WARNING! Osceola County's Board Of County Commissioners Want To TAX YOU MORE!

Posted on | January 31st, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics
Of all the nasty things people have called the BOCC over time here nothing comes close to what should be thrown their way! As predicted here last year, this year by September the BOCC fully intends to ask voters to reward them for their of so awful and… more »

Central Florida's Metroplan Wants To Tax YOU By The Mile!

Posted on | January 25th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics
Yes, we're not very good at keeping within time limits but here goes; Yes, the Central Florida Metro-Plan wants more of your money and local leaders will decide if YOU should pay for THEIR failing road obligations. Here's some of the info compliments of… more »

Colt Being Told No Deal? Clerk Of Court's Wedding Show Costs Tax Dollars! Grayson Wants BOCC To Have Their Own Secretary For Each Commissioner!

Posted on | January 13th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics
Too much going on so we're right into it today. On Monday, 1/12/2015 the BOCC agreed to send Colt a letter of default for their failure to fulfill their part of an agreement between Colt and the BOCC. We understand that they MAY have been late with… more »

A NEW YEAR And Hopefully NOT The Same Political Gamesmanship Displayed By Court Clerk Under Guise Of Equality,

Posted on | January 6th, 2015 |  by Carl Cricket in Local Politics
First, we just wanted to thank everyone for their patience while the work/upgrades were completed here on ksib. Of course while the real work was being done we took off to enjoy the sights and meet new friends. We also said good-bye to a couple dear… more »


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