Clerk Of Courts Race and more

Posted on | June 9th, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics
This is just a quickie blog to bring some who are interested, up to snuff. Monday's agenda includes items on the Charter Review Board. No, even though they served little purpose, as a whole, they are not being eliminated. Instead, there's a 'deal'… more »

We're currently having some technical difficulties!

Posted on | June 7th, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics

Osceola Politics Heats Up And Whiners Abound! Sheriff's Candidates Reviewed (kinda) and Who's Coming To Ask For Your Tax Dollars?

Posted on | June 3rd, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics
Well, this blog begins the season we royally pee off several locally elected officials but we're going to try to explain our choices; Sheriff's Office There are 8 registered candidates for the office of Osceola Sheriff BUT, there are only a few we would… more »

Osceola's Jail Needs Leadership & More Guards! Sklarek & Gibson Are Best Choices For Sheriff's Office! Clerk of Courts,

Posted on | May 28th, 2016 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics
A few current jail guards let slip some information to a local TV station about mismanagement, drug dealing in the jail, and a serious lack of guard bodies to keep the jail secure and forcing many to work MANDATORY overtime, all at Osceola County's… more »


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