Fire Water Lounge & Patio of St. Cloud hosts event to support local Veterans

Posted on | June 4th, 2015 |  by KSIB in General
Fire Water Lounge & Patio of St. Cloud hosts event to support local Veterans

The Fire Water Lounge & Patio will be hosting a benefit this Friday and Saturday night - June 5 and 6, 2015 that will benefit a local Veteran Support group. Please come out and support this worthy cause!

Fire Water will offer $5.00 arm bands to it's patrons at the door starting at 8:00 pm until closing. Arm bands will give the wearer $1.00 off all drinks, all night!

The proceeds of the event will benefit the group "Osceola County Veterans " Services For Hire & Support" which was started by a local veteran named Heidi Lewis. The group facilitates Osceola county veteran services such as help for job seekers, promotion of self employed veteran's businesses, and support and help for veterans in need. To learn more about the group or to join them please contact Heidi Lewis at 321-437-6198 and/or visit their Facebook page here:
Osceola County Veterans FB

Just a few things you can look forward to this weekend at Fire Water Lounge & Patio:

$5.00 Arm Band gets you $1.00 off every drink all night!
Friday Night - PHOTOBOMB on stage at 9:30 pm with the "Butt Cup Flip" contest at midnight!
Get your cups out & practice!.….$50 to the winner, $25 Bar Tab for 2nd place!!

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Women still aren't paid equally? That doesn't sound right.

Posted on | August 11th, 2014 |  by in Politics, Education

I recently learned that women only earn 77 cents for every dollar a man makes and I thought, that doesn’t sound right. It is 2014, and women are still not viewed as equals in the workplace? A majority of families depend on income from men and women, making equal pay not just a women’s issue. On average, the income difference between men and women is just over $7000 a year. That’s huge!

As a co-owner of Receptor Sound and Lighting I have seen the difficulty women encounter when entering the engineering and production profession. Even with a specialized degree most sound and lighting operators start off doing equipment set up and tear down. Men are reluctant to hire women in that position due to heavy lifting and the fast pace required. I know first-hand that women are just as capable as men at doing this job. My business will never deny anyone the opportunity to pursue a career in audio engineering and you can bet we will pay equally, but fixing this problem can't just be about individual businesses doing the right thing.

I joined the Main Street Alliance to draw attention to issues like equal pay and help the community that my business depends on. Families are struggling to balance rising child care costs and student loan payments and could really benefit from added revenue. Extra money in their pockets will bring them out to local concerts and music festivals and allow them to put their hard earned money back into the community. Equal pay is good for small businesses and our community.

Andy Lytle, Owner of Receptor Sound and Lighting and Main Street Alliance member

Update on FDOT ticket fixing

Posted on | June 21st, 2014 |  by in Politics, City of Kissimmee

Well it's been 4 months since I came forward about FDOT fixing tickets and here is what is new.
1. SunPass stopped issuing Toll Tickets.

2. Effective 7/3/14 all Toll Enforcement Officer positions will be eliminated. FDOT investigators will start handling enforcement. 3 TEO's except Derrick Walsh will lose their jobs. Walsh is the TEO from Miami who agreed to dismiss the UTC for Erica George. Mr. Walsh is being promoted to Investigator and will receive $25,000 a year pay raise.

3. The TEO supervisor who refused to dismiss the citation transferred to another state agency because of the constant threats she received from her superiors. Ms. Gibson was accused of supplying me information about this scandal after I went public. I wish to add that Ms. Gibson was not the person who provided the information and stands falsely accused. The funny thing is that the TEO's are being replaced because they refused to violate the law. The investigators will do anything that they are told and will not ask questions. The irony of this situation is that it was one of the investigators who supplied the information to me!
. Still no information explaining why ATLEE MERCER at the request of FDOT tried to have the ticket fixed.
5. The Grand Jury indicted Rebeka Hammond, FDOT government middleman and mouthpiece to EPass for violating the Sunshine Law. Hammond is the girlfriend of Chris Dorworth who was also indicted. Hammond was a go between between FDOT Secretary Prassad and Dorworth and EPass.
. So far 5 TEO's and 1 attorney have lost their jobs. 1 yes man got promoted and nothing happens to FDOT. Good guys get fired and law breakers get promoted. Got to love Florida government.

Testing user access to Your Voice

Posted on | May 4th, 2014 |  by in General, City of Kissimmee

If you can see this, I can post articles here...

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