School District superintendents

Posted on | August 6th, 2012 |  by in General, Education

I have recently retired from the Osceola School District and now feel free to express my opinions about our latest superintendents. Michael Grego was not a nice person. I was told that he publicly berated and humiliated several of our administrators. His whole administration was all about the FCAT . . Not what was good for the students, just how to teach them how to take a test. I truly believe that the goal of our educators should not be to teach kids how to take a test, but how to teach them learn and how to attain knowledge. Mr Grego was not open to suggestions and there was not even the slightest hint of teamwork with him and the people he brought wih him. I believe that he came to Osceola County with the idea that we were all rubes and that he knew best and should not be questioned in his decisions. It seemed like he wanted glory more than he wanted to help the students and staff in our district. His idea that all students "will" achieve above grade level was, at best, silly. There is a Bell Curve for a reason . . . Not all people have the same degree of intelligence. That does in no way imply that some students are not capable of achieving an education, it just means that not all people will rank at the top of their class. He also did not acknowledge that we have a huge transient population, and those students are going to have a more difficult time than some of their peers. When Terry Andrews came on board I was very hopeful that the dictatorial methods of the Grego administration would go by the wayside. I was very disappointed in Terry when he made decisions and appointments without consulting any of tthe people who would be affected by those actions. Again, we were being ruled by a dictator, not someone who was asking the people in the "trenches" what they needed in order to do the best we can for our students. In my view, the district needs to function as a team, not as an oligarchy. They have administrator meetings and it would be nice if the superintendent actually asked the administrators what they thought rather than telling them what would be happening to them next.

A boy who was hurt - A Mother's Story

Posted on | July 13th, 2012 |  by KSIB in Education

This has taken me a month to write down, and even now I don't know if I want to be here. There are two people screaming in my head. There's a beast of a mother that is waving matches and screeching curses and wanting to take everyone down with me. Then there's this other girl. The one that, to be honest, embarrasses me a bit, but for the sake of honesty I'll talk about
her too. She's scared and she wants to hide and pretend everything away. She's desperate for this thing gnawing inside of her to stop taking so much. She's sad, and she scared and I don't know how to make it better for either of them.

One month ago I got a call from my son's school. I was told that allegations had been made that he'd been hurt. By his teacher.

When you get a call like this it creates a chasm. There was you before, and now here you are after. There are words that chip away at this new broken void. Words like allegations and hearing that the boy you put in someone's arms today is now sitting in a nurses office being checked for abrasions.

Because the allegation was that he'd been pulled up by his arm, and dropped. That he'd been yelled at and had ran to his safe place. That he'd hid under a desk and been dragged out.

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Posted on | June 7th, 2012 |  by in Education

All year long Central Avenue Elementary school has been the center of attraction throughout Osceola County thanks to negative attitudes from the principal and assistant principal. Ever heard the saying one bad apple ruins the bunch, how sad is it when the bad apple is the principal and the worm is the assistant. In December a survey was conducted and there was not one good review about the leadership of that school. I could not imagine working in such a hostile environment. Topics such as bullying, verbal abuse, harassment and sexual harassment all sounds like good reasons to have the school investigated immediately, instead more issues developed and have become serious enough to be considered a hostile environment.

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fiscal responsibility

Posted on | June 7th, 2012 |  by in Education

For 10 years fifth grade students at Central Avenue Elementary have carried their chairs to their graduation ceremony. Sounds like a fiscally responsible action then and certainly now with the schools having no money to keep staff, buy school supplies and an endless list of money concerns in this difficult economy. Explain to me any valid reason to purchase 100 new PADDED chairs for this years 5th grade ceremony when money and storage is at a premium. Of course, the Principal has the right to borrow any equipment from the school. Is it a coincidence or misuse of funds that the chairs were delivered in time for her daughter's wedding.

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