days to resolve the claims. Colt representatives have been extremely cooperative during negotiations, officials said.

If commissioners reject the settlement proposal, already approved by Colt’s Board of Directors, the next step would be further negotiation or mediation.

Ultimately, the county could terminate settlement discussions and file an eviction suit. Officials said Colt could potentially occupy the building for many years without creating the 63 jobs that were at the heart of the original agreement, if the suit were unsuccessful.
Officials are still hopeful that there could be a relationship with the Connecticut gun maker in the future.
BUT, there's even MORE!

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OSCEOLA "WANTS" To Hear From You!

Posted on | March 13th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Go ahead and let them know how they're doing!

Osceola County Wants to Hear from You!

Osceola County, Florida – As part of the process to develop a new strategic plan, Osceola County is inviting residents to take a few minutes to complete a survey to help shape the county’s future.

“We really want to hear from citizens as we move forward,” said Commission Chairman Brandon Arrington. “More data will help connect us to our citizens as we make policy decisions that impact our community now and in the future.”

Feedback on the services we provide, and the services that citizens value the most will help the Board of County Commissioners make decisions on priorities over the next several years. All responses are anonymous.

Links to the survey are available on the County website ( and on the County Library website (

Bend Over Osceola County Tax Payers As The 4 Democrats Prepare For Further Insertion AND Fib About Why!

Posted on | March 10th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Well, congratulations are in order to Osceola's top government officials as Osceola has now become a laughing stock across several states, including Kentucky, Alabama, North & South Carolina, and of course, throughout the state of Florida. Now, we're only counting the people we've heard from and saw on the tube. Orange County's Mayor Jacobs simply smiled and could offer no comment when asked about Osceola County becomming the highest taxed county in Central Florida. And, we also have heard that the lone Republican voting against the added gas tax was looking out for the taxpayers. Well, not so fast. Mr. Hawkins knows very well how to count and he could certainly count to 4, as in 4 Democratic commissioners voting FOR the added tax. We believe it was the easiest way out for Hawkins who has his sights set on higher office.(and a lifetime pension) What truly troubles us is the way each of the 4 aye votes tried to explain their own incompetency.

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