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Looking at the Starling property next to the County SO and what it is going to cost to be able to use it, around 1.5 million. One can wonder what it is going to cost to pad the pockets of Thomas Chalifoux and Gary Suhl to buy right of way for Hoagland Blvd. The county owns enough property to do the project without spending the extra millions. Nobody knows what is buried along the proposed right of way from the old air base.

Crafty News

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Welcome to Crafty News
brought to you by:

We will be informing you of up-coming craft events – shows, classes, guild events, etc., along with crafty hints and tips, right here on KSIB.

Saturday, December 5th, Lillie's Quilting Loft located at 315 Commerce Center Drive in St. Cloud will be holding a Holiday Open House from 10 am to 4 pm. Be sure to stop by. There will be in-store specials, hourly drawings, refreshments, and demonstrations of different quilting techniques. (The shop is located in the shopping plaza that is behind Walmart.)
You can also visit the website:

Tip of the week: There is an on going debate on whether or not to wash your fabric before you make your quilt. I have spoken with many quilters, and most of them do not wash the fabric before they sew. However, if you wash one fabric, wash them all. I personally prewash all of my fabric.

If there are any questions that you would like to address, please feel to contact us through, or through our website.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Posted on | November 18th, 2009 |  by Yankee Interloper in General

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone at KSIB and friends a Happy, Enjoyable and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Audit The Federal Reserve!

Posted on | July 16th, 2009 |  by KSIB in Politics

The new "The Republic Revealed Forums" have recently opened to the public. I have started a topic there discussing the audit of the federal reserve and H.R. 1207.

Please stop on by and join in the discussion! The owners and moderators of the site are working hard to provide informative discussions about the latest legislation and links to all of your representatvies and they could use your support.


See you at The Republic Revealed!

Best Regards,

- Marcus

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