Prisoner Program At Animal Shelter A Joke!Yesterday's Agenda Meeting Quiet,Manager Hiring & Spending Money We Don't Have, OCBTA Forum Tonight! more

Posted on | February 9th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

As many have already heard, the prisoner program over at the Animal Shelter has become somewhat of a joke, but sure is costing taxpayers a lot more money! We are also hearing that, some animals are coming down sickly, a problem not common at the Osceola shelter. Could it be the prisoners have no idea what they're doing to care for the animals as those employees who were laid off?

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Posted on | February 5th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

It's Friday afternoon here, looks like the rains are headed our way, so this will not be as long winded as normal! :P

First, we sure did attract some emails from those who are supporting the veterans. What was really interesting is that every email said pretty much the same thing. Yes, they were misled about the county commission as they were told that at least one commissioner was completely against the museum and that he might be able to get two others to oppose the museum. As of now, they all pretty much understand they cannot trust, or believe the source of that information. They also still think the old Coggins place is a good location for them because they depend on visitors to make donations at the door. We understand, but we wonder if the county will be picking up the entire tab for maintenance and expenses for the museum, why not at OHP since they really wouldn't have that much money to raise, since all their help is from volunteers! In the same thought process, it's funny that only the elected officials are held to the sunshine law. PERHAPS if the King was held to the same standards, maybe so much of this type of poor communication wouldn't be going on? Wonder if the Commissioners ever gave that a thought? :roll:

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Laid Off Employees NOT Considered For New Positions, $20 to $30 Million Shortfall For Coming Osceola Budget, The King Has New Staff, more-----

Posted on | February 3rd, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Well, here we are, another Wednesday, and another cool, damp, and cloudy day. And that's just inside the County Administration building where the King and his court are trying to figure
and scheme how to make up as much as between a 20 to 30 Million dollar shortfall this coming budget year. We have suggestions, but that'll be later. Some upper staff have said this year will be amongst the worst because every department EXCEPT the King's are having to make sacrifices. The King has decided not to reduce his staff, and has actually added to it. Gone is Nanette, one of the best and most efficient staff members whose last day was Friday because the King simply did not like her. He truly is a meathead, as well as a joke! :))

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County Employees Face Salary Losses, Look For Gas Tax Increase and Power Grab By Manager, Public Housing Authority? St. Cloud Election Heating Up, more

Posted on | January 29th, 2010 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Just when you thought the county manager, King Mike, couldn't do anything else to bring down what is left of county employee morale, we have a copy of a document we'd like to share with you. It seems the genius is wanting to prevent anyone who has been working long enough to reach the top of their salary range, from receiving any cost of living adjustments or merit raises. Here's what we have to share with you;
According to number 9 employees will not get any kind of a raise or COLA for the rest of their time with the county because they are topped out.

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