Update on FDOT ticket fixing

Posted on | June 21st, 2014 |  by in Politics, City of Kissimmee

Well it's been 4 months since I came forward about FDOT fixing tickets and here is what is new.
1. SunPass stopped issuing Toll Tickets.

2. Effective 7/3/14 all Toll Enforcement Officer positions will be eliminated. FDOT investigators will start handling enforcement. 3 TEO's except Derrick Walsh will lose their jobs. Walsh is the TEO from Miami who agreed to dismiss the UTC for Erica George. Mr. Walsh is being promoted to Investigator and will receive $25,000 a year pay raise.

3. The TEO supervisor who refused to dismiss the citation transferred to another state agency because of the constant threats she received from her superiors. Ms. Gibson was accused of supplying me information about this scandal after I went public. I wish to add that Ms. Gibson was not the person who provided the information and stands falsely accused. The funny thing is that the TEO's are being replaced because they refused to violate the law. The investigators will do anything that they are told and will not ask questions. The irony of this situation is that it was one of the investigators who supplied the information to me!
. Still no information explaining why ATLEE MERCER at the request of FDOT tried to have the ticket fixed.
5. The Grand Jury indicted Rebeka Hammond, FDOT government middleman and mouthpiece to EPass for violating the Sunshine Law. Hammond is the girlfriend of Chris Dorworth who was also indicted. Hammond was a go between between FDOT Secretary Prassad and Dorworth and EPass.
. So far 5 TEO's and 1 attorney have lost their jobs. 1 yes man got promoted and nothing happens to FDOT. Good guys get fired and law breakers get promoted. Got to love Florida government.

Comment from: Whistleblower [Visitor]

As the stomach turns! Well folks, I found out that DOT has assigned someone to monitor this blog because I am driving them crazy. Here is the latest, get ready to print this out Bob.
1. State employee "Bob",in Boca Raton, is printing out my comments and passing it to other DOT employees.
2. Derrick Walsh, the TEO who got promoted to Investigator and received a $25,000 a year promotion because he agreed to dismiss my ticket in Osceola County, is apparently upset with me and says that he better never run into me. Derrick call Odi Gibson, I have authorized her to give you my address!
3. Walsh's boss did not even know about Walsh's pay raise and was very unhappy when he learned about.
4. Teo Inauzzi, whose position was done away with applied for another position, had an interview scheduled only to have it canceled. Jennifer Natter, Lead Investigator Buzz's very close buddy and ax woman, called Faneuil and advised that Inauzzi was not to be considered for any position because he knows me. Any one who knows me is barred from employment. They want all the honest people out of the way.
5. Jack Henneman, who is an employee of Atkins Engineering is the 3rd highest ranking person at the Turnpike. Mr. Henneman is reportedly ordering dozens of tickets dismissed because people are complaining about them. He isn't a TEO or state employee, so what gives him the right to fix tickets.
6. I have been interviewed by a state agency and asked if I am willing to testify before a Grand Jury. Big YES there!
7. What deal did Prassad cut with Hammond to get her to keep her mouth shut and resign after she was indicted? resign after she was indicted.

07/17/14 @ 09:39

Comment from: Richie [Visitor]

The FDOT, in my opinion, is run by empty headed jerks. I realize they have to play politics to a certain degree but when they all participate in a cover up of broken laws, they should all be fired! All of this has been documented and passed on to the next HONEST (to a degree) governor, Charlie Crist. Scott's office was notified and absolutely nothing happened. Nothing will! It's time to collect the real tolls!

07/19/14 @ 09:55

Comment from: Whistleblower [Visitor]

You are exactly right Richie. When I resigned I sent an email to Scott with all the information, names, dates, ticket numbers of the tickets fixed etc. NO RESPONSE FROM SCOTT! I have been assured that if Crist is elected, a major investigation will be conducted.
In the mean time another honest employee (Mildred) a manager in Orlando, has been fired. Rumor has it that everyone who was on friendly terms with me will be replaced. They fear that I shared my information with them.

07/20/14 @ 12:35

Comment from: Whistleblower [Visitor]

Get ready for round 2. Channel 9 is getting ready for another story. Since March 2014 FDOT has dismissed over 16,000 tickets because of address issues. They report 1583 dismissals to channel 9. They got caught in a lie and I have provided the documents showing 16,000 dismissals. It's not good to get caught lying on a public records request!!!! FDOT now intends to start issuing tickets again in January, even though they haven't fixed the problem with address issues in it's software.

11/11/14 @ 09:37

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